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Real Estate Solution

Sold by : Aarvi Technology


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About Real Estate Solution

What is Real Estate Solution?

Aarvi Real Estate Solution is a business management software for large real estate companies having a wider reach. The software tries to computerize all business-related operations, helping big real estate companies to manage multiple projects at the same time, keep track of their inventories, investments and set reminders for important meetings in an efficient manner. 

They also get access to a wide variety of project management tools, with which they can create project-specific budgets, manage tie-ups with external construction houses and monitor the project’s progress in an efficient manner. The inbuilt real estate CRM solution helps real estate business owners in maintaining healthy relations with their customers, brokers and employees. 

Further, they can keep track of all assets currently owned by them, set asset wise payment plans and view detailed summary as well.

How does the sales panel of Aarvi Real Estate Solution help real estate businesses?

The sales panel is one of the most preferred features of Real Estate Solution. You can streamline the following business-related parameters with it:

  1. Monitor sales invoice
  2. Track payment slips
  3. Manage extra payments like dastavej charges and meter charges
  4. Manage brokerage
  5. Receive payments from your customers
  6. View TDS deduction related reports
  7. Maintain a detailed sales-related summary
  8. Cancel sales    

Pricing of Aarvi Real Estate Software

For pricing details of Aarvi Real Estate Software, do send us a callback request. Our software experts will get back to you with a negotiable quote. 

Compatible Platforms for Aarvi Real Estate Software

Aarvi Real Estate Solution is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from any compatible web browser across multiple devices. 

Benefits of Aarvi Real Estate CRM Solution

  1. Real estate business owners get to manage multiple projects at the same time using the wide variety of project management tools offered by the software.
  2. Aarvi Real Estate Solution sends in timely reminders about scheduled meetings, enabling you to carry out your business functions in an efficient manner.
  3. Admins can maintain a detailed database of your clients, employees and brokers, using the intuitive database management tools offered by the software.
  4. Real estate brokers can send in payment related reminders to their clients via emails and SMS. Thus, increasing the efficiency of their business by reducing unnecessary hassles.

Sold By : Aarvi Technology

Get Real Estate Solution support 21 Chatting right now

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Real Estate Solution Features

The intuitive dashboard offered by Aarvi Real Estate Solution features important information like account statements, meeting reminders, project filters, quick action buttons and more.
Real estate owners can manage multiple projects, schedule payment plans for each project, manage assets and monitor your progress at regular intervals.
All clients, brokers and employee-related information can be stored and managed within a single database offered by Aarvi Real Estate Solution.
Real estate contractors can manage their incomes, expenses, bank deposits, miscellaneous payments and withdrawals using the financial management tools.
Real estate contractors get to communicate with your customers, employees and brokers via email or SMS directly through the software.
Admins get to assign user-based access rights, create user accounts and manage all other sections within a single platform.
Real Estate Solution offers a wide variety of reports on sales, projects, login trace, loans, cash rojmel, inventory, balance sheet, ledger and more.
The real estate software offers Secure Sockets Layer security, OTP based login activities and IP address monitoring features, to ensure proper security.
Real Estate Solution offers a wide variety of informative charts with graphical analysis, enabling you to analyze the progress of your company in a comprehensive way.
Admins can create multiple user profiles and assign role-based access rights to them as per your business needs.
Real Estate Solution offers a wide variety of detailed reports, enabling you to analyze your business parameters in an accurate manner and make relevant decisions.
You can send in business-related information, change in your company policies and employee schedules by sending them real-time notifications via SMS or Email.
Real Estate Solution features a friendly user interface, helping you to operate the software in an efficient manner.
Business owners can store all important data over the cloud with proper encryption and access them as per their needs and convenience.
You can maintain a detailed record of all the lands purchased, including your exact value, tax returns and details of the seller.
Real estate business owners can create colony wise plans, set budgets and keep track of your progress from time to time.
From shortlisting a plot, buying it for construction purposes or selling it to another broker and maintaining complete details, you can manage it all.
Admins can send in details about new plots, new constructions and attractive discounts via SMS and Emails.
The wide variety of expense management tools offered by the software enables you to schedule a fixed amount of budget for a particular project.
Real estate managers can plan out plot-based vouchers and forward them to their clients to expand the reach of their business.
You can track your business expenses and plan out your expenses in a comprehensive manner.
You can manage all sales-related operations like TDS deductions, create sales invoices, make payment plans, manage brokerage, receive payments and view summary.
You can manage your new land purchases, pay the vendors, plan out an asset-related payment plan, view detailed summary and manage broker’s payments.
The advanced loan panel offers real-time reminders and helps in streamlining loan-related operations like pay capital amount, interest against the loan, received and granted loans.
Builders and contractors can monitor the construction materials within the inventory like bricks, cement, iron, etc. They can also manage the orders and check their usage.

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Real Estate Solution FAQs

A. Real Estate Solution offers detailed reports on sales, outstanding purchases, income, loans, expenses and other financial parameters related to its user’s business.
A. You get to log in only after verifying the OTP sent to your personal mobile with the software. It also uses SSL site access technology to ensure enhanced security.
A. Techjockey does offer online demos for Real Estate Solution. You need to mention a fixed date and time. Our software experts will get back to you.
A. Real estate business owners can manage your daily tasks, maintain a to-do list and update your meeting schedule from time to time.
A. No, Real Estate Solution does not have a mobile app as of now.

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