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Astral Inventory Management System

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About Astral Inventory Management System

What is Astral Inventory Management System?

Astral is an online inventory Management Software that looks after the needs of maintaining the stock of a given business. The platform also manages inventory for businesses that are widespread and are located at more than one location. Astral inventory management software enables business owners to manage inventory across multiple branches through a single platform.

Is It User-Friendly?

Astral's simple user interface enables quick adaptation over this management application and it does not take much time for the users to get used to this platform, saving the essential time for businesses. As it is built with the latest and updated technology, the software enables easy integration over other web platforms and is also compatible with tablets and smartphones.

How Efficient is Astral Inventory Management System?

As cloud-based software, the Astral Inventory Management system ensures flexible features to manage stock purchase and sale. It also helps the users to keep track of the returned products. Moreover, this platform also provides exact status at any given point of time to enable the business with swift decision-making. 

Pricing of Astral Inventory Inventory Management Software

The pricing of this inventory management software depends upon the specific requirement of businesses. You can request us a callback to get a quote. 

How is Astral Inventory Management System Cost-effective?

Astral Inventory Management software provides the feature of barcode printing for effective management of stock in the warehouse. The unique tag feature provided by this platform enables tracking of products via the unique serial numbers attached to them. Thus, it helps track the entire history of a given product from the point of purchase to sales.

By providing clear reports on the stock status, the software application provides the users with a detailed history of all the transactions, enabling them to take the correct actions in real-time. With the best possible features to offer, this inventory management software ensures the scalability of your business processes and can be beneficial for any business model.

Sold By : Astrale Technologies

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Astral Inventory Management System Features

When it comes to producing barcodes, barcode is the smart solution-increasing efficiency while lowering costs. We also offer complete hardware packages and customized solutions. We understand every industry has unique demands so we offer the most sophisticated barcode label-making module in the industry.
Transactions are at the heart of inventory management and we make it easy to perform transactions. With some inventory programs, moving items in and out of inventory is way too complex.
Do you need to have total traceability for lots, batches, or serial numbers? Then our unique tag feature is for you! Apply a unique tag once to an item and that tag will stay with the item throughout its life in inventory. This leads to tracking if entire history of the product from the point of purchase till sales.
Clearly, inventory tries to match what's true right now in the physical world and not the "accounting world". Your stuff is all over the place, in transit, reserved for future sales, in work in progress, etc...
Clearly Inventory offers a wide variety of ways to examine your current inventory. You'll also have an accurate historical record of all your transactions and inventory activity.

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Astral Inventory Management System Specifications

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Astral Inventory Management System FAQs

A. Yes, the platform keeps a note of the returned products and provides detailed information on each. Having in-depth analytical data on the products returned, enables the organisations to figure out the net revenue.
A. With the unique feature of tagging the products of a warehouse with a unique and traceable tag, a detailed history of the product can be obtained.
A. Yes, being a web-based deployment platform, users can easily keep a note of the inventory from their system. You can also access the platform over mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.
A. Yes, Astral inventory management system provides a detailed report on the stock status, with a detailed history of all the transactions. Moreover, this platform keeps a record of all the sales to enable swift settlement of tax dues.

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