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Brand: Compel Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS

Free Trial Available: Yes

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eFacilito Software Overview

What is eFacilito?

eFacilito is a facility management software that helps manage different types of facilities like factories, hotels, malls, and logistic services. This is done using a centralized, integrated, app-based system that consists of ticketing/complaint management, checklist management, gate pass management, work permit management. 

eFacilito facilities management software comes with an intuitive app-based checklist system for the management of log complaints and allows you to track your workflow. eFacilito FM software helps create a feedback form and share it easily. Moreover, this facility management system converts checklist flags to tickets, restricts permission generation time slots, defines approval matrix for individual gate passes and more. 

eFacilito Facility Management Software Features to Manage Daily Workflows

There is a wide array of services offered by this facility management software. 

  1. Complaints logs and progressive TAT: eFacilito makes management of daily complaints and tasks easier, by converting them to tickets. These tickets are further assigned to their respective departments like engineering and operation. 
  2. Tracking customer services at mall: eFacilito facilitates the management of customer service requests at the help center. From baggage parking service requests to integrated pre-service customer feedback, you can resolve every issue within minutes. 
  3. Easy configuration and collection of feedbacks for an event: Another exciting feature offered by eFacilito is the creation of a feedback form for retailers and customers. You can easily collect customer CRM data or get a net protector score with eFacilito services. 
  4. Keeping track of the visitors, customers and retailers: Visitor management is crucial for any business. With eFacilito, you can create a customer visit form for the pre-scheduled visitors. Also, a QR system is there for fast check-in and check-out processes. 
  5. One-stop solution for cocktail facilities: eFacilito facility management software provides smart solutions to liquor and food inventory owners. With this software, they can track cocktail recipes with inventory mapping, stock variance reporting, and go for a potential cost evaluation. 

eFacilito Facility Management Software Pricing

eFacilito facility management software pricing is available on request. For further details, you can get in touch with consultants who will call you at your requested time. 

Benefits of eFacilito Facilities Management Software

  1. Cocktail world module: The software provides useful solutions to liquor and food inventory, and reports and excuse compliance. 
  2. CMS Customer service: You can go paperless with eFacilito's services. Its app-based processes help manage baggage parking, wheelchair or portable power banks. 
  3. Manage key documents: The software enables you to manage all key documents digitally in formats such as Word, Excel and PDF. It also allows you to restrict rights of accessing crucial documents for your business.
  4. Paperless work along with daily checklists: The app-based checklist management system by eFacilito helps in scheduling daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly and Ad-hoc checklist. You can easily assign a checklist to a particular location or department using this app. 
  5. Management of retail store and facility work permits: You can create a custom work permit form and define an approval matrix for individual work permits. With eFacilito, you can even upload a digital signature to display approvals. 
  6. Generating, managing, and approving material gate pass: eFacilito allows the creation and configuration of gate passes for the staff and retailers. Additionally, consolidation of the gate pass documentation and processing can be done instantly. 

eFacilito Features

  • Ticketing System The software allows you to raise ticket against any new task assignment.
  • Complaint Management The automatic escalations allows logging of complaints, tasks and tickets that can be tracked easily afterwards. 
  • Checklist Management With eFacilito, you can easily create, assign or schedule the checklists for respective departments efficiently. 
  • Feedback System With eFacilito, you can log complaints, tasks and tickets and track the downtime of tickets quickly. 
  • WORK Permit System Go paperless and manage the external vendor based work permits timely. 
  • Gate Pass Management It allows easy generation of gate pass for informing or outgoing materials. 
  • Mall Services Module The service helps you manage the mall's service and complaints. It enables easy reporting of service where it needs improvement.
  • Document Management eFacilito allows you to manage all the important documents digitally in several formats like Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF. Also,
  • Visitor Management eFacilito lets you manage the incoming and outgoing visitors with or without scheduled visits. You can also follow COVID-19
  • Laundry Inventory System The software helps you keep track of the guests' laundry inventory with detailed reports and life-span tracking.
  • Stock & Inventory Easy management of incoming or outgoing stocks is possible with eFacilito along with details of the items. 
  • Asset Management You can easily add and manage any hardware, software or IT asset using eFacilito. It helps in digitizing and starting the asset
  • Valet Parking System For incoming or outgoing vehicles, the software provides you with a valet parking system.

eFacilito Plans & Pricing

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eFacilito FAQ

Q. How useful is the visitor management module of eFacilito facility management software? arrow

A. With this module, companies can keep a record of their visitors. It allows them to form a customer visit register for pre-scheduled visitors.

Q. Do you provide an online demo of eFacilito facilities management software? arrow

A. Yes, you can schedule for an online demo of eFacilito, and our software experts will get in touch with you at your requested time.

Q. How does the cocktail world module of eFacilito FM software work? arrow

A. With this software, liquor facility owners can keep a track of cocktail recipes through inventory mapping. eFacilito help them go for a potential cost evaluation analysis.

Q. Does eFacilito facility management software come with a dedicated mobile app? arrow

A. Yes, eFacilito come with a dedicated mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Q. As an admin, can you configure alerts on eFacilito facility management system? arrow

A. Yes, you can configure alerts on eFacilito based on multiple metrics like training personnel, performance reviews, certificates and more.

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