Best Endpoint Backup Solution in 2024

What is Endpoint Backup Solution?

Endpoint backup solutions protect end users' critical data in a computing device from ransomware attacks and other malicious attempts. Endpoint backup software secures data with safe storing and recovery options. Geo-location, secure erase and encryption are common methods adopted by endpoint backup Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Endpoint Backup Solution

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Brand: Acronis


4.5 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

Acronis is a data protection software that safeguards valuable files, backs them up, and provides disaster recovery. It secures data access for all kinds... Read More About Acronis img

₹3,550 /Quantity

Microsoft 365 apps for student

Microsoft 365 apps for student

Brand: Microsoft


4.7 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Microsoft 365 apps for student is a complete Endpoint Backup Solution designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Endpoint Backup Solution fo... Read More About Microsoft 365 apps for student img


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VMware Horizon Mirage

VMware Horizon Mirage

Brand: VMware

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VMware Horizon Mirage is a desktop management tool that centrally manages physical and virtual desktop images. It provides single image management for desk... Read More About VMware Horizon Mirage img

₹218,120 /Lifetime

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Veeam Availability Suite

Veeam Availability Suite

Brand: Veeam

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Veeam Availability Suite helps companies manage the two critical aspect of their daily operational workflows- business agility and data protection. Key re... Read More About Veeam Availability Suite img

₹990 /User/Year

Azura Franchise Management

Azura Franchise Management

Brand: Azura

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Azura Franchise Management Software provides tools to franchisees which helps them to perform their tasks more easily and quickly, saving their time and al... Read More About Azura Franchise Management img

Price On Request

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Lsoft Active Data Studio

Lsoft Active Data Studio

Brand: Lsoft

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Lsoft Active@ Data is a package of a variety of tools used for desktop applications. Through this software, a person can back-up any disk, repair their PC... Read More About Lsoft Active Data Studio img


Druva Data Resiliency Cloud

Druva Data Resiliency Cloud

Brand: Druva


4.8 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Druva Data Resiliency Cloud is an all-in-one solution to safeguard and manage data for various cloud applications.... Read More About Druva Data Resiliency Cloud read review arrow

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SysTools SQL Backup Recovery

SysTools SQL Backup Recovery

Brand: Systools

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SysTools SQL Backup Recovery is a complete Endpoint Backup Solution designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Endpoint Backup Solution for... Read More About SysTools SQL Backup Recovery img

Price On Request



Brand: OwnBackup

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Ownbackup is a complete Endpoint Backup Solution designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Endpoint Backup Solution for has a simple interf... Read More About Ownbackup img

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Brand: Backblaze

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Backblazeis a complete Cloud Storage designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Cloud Storage for Web-Based has a simple interface and is ea... Read More About Backblaze img

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Last Updated on : 28 Feb, 2024

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Best Endpoint Backup Solution FAQ’s

Software questions,

Safeguarding critical company's information or meeting data protection strategies, all is easy with the help of best endpoint solutions. The best in the field of providing excellent security are: Druva inSync Amazon S3 Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery Acronis Cyber Backup Carbonite Endpoint 360 Datto Asigr

Small and medium businesses need to develop a plan for disaster recovery. This plan is created by doing thorough business impact analysis and risk assessments. The plan helps with identifying risks associated with their endpoint solutions. Small businesses also need to set up RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recover time objective). Both RPO & RTO are mandatory for minimizing loses, reducing downtime and speeding up data recovery. Some of the software solutions that would help your enterprise in the process are: CloudBerry Synology Active Backup for Business Iperiusbackup CrashPlan Nexetic Shield Backupradar

You can download the software's community edition for free from Veeam's official website to secure virtual machines, physical servers, cloud instances, endpoint devices and unstructured file data.

Let us have a look at the popular alternatives to Autotask endpoint backup: IDrive Cohesity Altaro Unitrends Novabackup Bacula Enterprise Panzura

Endpoint Backup Solution Reviews




“It's easy to use and deploy, it has multiple features like protection and server protection and protection over cloud.”

- Amar Yadav

See all Acronis reviewsimg



“Superb company and offers excellent customer support experience when in trouble.”


See all Acronis reviewsimg



“it easily restores a failed drive without reinstalling any apps”

- vineet vardhan

See all Acronis reviewsimg

Endpoint Backup Solution Price List In India

Endpoint Backup Solution Cost
Top Endpoint Backup Solution Starting Price Rating
Acronis₹3550.00 /Quantity4.5
Microsoft 365 apps for student₹1280.00 4.7

Buyer's Guide for Top Endpoint Backup Solution

Found our list of Endpoint Backup Solution helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Endpoint Backup Solution?
  • Endpoint Backup Solutions Features
  • How to Find the Best Endpoint Data Backup Solution
  • How Endpoint Security Solutions Ensure the Protection of Enterprise Data
  • What are the Different Types of Endpoint Security Solutions?

What is Endpoint Backup Solution?

Endpoint backup solutions protect end users' critical data in a computing device from ransomware attacks and other malicious attempts. Endpoint backup software secures data with safe storing and recovery options. Geo-location, secure erase and encryption are common methods adopted by endpoint backup solutions to ensure complete data security.

Automated backup scheduling and clients-side deduplication ensure that data assets have been fully backed up. Endpoint backup solution is important for any business to secure data, create efficient backups and increase the visibility of data utilization. It helps reduce data risks with minimum downtime and network bandwidth consumption.

Remote working endpoint devices, physical servers, cloud instances, unstructured file data, or the data in migration, everything can be secured with endpoint backup software’s data recovery and replication capabilities.

Endpoint Backup Solutions Features

Excellent security and backup seeding services go a long way in protecting data from all kinds of malware attacks. Key features of the best endpoint backup solutions are:

Network attached storage backup

Network attached storage backup protects unstructured data files and servers for reducing storage costs and improving recovery timings. Endpoint backup solutions do this with the help of technical capabilities such as file change tracking and NAS data protection.

Multiple restoring options

All protected unstructured files can be tired to the cloud. These can also be restored using multiple ways because endpoint back software offers flexible solutions for the entire recovery process. NAS migration, shared recovery for addressing hardware loss and file-level recoveries are some of these. You can also try point in time shared rollbacks for file restoration purposes.


SOBR or scale out backup repository feature is used for consolidating and extending backup repositories. With this technicality, it is easy to choose either of these two options for keeping backups together - local targets or the storage in cloud tier. SOBR is essential for reducing backup costs, restoring and retaining even old data files.

Cloud tier mode

Copy mode in cloud tier format is attached to help end users duplicate backups to object storage. All these processes are completely automated and endpoint backup software solutions ensure that you stay updated about even such backups that are now no longer of any use.

Direct integration

Data integration into such native tools as SAP HANA Backintt, VSS (Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services) and RMAN (Oracle Recovery Manager) help with application aware backups. These backups are essential for protecting applications with the support for production impact.

Recovery verification results

Firstly, endpoint solutions conduct live verification of backed up copies for detecting malware and spyware. Then the software also performs run tests on virtual machines along with live verification for generating recovery results for reviewing purposes. This method further strengthens the process of endpoint backup and data recovery.

Storage agnostic destinations

Cloud, tape or disk, endpoint backup storage software solutions offer powerful storage tools that are also flexible enough for all kinds of hardware investments. Thus, you are free to integrate your backed-up storage with other data storage service providers. Enterprises and individuals integrate their restored files and backups with other enterprise data storage vendors for increasing the storage efficiency of their data.

Self-service capabilities

Endpoint data protection systems with self-servicing capabilities help in enhancing the level of end users' productivity. Any issue, question or technical support could be easily resolved here without investing extra time or resources for doing the same. Such capabilities include data access and file sharing with colleagues.

Automate system discovery

Automated system discovery system is used in companies that follow BYOD (bring your own device) policy. With the support of this feature, backup agents can be installed in a computing device to secure the data. It also helps in reducing administrative workload as the feature auto discovers any new device synced with the company's servers.

How to Find the Best Endpoint Data Backup Solution

Simple to set up, efficient and fast endpoint backup, you can go through important checklists to ensure that you select the best endpoint backup tool.

Quarantining suspicious executables

Analysing the behavior of suspicious files or isolating compromised endpoints, enterprise endpoint backup software solutions provide multifaceted prevention tools for such purposes. These tools combine machine learning, signatures and behavioral analytics to prevent vulnerabilities and identify suspicion executables.

Cross-control detection

Cross-control detection is done for detecting advanced threats at endpoint and beyond. This advanced threat identification system with its extensive EDR capabilities does constant monitoring for threat hunting. These tools are also known for spotting IoCs or indications of compromise.

Correlating data

Threat detection when done with the help of best endpoint backup solutions is always quick and super easy. Further these threats also get prioritized based on their severity and the software does this through data correlation processes. Correlating data with telemetry data and other behavioral indicators serves this important function of watching every file activity to detect suspicious actions within minutes.

Incremental restore & AES encryption

Incremental restore is useful for recovering files from device migration and ransomware. The feature is ideal for changed or restored files only. AES encryption offers complete protection through technicalities such as poison pill, location tracking and remote data wiping.

Global deduplication & policy-controlled backups

WAN traffic increases during business hours and enterprise endpoint backup solutions help in the reduction of backup related traffic by over ninety percent. You can also use the software for creating and deploying policy-controlled backups.

How Endpoint Security Solutions Ensure the Protection of Enterprise Data

By providing continuous backup and unlimited storage, enterprise endpoint backup solutions perform this excellent job of protecting data from ransomware attacks. With server backup capabilities and user-controlled encryption keys, the software ensures that security of all your business information is ensured.

Blocking malicious web downloads

Enterprise endpoint backup solutions scan each email attachment to check for any malicious spyware. Further, all incoming/outgoing traffic is analysed for protecting browsers from malicious web downloads so that these do not get executed at endpoints.

Advanced machine learning

Accessing registry, hardware or checking which devices can be used for downloading data, all these processes can be streamlined with the software's advanced machine learning capabilities. You also need to ensure that files with spyware don't get executed at endpoints. With machine learning and file analysing functionalities, endpoint security solutions can completely block malware variants.

Behavioural monitoring

Behavioural monitoring saves systems from memory-based attacks as well as zero-day vulnerabilities. These are all behavioural monitoring capabilities required for detecting risks and blocking them at the very instant.

Data loss protection

Intentional and unintentional data losses as well as access violations done by insiders in a company can be immediately detected for preventing data losses caused due to such security breaches. Once identified, endpoint backup solutions block files transmitted through emails, messages and uploading processes.

Third party integrations

Endpoint security systems integrate well with other security systems in an organizational setup to ensure intrusion prevention, active directory, event management, security information and network monitoring.

Incident investigation & remediation

Automatic warnings and prioritised alerts are generated every time the application detects any vulnerability in the system. The reporting function provides visibility into a system's security. You can use all centralised tools for automated incident responses.

Blockchain notarisation

Blockchain notarisation ensures data integrity for preventing files from tampering or damage of any kind. The fraud detection functionality helps enterprises make sure that the file is authentic and genuine. With blockchain notarisation, you can ensure effective traceability, non-repudiation and resistance.

Hybrid cloud architecture

With hybrid cloud architecture, you can manage all types of data files and protect them from malware threats. It helps ensure better control over your computing resources with higher security standards.


Whitelisting helps minimise downtime by protecting files from unauthorised modifications. This feature helps keep data secured and reduces process disruptions of all kinds. You can also use this feature for RTO or recovery time objectives.

What are the Different Types of Endpoint Security Solutions?

Robust endpoint backup systems offer powerful replication and recovery and backup capabilities. Back up all your servers, protect guest files and secure every computing device using enterprise endpoint backup software solutions. There are different types of endpoint security solutions for securing any device’s endpoints. These are:

IoT Security

IoT (internet of things) security safeguards connected networks and devices in IoT systems. These are required for mitigating risks and preventing such hacks, which take advantage of system's vulnerabilities. IoT security closes any such vulnerability that exists in a system while at the same time upgrading the levels of cyber security.

Endpoint detection and response

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools monitor constantly all applications and files entering an enterprise's endpoints. Threat detection, malware/ransomware identification, polymorphic attack prevention and granular visibility are all provided by EDR systems along with automatic alerts for quick remediation.

Endpoint protection platform

Endpoint protection platform (EPP) tools inspect and scan each file entering a system. It offers the point in time protection against all types of signature-based attacks. Endpoint protection platforms scan files using threat intelligence database to check if their signatures match with any malware threats.

Cloud perimeter security

Border between two different networks is called perimeter. Setting up a security perimeter in cloud networks at the very entrance of any private network is meant to ensure security from hackers and attackers. Cloud perimeter security is thus an enterprise endpoint backup solution designed for saving cloud networks from visibility issues and cyber-attacks.


Sandboxing technique is used for creating isolated sandbox environments for checking any email attachment or URL for malicious spyware. Once put in the sandbox, the system starts threat detection processes. Sandboxes are secured virtual environments, which emulate CPU of the production servers.

Browser isolation

Browser isolation isolates a user's browsing activity from local network infrastructure in a virtual environment. Such isolations occur either on a server remotely or on a computer locally. Browser isolation is again done for threat protection by reducing


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