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School Magica is one of the best Schoool Management Software in India. School Magica is a turnkey software solution developed to manage a school, college or other educational establishments. It is also the best campus and online coaching institute management software available in India. School Magica assists in managing everything from admission, attendance, fees to examination, reporting, and certificate generation. School Magica is a school management system which also helps in generating I Cards, payment processing, payment report, etc. School Magica includes an intuitive design that is developed with the understanding that not everyone is equally skilled in IT.

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Techior Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a software development company that specializes in the development of education software solution for schools, colleges, and other educational establishments. The company has presence in countries like India, USA, Malaysia, Canada, UK, Doha, Singapore, Jordon, UAE and Kenya. The dedicated team of Techior includes Administrators, Developers, Testers, Sales Staff, and others who are dedicated to providing the best college and school management software.
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Features of School Magica

student payment reports,account statement,back dated payment receipt,bank ledger,bank wise deposite status report,bank wise extra deposit,bank wise fee deposit,bounced cheque report,class group wise payment summary,class wise other fees details,class wise payment received,daily fee collection report,date wise income received,date wise refund report,income expense statement,income ledger,late fee report,month wise fee collection report,other fees paid report,other fees summary report,other fees unpaid report,payment outstanding report,payment received report,payment summary
student i card with 2 strip and back side image,student icard background color,student icard with barcode,student icard with strip and parents photo on back side
Attempt Certificate,Birth Certificate,Bonafide Certificate,Character Certificate,Conduct Certificate,Fees Certificate,Migration Certificates
Date Wise Staff Salary,Staff Salary Report
Cbse r Card,Max And Min Marks Obtained By Students,Student Report Card With Photo,Student Report Card,Test Report List,Test Result Rankwise,Test Result
Blank Attendance Sheet Time In Time Out,Blank Monthly Attendance Sheet,Monthly Attendance Report,Student Attendance Report Details,Student Attendance Summary Monthwise,Student Attendance Timing,Stutent Attendance Summary Report
Date Wise Attendance Report,Date Wise Attendance Timing,Staff Attendance Report,Staff Wise Attendance Timing
Category Wise Expense Report,Date Wise Expense Report,Expense Ledger,Month Wise Category Expense Summary Report,Monthly Expense Summary Report.Pdf

School Magica plans and pricing


School Magica

Rs. 10.00

  • Per student
  • Student Pre-admission managementTest Management
  • Event management
  • Call Follow-ups
  • Hall ticket generation
  • Club management
  • Student admission management
  • Exam time table creation
  • Transportation management
  • Student ID cards(print multiple I-cards at a time)
  • Student report card for an exam/Test
  • Hostel management
  • Manage parents details
  • Staff Management
  • Visitor management
  • Manage sibling details
  • Utilities management
  • Manage incomes
  • Make announcements for students
  • Time table creation
  • User Management
  • Fee Payment
  • Expense management
  • Reports
  • Student Attendance
  • Library management
  • Configure Bulk SMS/GSM SMS/email
  • Class management
  • Issue items management
  • Reminders
  • Section Management
  • Generation of Certificates

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School Magica Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for School Magica

Q. What is School Magica?

School magica school management software helps manage Student, Teacher, Classes, Sections, Fees, Attendance, Test, Library, Hostel, Transportation, Event and Clubs. The software provides easy reports like CBSE-R-Card, Outstanding fees, Marks, Attendance, Test, etc.

Q. How to set School info in School magica?

Log in to School Magica software using username and password provided then go “Configure” tab set your school information in school info.

Q. How to define other users like counselor/accountant/ teacher with limited permissions?

Here you can perform the User Management for your School magica school management system. You can add new users, and configure them so that they may or may not have administrator privileges. Here you can assign different permissions to the users according to their role. If the password of an existing user has to be changed, select the user from the grid and tick on the check box of Change password. Enter the new password and click on update button. You can also change the username if you want.

Q. How do I define class /Subjects for a school?

First select the classes tab, click on New/Modify and select class add the names of the class and no of subjects that are offered at your school then click on Save. You can also create multiple classes and section at one go for that select Easy class/ Section creation tab, select the classes you want to create and set the maximum no of subjects you have for classes and save details. Select the subject tab to add the subjects belonging to the class. Select the class name added earlier and add the names of the subjects and no of periods for that periods for the subject that are offered under the selected class at your institute. You can also create multiple subject for various classes at a time select Multi Class Subject type the subject name and no of periods for subject then select the classes for which that subject belongs and then save the details. Select the class fees tab select the class name and fee category added earlier set the duration for class and set fees either as monthly fees or total fees and hit save button to save fees details.

Q. How to import preadmission details from excel sheet in School magica?

Utilities>Import>Import pre admission details from excel. Import is used to import student preadmission data from an excel spreadsheet into the School magica. This is useful for the first time users of the software – the student data available in excel can be directly imported into School magica, thus saving the effort and time required for data entry. The student data should be available in the specified format in excel. Before importing the data, user needs to set the system date to either dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy format.

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