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About Azura Franchise Management

Azura Franchise Management Software provides tools to franchisees which helps them to perform their tasks more easily and quickly, saving their time and allowing them to make more money.



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About Azura

Azura Group were created in 1990 and in the early days were a bespoke software house for corporate clients in the utilities, finance and defence sectors, with a heavy emphasis on mobile workforce applications. We embraced web technologies as they developed in the 2000's because they offered a solution to many of the issues deploying software upgrades to large scale workforces and from there our web based applications have become more and more sophisticated.
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Put simply, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about making sure that you make the best use of all the opportunities that come your way, whether that is for Franchisee Recruitment or franchisees managing their sales. As well as new sales enquiries there are usually many other ways for a business to generate additional revenue, including additional sales to existing clients and ensuring ongoing contracts provide their full potential.

Webchise’s combined finance module gives you the best of both worlds providing a straight forward bookkeeping package for your franchisees together with full automated MSF and Royalty management for you.

The Webchise intranet contains a set of tools designed to support your franchisees, including an internal shop, document library and forums. The internal shop ensures that franchisees can always purchase the items they need from uniforms and marketing material through to stock and other items franchisees need to deliver your service. The document library can hold any files, including Operation Manuals, Customer forms and Information Sheets Having a single document library means that the franchisee always has access to the correct documentation and you can ensure that the correct documents are being used consistently across your network.

How much more effective could your franchisees be if they were able to see their job lists on the move, capture job information and close them once complete, or raise quotes for new work, all while on the move? Imagine no more lost paperwork and full visibility reducing delays and frustrations for you, your franchisees and also your customers. Mobile Applications are an optional addition to the Webchise Franchise Management software. They are fully integrated providing a seamless flow of information from Head Office through to franchisees and back again.

Scheduling and managing jobs can be a real problem for many franchise networks, especially when franchisees run a number of technicians. The Webchise Job module allows franchisees to view and manage the job schedules of their technicians. Jobs can be dragged and dropped onto the schedules and technicians are automatically notified when new jobs are allocated to them, or changes made to existing jobs. As the jobs change status (e.g. booked, travelling, onsite, etc), their colour will change on the schedule so you can immediately see what stage each job is in.

Running an activity based franchise network has its own special challenges. Luckily there is a special version of Webchise tailored specifically for you. Webchise allows you and your franchisees to set up and manage Terms, Venue, Classes and Registers, together with holding all the information you need about Parents and their Children. Even certificate printing is available. Once classes are setup with Webchise, they can then be made available for Online booking either via a Webchise Website, or via your existing website. Parents can log on, manage their information and book their children onto classes and pay for them via credit card.

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