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BharatBills Online GST Billing Software
What is BharatBills? BharatBills is an online GST billing software meant for providing multiple services related to payments and invoices. The accounting software can be used for creating GST bills, updating the books and sharing invoices. The best part about this online GST billing software is its friendly interface that makes it easy to prepare customizable invoices for customers. BharatBills GST billing software for PC and mobile is widely used by SMBs across industries like manufacturing and others. The cloud-based GST accounting software ensures complete compliance with tax laws and government regulations so that doing precise tax calculations or generating GST compliant invoices is a hassle-free process. BharatBills provides support for efficient supplier management too through modules for maintaining bills, ledgers and payments. BharatBills GST software helps with purchase and stock management. It is therefore easy to maintain record of payment receipts and purchase data reports with the application. BharatBills GST invoice software is also used for stock auto-updates, inventory tracking and doing easy product searches. Benefits of BharatBills GST Billing Software Bill sharing through emails and WhatsApp Generates recurring invoices Sales reports for tracking account receivables Tracks and maintain the cash flow Create auto backup of the data Provides multi-user and multi-location access Supports multiple bill prints Payment gateway integration for secure payment through debit card, net banking, UPI, and more Why is BharatBills GST Billing & Invoicing Software a Must for Your Business Easy interface for creating GST compliant invoices Built as per the requirements of the Indian market Data encryption and backup in the cloud Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses BUSY and Tally integration to export data. Features of BharatBills GST Invoice Software Sending invoices to multiple recipients automatically Flexible scheduling for invoice sharing Adding recipients or changing the sender Enabling and printing proformas Flexible system for tax set up Customizable reporting BharatBills GST Billing Software Price Price details for BharatBill GST billing software are available on request. BharatBills is an online GST billing software meant for providing multiple services related to payments and invoices.... Read More About BharatBills Online GST Billing Software
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From CRM Software

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What is EZCRM? EZCRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform, helping businesses maintain long-lasting correspondence with individual clients. Organizations can leverage the software to generate leads, initiate follow-up campaigns and convert them into loyal customers. They can even monitor quotations and manage item-wise GST supply prices using the same. Moreover, an efficient ticket management system helps enterprises with customer grievance resolution and agent-wise performance analysis. Detailed reports offered by the platform covers metrics like initiated follow ups, agent-wise activities along with generated financial revenues. How does EZCRM help with Quotation Management? Organizations can use the software to generate quotations all by themselves. They can also attach files received from individual clients during the very first interaction. Enterprises get to manage a variety of customer-specific terms and conditions. Leverage the quote copy and edit functionality to use a single quote for multiple customers. Claim additional charges by listing them on the customize column. Get access to the latest versions of initiated quotes with a single click. Control maximum discount rates that an agent can offer. Monitor item wise price details and update them. EZCRM’s Pricing EZCRM’s price is available on request. Interested buyers can generate a callback request with our team of product experts for further assistance. How does EZCRM initiate great business? Complete Control Over Data: Business owners get to exert complete control over their enterprise data. They can download the entire batch as per convenience and export them to external platforms or drives. Templates for Email and Whatsapp based campaigns: The CRM solution hosts a variety of pre-built templates, helping users initiate campaigns over Whatsapp and Email. Contact us Forms: Impressive forms made available via EZCRM, helps organizations in lead generation. Admins can customize the forms as per their convenience and enabling or disabling products. EZCRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform, helping businesses maintain long-lasting corresponden... Read More About EZCRM
Leads Capture Quotation Management Ticket Management +9 More


From HR Software

What is EZHRM? EZHRM is a cloud based HR management suite for enterprises that offers a variety of actionable insights, which automates daily HR-related tasks for employers and simplifies employee interactions in the organisation. The software comes with a full-fledged toolset that can be used to take attendance, managing payrolls, generate salary slips and company-wise assets. Enterprises can leverage the provided database of EZHRM to store employee-specific bank details, dependent lists, KYC information, emergency contacts, and more. Further, admins can also set role-based access rights to safeguard the stored information against unauthorized access. From incentives and reimbursements to leaves and payroll, EZHRM covers it all, making it far easier for organizations to enhance their decision-making. How does EZHRM facilitate comprehensive management of individual employees? Information Management: Managers can update employee-related personal data with EZHRM’s intuitive database, which includes parameters like personal documents, bank details, educational achievements and service records. The information stored is protected via role-based access rights. Loan Management: Employees can make requests for loans and managers can approve or reject them based on certain parameters. A month post approval, a certain amount for the repayment of loan is cut, until the entire sum gets recovered. Shift Management: Multiple sheets for individual shifts lets admins offer relaxation time to their employees, and end an individual shift. EZHRM pricing EZHRM’s pricing is available on request. Feel free to generate a callback request with our technical team to know more. How does EZHRM help with salary composition and payroll management? Salary Composition: The HR and payroll management solution offers a variety of pre-configured components that can be customized as per the job description of an employee. Admins can configure the amounts as per changing policies and set regulations. Payroll Management: Accountants can use the solution to generate multiple payslips in a single click. They also get access to separate options to conduct necessary modifications, mark as paid, or freeze the payslips. Reports: EZHRM sends comprehensive reports to the company CA and helps them with PF challans and ESIC. EZHRM is a cloud based HR management suite for enterprises that offers a variety of actionable insights, which automate... Read More About EZHRM
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From School Management Software

What is EZNEXT? EZNEXT schooling ERP software is trusted for organizing school activities and handling administrative responsibilities. This school management software helps manage all information related to students, teachers, academic and administrative processes at a single platform. EZNEXT software is widely used for conducting traditional learning setups and online classes. It also streamlines the administrative process for streamlined enrolment. EZNEXT is a complete school ERP software that assists in payment and fee management, which makes it easy to track fees, prepare bills, track incoming payments and manage receipts. The school management software not just facilitates better communication amongst school authorities, parents, teachers and staff but also streamlines key administrative tasks related to fee and payments. EZNEXT Software with Custom Parent App & Teacher Portal The educational software lets teachers and parents get access to separate portals for accessing information. Parents can log into the parent portal for collecting information related to their ward's progress, activities and OTA meets. Teachers, on the other can use teacher portal for over viewing student activities, timetable, syllabus and more. Benefits of EZNEXT Schooling ERP Software The school ERP software is easy to scale and customize App download available for parents to check their child's progress User-friendly interface Automated student attendance update School transport management facility for driver and route details Automation of school operations so that focus can be on more strategic tasks Library management system for handling books inventory Reports on fees, transactions and attendance. EZNEXT Pricing EZNEXT price details are available on request with Techjockey sales support team. EZNEXT schooling ERP software is trusted for organizing school activities and handling administrative responsibilities... Read More About EZNEXT
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