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Antamedia Internet cafe

by : Antamedia

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Antamedia Internet cafe logo
Antamedia Internet cafe
Antamedia Internet cafe

Antamedia Internet Cafe

by : Antamedia

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Brand: Antamedia

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Antamedia Internet cafe Software Overview

What is Antamedia Internet Cafe?

Antamedia Internet Cafe is an endpoint security solution for internet cafes, public computers within libraries and hotels, public WiFis and gaming centers. Users get to restrict unauthorized access to the information stored in their desktop, folders and drives, using a wide variety of security management tools offered by Antamedia internet cafe software. 

Further, they can also generate bills for their customers, based on their internet browsing and gaming time along with the usage of multiple applications and other products. The client login screen offered by the software protects your computer and asks for valid usernames and passwords before allowing anyone to get access to the system. Antamedia Internet Cafe endpoint security software can also be used within a major eSports center chain along with cyber cafes. 

How does Antamedia Internet Cafe help maximize the revenue of their gaming center?

  1. Intuitive Ticket Printer: The security software offers a wide variety of templates for refills, accounts and receipt printing. Users can take printouts in advance or as per their business requirements. The tickets get expired either on the first use or after a specific number of days after the last customer login. 
  2. Multiple Payment Gateway Support: Antamedia Internet Cafe supports 70 major payment gateways along with PayPal. The software saves a lot of time and energy by allowing customers to create an account and pay directly from their computers. 
  3. Business Promoter: Users get to schedule advertisement displays on their client’s interface. They can limit the display timing of an advertisement.
  4. Item Seller: In case a user runs a cafeteria or restaurant along with an e-game zone, they can manage multiple customer orders within the same software just by adding item-based tables within the software.        

Pricing of Antamedia Internet Cafe Software

Antamedia Internet Cafe software is available as per the following pricing plans:

  1. Lite: The plan is available at a price of ₹ 6930.
  2. Standard: The plan is available at a price of ₹ 17430.
  3. Premium: The plan is available at a price of ₹ 27930.
  4. Enterprise: The plan is available at a price of ₹ 55930.

You can send in a callback request. Our experts will get back to you soon, answering all your queries. 

Compatible Platforms for Antamedia Internet Cafe Software

Antamedia Internet Cafe software is compatible with windows 7, 8 and 10 versions. 

Benefits of Antamedia Internet Cafe Software

  1. Employee Account Manager: Admins can differentiate employee accounts like operator, administrator, cashier and assign access rights to them. Admin users can also limit the employees from accessing statistics and account-related data to stop unauthorized changes that lead to the loss of money. The system records the employee’s log time along with the activities performed by them. 
  2. Remote Desktop Control: The security software offers full remote desktop control of the client’s computers. They can monitor the activities within the client’s computers and also offer adequate support in case of any problem.
  3. Application Configuration: E-game zone owners, librarians and other computer service providers can configure all the applications available within their systems. They can attach a screenshot along with a short description of each game or available applications within their computer. They can also make groups for games and files to enable easier access.  
  4. Host Whitelist: Cybercafe owners can allow their customers to access certain sites without charging them. In case they want to explore more, the customer needs to get themselves logged in with the correct userID and password.

Antamedia Internet cafe Features

  • Security With the help of a wide variety of security management tools, users can restrict external parties from accessing system keys,
  • Server and Clients (plus WiFi) Each license of Antamedia Internet Cafe includes a server and few client computers along with a set of WiFi connections as well.
  • Pre-Paid Prices and Vouchers Users can configure multiple price plans, refills and ticket vouchers. They can also combine available time, expiry date, daily
  • Play & Pay Prices With Antamedia Internet Cafe software, users can charge their customers by time blocks or minutes. They can charge less for
  • Access Control Users can restrict their clients from accessing system keys, confidential files, limit WiFi access by time usage and set user ID
  • Windows 10 full support Antamedia Internet Cafe is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 7 to Windows 10, enabling users to install the
  • POS The software offers a wide variety of POS-based statistics and reports, enabling better business management. They get to view top
  • Integration Antamedia Internet Cafe software has an integrated language editor which helps its users to correct their desired sentences. They

Antamedia Internet cafe Plans & Pricing

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How to install Antamedia Internet cafe
Server and Clients (plus WiFi)

Antamedia Internet cafe Specifications

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  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • ITES
  • All Businesses
  • English

Antamedia Internet cafe Reviews

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Mohini Shete
14, Jan 2019
star star star star star 5/ 5
Comfortable way of dealing with internet
Efficient and comfortable way of dealing with every laptop from your net cafe or gaming middle, by means of monitoring them and the time each client spends on each one.
naresh mittal
03, Mar 2019
star star star star star 5/ 5
Numerous Module
They were exceptionally useful and proficient. They reacted immediately after I reached them by means of their site. Approached numerous product bundles I had never known about! As of now had a demo with one of their suggestions and that was likewise taken care of great. Would utilize them once more.
Suman bonik
02, Oct 2017
star star star star star 5/ 5
Great experience!
Very quick service. No problems and good instructions
Jagannath Vishwakarma
25, Sep 2017
star star star star star 4/ 5
consultation given
They were very helpful and professional. They responded right away after I contacted them via their website. Had access to many software packages I had never heard of! Already had a demo with one of their recommendations and that was also handled very well. Would use them again.

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Antamedia Internet cafe FAQ

Q. What is the Print Panel within Antamedia Internet Cafe software? arrow

A. The Print Panel section once enabled shows valuable information on print management. Users also get to view paused printing jobs and pending printing confirmations as well.

Q. How is the chat option within Antamedia Internet Cafe software useful for its users? arrow

A. Users can load the chat window by pressing on the chat button. The chat option allows them to communicate with their clients’ computers as per their requirements.

Q. Can I get a demo of Antamedia Internet Cafe software? arrow

A. You can send in a demo request for Antamedia Internet Cafe software mentioning a fixed time and date. Techjockey experts will get back to you accordingly.

Q. What are the system requirements for using Antamedia Internet Cafe software? arrow

A. User’s system needs to have: ? RAM: 4GB RAM ? Processor: 2GHz or faster processors ? Any Ethernet attached base WiFi station.

Q. Does Antamedia Internet Cafe software have a mobile app? arrow

A. No, Antamedia Internet Cafe software does not has a mobile app.

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