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30 /student/month

  • The above price for basic version
  • For one time installation fee price will be 100/student
  • For advance version price will be INR 50/student and INR 500/student as one time installation fee

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SchoolMate connects schools with their students and parents to ensure easy communication, progress tracking and safety of students. With the SchoolMate mobile app, parents stay updated about the various school activities, assignments, syllabus, projects, school events and lot more by a simple tap on the phone. Schools access the SchoolMate Dashboard to send personalized notifications to parents and also accept online mobile payments for fees, uniforms, books, etc. thereby strengthening the Teacher-Parent Communication. Thus, SchoolMate is a smart app which facilitates teacher-parent communication, ensures child safety and enables online fee payment by seamlessly integrating with any school management system software.

Product Features
SchoolMate is a mobile based platform that connects parents and schools enabling easy communication, content sharing, cashless wallet and e-commerce for school-parent world. While schools are able to send circulars, homework, notifications, videos, etc. directly to parents, parents are able to make fees payment online and are even able to track school bus on their mobile app – what time the bus will reach home, whether their child is in the bus, etc.
  • School Calendar: Schools can upload, change and manage the events and holiday schedules along with the day-to-day calendars easily from the Schoolmate dashboard.
  • Daily Home Work: Teachers can update daily Homework and Assignments though the SchoolMate App. Printed assignments and constant follow-ups on project due dates can now are skipped!
  • Class Time Table: The Class Time Table feature helps parents easily check the classes that are scheduled for the day along with the topics clearly and neatly highlighted
  • Library Transactions: Helps keep track of child’s reading habits and check whether the books are returned on time.
  • Meal Calendar: Food is one of the most integral parts of a child’s routine, and hence SchoolMate provides regular updates of the lunch menu at school so that you parents can be sure that their child is having a balanced and nutrition rich diet!
  • Tests and Examination Results: With the SchoolMate App, parents can privately access tests, progress reports, examination results and grades of their child directly through the SchoolMate App on their mobile.
  • Teacher Notifications: With regular alerts and notifications sent directly to Parents through the app, keeping track of announcements and school events like Circulars, Notices, Guests, Parent-Teacher meetings, Sports Day, Annual Day etc. just got easier!
  • E-wallet for Kids: With the E-Wallet feature on the SchoolMate App, online payments like cafeteria expenses, photograph payments, educational tours and school trips etc. can be easily done.
  • Event Registration: Schools can share detailed information about various events in school like an Annual Day, Sports Day, and Exhibition etc. and also allow registrations for the same through the SchoolMate App itself!
  • Online School Store: Schools can showcase everything right from books to stationary and uniforms directly on the SchoolMate mobile app. Schools can also facilitate easy receipt of payments through the app.
  • Bus Tracking: School Bus Tracking system of SchoolMate, notifications regarding the child’s real-time travel location get sent automatically along with the Bus Number, Departure Notification and Estimated Time of Arrival.

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