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PharmaCist is an integrated accounting and inventory control system for pharma companies that provides automated tools and features for effective management of all operations. The Software is a modular solution with holistic approach for smooth and efficient functioning of entire business. PharmaCist is an innovative solution that comes with ease of use and interactive interface. The software provides various customizable reports allowing the businesses to focus on the useful insights of the business.

Product Features
PharmaCist is a complete pharma management system that facilitates the businesses with modern automated solution for each process for flawless functioning. Empowered with wide variety of reports, PharmaCist consists of various operations automated and categorized into various modules. The solution is an ultimate tool with powerful features expediting all processes with enhanced performances at reduced costs and efforts.
The software exhibits the following feature highlights:
  • Accounting Reports: This highly integrated module enables smooth and flawless functioning of accounting operations. Maintenance of Cash and Bank Book, Day Book, Journal Register, Debit & Credit Notes, Purchases, Returns, Sales, VAT, trial balance, balance sheet, P&L, trading a/c, reconciliation etc. can be carried out expertly in this module.
  • Purchase Analysis: The software provides an exclusive module for purchase analysis and processes. The module helps in dealing with purchase query, cumulative analysis of purchase, purchase-product analysis, supplier-product-division wise purchase analysis and many more.
  • Sales Analysis: Sales Analysis module has been designed to assist in all sales processes and effective analysis such as customer-product wise sales, company-group wise sales, sub-group/division wise sales, company/group wise sales, product wise sales, analysis of non-supplied products, projecting sales analysis, and graphical analysis of sales and purchase.
  • Inventory Controlling: Effective inventory control can be enforced with the module that supports in tracking the updated stock status, stock transfers, stock transactions, reorder levels, damages, and generating various inventory reports for improved decision-making.
  • Aging Analysis: A specially designed module empowers the businesses with complete aging analysis with debtors & creditors balance summary, region & sales man wise outstanding report, aging analysis (bill-by-bill analysis) and outstanding reminding letters.
  • Profit Analysis: To conduct efficient profit analysis, bill wise, date wise, customer-date wise, customer-bill wise, customer wise, product wise, product-division wise and product-group wise reports can be created in this module.
About The Company
EBS Software (P) Ltd, is one of the fastest growing software development companies. The establishing objectives was to be the most dependable organization providing impeccable service, premium products and comprehensive solutions to the customers in India. EBS Software (P) Ltd has already established itself as a leader in various vertical segments and offers a broad range of services ranging from software consultancy, ready-made software packages, and customized software solutions. The services, network, and business processes of EBS are geared toward serving their unique and often mission-critical requirements. To satisfy the projected growth of the business market for Software development, EBS Software (P) Ltd will continue to respond with the quality of services and support required by users in the Customer world.

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