Tag Scores Vs Think Exam: For Skills Gap Analysis & Candidate Assessment

| September 22, 2020

updated on January 27, 2021 at 2:53 pm

Tag Scores Vs Think Exam


These days, many organizations are struggling with a major skill gap. There seems to be a gap between the skills that are required for a work profile and the skills employees have to offer. This gap often results in reduced employee productivity and companies falling short of their goals.

Think Exam vs TagScores

Why is Skill Gap Analysis Important for Businesses

One of the best ways for companies to overcome the gap between desired profiles is to inculcate skill gap analysis practices right at the time of recruitment. This will help companies:

  • Filter out candidates for skills mapping at the time of recruitment
  • Analyse the gap between current knowledge of your employees and the skills required
  • Perform competency gap assessment to identify skills required for internal training purposes
  • Help employees get better in terms of work planning and time management.

How to Conduct Skill Gap Analysis: Think Exam Vs Tag Scores

While Think Exam provides eRecruit modules and Ginger Personality Analysis tools to make the recruitment and employee training processes smarter, Tag Scores ensures minimal human intervention in hiring the right talent.

So, which skill gap analysis tool will serve your organization’s needs, let’s find out!

Popular Features of Think Exam Software

  • Scientifically designed assessments
  • Remote proctoring to increase the number of job applications
  • Coding & hackathon
  • Online exam & certifications
  • Set of online employability tests such as psychometric tests, aptitude tests, cognitive tests, functional tests, etc.
  • Ginger Test Library, which includes test samples by subject matter experts
  • Coding tests to help organizations with technical hiring
  • Sales profiler to assess the gap between customers’ expectations and the response of your sales force.

What Makes Think Exam Stand Out as an Online Assessment Solution

It helps understand personality traits of candidates and your current employees along with assessing their functional knowledge and cognitive abilities. This proves extremely useful at the time of technical training and hiring and ensures a positive work culture.

Analysing the Features of Tag Scores

  • Standard & customized tests for job skills analysis
  • Standard & customized analytical reports creation
  • Remote proctoring & benchmarking
  • Certification programs
  • Multilingual services
  • Pre-hiring & post-hiring services

What are the Unique Functionalities of Tag Scores

Along with skills assessment, Tag Scores also help with benchmarking as per the industry standards across government, corporate and education setups.

Now Let’s Compare: Think Exam Vs Tag Scores

Skills Gap Analysis Software Tag Scores Think Exam
Pricing Price on Request ‘Pay as You Use’ Model
Global Reach Conducts assessments across different educational institutes 500 plus test centres across 100+ cities
Security SSL certification SSL certification, Tested IP platform, managed & secured servers
Mobile App Android iOS & Android
Monetization Option Not Available Yes
Trust Factor NA CMMI Level 3 Certified
  • Pricing

Think Exam

Their pricing of Think Exam is based on ‘Pay as You Use’ model. So, you can use customized features while picking up assessment modules as per your skills requirements.

Further, they have segregated their pricing plans based on the number of tests & the number of users.

The free plan of Think Exam is something to cheer about. 30 test attempts along with reports and unlimited quizzes and the support for 30 users! It’s the perfect way to evaluate and adopt the features of this software.

Tag Scores

Pricing details of Tag Scores gap analysis tool is available on request and there is no free plan available. However, you will get the product demo. Don’t forget to ask for software customization and hidden charges, if any, at the time of demo and price negotiation.

  • Global Reach for Candidate Assessment

Think Exam

They have test centres in 100+ cities to conduct coding and hackathons, assessment tests and certification programs. Further, live video interviews help businesses connect with candidates from across the globe to have a more diverse, remote work setup.

Tag Scores

They work more on the requirement basis where their experts conduct assessment for freshers and experienced candidates across different universities and training institutes.

  • Security

Think Exam

Tested IP platform and functionality along with SSL certificates make Think Exam a secure platform to manage candidate details and question banks. Other trusted security features of Think Exam software are SSL certificates and high-performance managed servers.

Tag Scores

Apart from SSL certificates, other security measures are not quite highlighted on their website.

  • Mobile App

Think Exam mobile app is available for both Android & iOS platforms. Tag Scores is not available for iOS though. However, you can use it on Windows platforms.

  • Monetization Option

Think Exam provides the monetization option, which is quite popular among corporates. This feature allows corporates to sell their test series among their peers and candidates in the industry and earn.

You can create test series based on candidate groups and different courses along with specific quiz-related materials to monetize. To further make this monetization option successful, Think Exam allows to run promotional drives and provides multiple payment options.

Wrapping Up

Both these assessment software platforms have something unique to offer in terms of candidate assessment. You can conduct skills-based, cognitive and technical assessment through campus placement or through job portals for the experienced staff. However, in terms of data security, availability of free versions and the monetization option, Think Exam has an upper hand as of now. With both these platforms bringing quick updates, users are likely to enjoy more outstanding features in the future.




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