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About Bonita BPM

Bonita offers a powerful set of capabilities and the level of openness and extensibility you need to create tailored user experiences. Build business apps that connect personalized user interfaces with reliable back-office operations and business data on a single platform. Built on the world’s leading open source Business Process Management (BPM) platform.




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About BonitaSoft

A lot has changed since 2009, but the mission hasn’t, Bonitasoft help developers and business users drive growth together. The company makes developers heroes so they're free to create the best business applications, so business users get what they want, without compromise. For bonitasoft, that means more than just building the best BPM-based application platform on the market. It means being more open, more flexible, and more fun, too. Today, we’re proud to be the fastest growing open-source BPM provider in the world, with more than 1,000 customers in 75+ countries.
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 Intelligent Business Process Management
Bonitasoft enters Gartner iBPMS Magic Quadrant as the only open source vendor. The report covers these usage scenarios: Composition of intelligent process-centric applications Business innovation/continuous process improvements Business transformation Digitized process Citizen developer application composition Case management
The up-to-date Business Process Modeling and Notation Standard 2.0 provides a way to graphically diagram business processes and turn them into process-based applications. Use it to design a process visually. Drag-and-drop studio elements include: human and automated tasks; gates with decision rules for joining and diverging process flow; subprocesses, and more. With BPMN, business people can define what they want, simply but with a high degree of precision, and IT professionals can communicate with each other and with operational managers about the model in a clear, common framework.
Coordinate Work
Connect people, processes, and technology across departments - even across the world - to create efficient business process and satisfying user experiences. With the Bonita BPM platform: Assign tasks based on the organizations's own directory, with appropriate delegation and escalation rules Use dashborards to monitor health and detect errors in running applications Make "live" changes to fix errors Collect data to measure process effectiveness Monitor KPIs And much more
Extensible Famework
Connect quickly and easily to most enterprise systems such as CRMs, ECMs, ERPs, databases, social platforms, web services, SaaS offerings and more Modify, personalize and customize application with out-of-the-box features and open extension points... ...or create what you need with dedicated tooling Create personalized user experiences with graphical UI tools, a completely custom UI, or a mix of both
Digital Transformation
Integrate your unique combination of customer and employee user experience needs, information systems, and business operations Customize without full-on custom application development Modify, personalize, and customize applications with out-of-the-box features and open extension points
Build Sophisticated, Engaging Applications
A great user experience starts with responsive user interfaces that work on any device. It continues with smooth interactions with employees and IS, fully integrated through the backend workflow. Provide a satisfying user experience for both customers and employees.
Ideal for Technical Team
Leverage diverse skills, approaches, and experience Keep the way you develop, test and deploy Plug into the tools that you already use on a day-to-day basis Give technical teams choices with graphical tooling, multiple extension points, low code and out-of-the-box frameworks
Use the rich feature set and tooling to deliver fast and improve continuously Out-of-the-box services provide building blocks Open, extensible, customizable APIs, extension points, and more permit maximum customization Mix graphical tools, tooling, and frameworks, and custom coding to apply where appropriate
Connect widely and customize freely
Integrate current, new, and legacy enterprise platforms and systems Use open and extensible REST and Java APIs Create even more APIs with dedicated tooling to develop and test For your specific user experience needs, choose out-of-the-box, low code, or completely custom UI design - or use a mix of all three

Plans and Pricing


Bonita BPM


  • Digitize business processes to improve operations and reduce costs
  • Deliver exceptional experiences for your customers and employees
  • Empower development teams to create enterprise-grade applications


Bonita BPM is for developers who mean business




Engage Process Modeler

Engage Process Modeler



Think Automation

Think Automation

MACOM Workflow Management

MACOM Workflow Management


Below are some frequently asked questions for Bonita BPM

Q. Can I use Bonita BPM free of charge?

Yes, Bonita BPM Community Edition is available free of charge. There is no limit on the period of use and the number of users used. It is considered that it can be applied to the operation of small organizations if functional requirements of about paid workflow products that are generally distributed are applied. Please judge whether it is possible or not by self-responsibility through development / operation experience.

Q. Is there a training program for Bonita BPM Community Edition?

No, it is only training based on paid Bonita BPM Subscription Edition. The Subscription Edition contains the functionality of Community Edition.

Q. What kind of knowledge do I need to use Bonita BPM?

Process diagram creation: You need basic knowledge of process modeling in BPMN 2.0 Process automation and deployment: We need basic knowledge on Java derivative (Java front page development) and Groovy Script (server driven script) Process operation: No specialized knowledge is required as it targets end users

Q. I would like to self-learn how to develop, but do you have recommended Japanese language materials?

Yes, process development examples actually running on "Project" of this site are provided. Learning is the quick way to check the behavior of the process with reference to that source. If you have any questions, please refer to "Japanese document". Before referring to development examples of "Project", we recommend that you experience "tutorial".

Q. Is there training for program modeling using BPMN 2.0?

Yes, the following seminar using Bonita BPM Community Edition is being held at the BPM Association of Japan . Visualization of business process by BPMN · Requirement definition basic seminar Business process design seminar by BPMN


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