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Blancco File Eraser
Blancco File Eraser
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Blancco File Eraser

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About Blancco File Eraser

What is Blancco File Eraser? 

Blancco File Eraser is one of the best data erasing software that enforces optimum data security for users to manage hypersensitive files. Blancco users can schedule automated data erasure with ease at any time. It generates work reports that ensure compliance with standards and legislations for data handling. The software has multi-platform usability which makes it favourable to use for PCs, laptop, and server. Blancco File Erasure acts as a digital file shredder for companies. 

Blancco File Erasure works on an algorithm that complies with more than 25 different file erasure regulations. It securely erases the files while enforcing data retention policies to reduce the system complexity and simplify daily working. It results in a higher level of data security and auditing compliance for IT teams and the end-users. The software erases a variety of files like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. It also helps in overwriting selected files and freeing temporary files, hard disk space, and the recycle bin.

What features does Blancco File Erasure offer? 

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Blancco File Erasure:

  1. File remover 
  2. File overwriting 
  3. Hard disk management 
  4. Temporary file remover 
  5. Recycle bin management 
  6. Global data erasure 
  7. File erasure from local multi-PC network 
  8. Erasure scheduling 
  9. Workflow rule implementation
  10. Policy-based scheduling
  11. Centralized reporting
  12. Printable Reporting in PDF 

What are the benefits of Blancco File Erasure? 

  1. Automates file erasing process
  2. Fits easily into the daily works IT systems
  3. Reduces system downtime during file removal
  4. Schedules file erasure process
  5. Manages hard disk space of the system
  6. Enables multi-PC portability

What is the price of Blancco File Erasure?

The price of Blancco File Erasure starts at Rs. 2025.21/- per use license. Each license works for a single hard disk. You can request a call for further inquiries. 

Sold By : Blancco Tech

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Blancco File Eraser Features

Blancco File Erasure ensures security by compliying with the file erasure guidelines worldwide. 
This data erasure software is compliant with over 25 different file erasing certificates for appropriate file handling. 
 The software generates comprehensive insights on file erasing process. All the reports generated are in tandem with PCI DSS standards. 
Blancco allows users to add custom fields for managing inputs, such as internal batch IDs, workstation numbers, etc. 
Users can schedule their erasure process and the Blancco system will automatically erase the files at given time. 
The software generates detailed work reports for users to get insights regarding their daily work. 
Companies can integrate Blancco File Erasure software with their daily IT systems without any hassle.
The software supports English, French, Spanish, German, and Spanish languages.

Get Blancco File Eraser support21 Chatting right now

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Blancco File Eraser Specifications

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Blancco File Eraser FAQs

A. Blancco File Erasure offers a mobile application for both Android and iPhone platforms.
A. Yes, Blancco File Erasure requires good internet bandwidth for all its work.
A. Yes, Blancco is available for demo before purchase at Techjockey. To schedule the demo, please request a call.
A. Blancco File Eraser does provide data security options. It is designed to provide optimum data security to all its users.
A. Here are the system requirements for Blancco File Erasure: ?1. Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10? 2. Windows Server: 2012, 2008 all versions? 3. Supported file systems are NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT? 4. Solaris plugin

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