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About Jaimini Light 2.0

What is Jaimini Light 2.0?

Jaimini Light 2.0 is an astrology software. It consists of Jaimini Astrology, which is an ancient Vedic astromancy under the Parasari system. This Janam kundli software adopts a unique approach to the horoscope, which makes it special. It is a revered astrological technique among horoscope readers. The software is built with all the methodology and calculation process that is required to perform Jaimini Astrological reading. 

Jaimini Light 2.0 offers astrology charts that include more than twenty different attributes. It reads deeply into your horoscope charts and predicts the correct age for your marriage, growth, wealth creation, etc. Astrologers can use it for their operations and start working effortlessly.

Who can use Jaimini Light 2.0?

Astrologers use Jaimini Light 2.0 to improvise their operations and work efficiently. Jaimini astrology is a niche area of astromancy practicing, and Jaimini Light 2.0 helps you with that. It is designed to read into your inputs and deliver results quickly automatically. 

Benefits of using Jaimini Light 2.0?

Here are a few benefits of using Jaimini Light 2.0 listed below:

  1.  It is economically viable and easy to use.
  2.  Jaimini Light 2.0 processes a large quantity of input data quickly. 
  3.   The software is designed in a manner where novices can get started quickly, and expert astrologists can handle complicated tasks efficiently. 
  4.   It helps you get away with your paperwork and perform all the calculations and chart preparations from the system.
  5.   Astrologers can create charts and tables in over twenty different attributes. 
  6.    Jaimini Light 2.0 allows you to study astrological particulars that are specific to Jaimini principles. 

What is the price of Jaimini Light 2.0?

Jaimini Light 2.0 costs roughly around Rs. 2000/-. It is a single purchase software that does not require subscription type regularized payment. It saves all the entries into your computer and does not require the internet to function. 

Sold By : Mindsutra Software

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Jaimini Light 2.0 Features

Jaimini Light 2.0 allows you to create kundlis based on Jaimini principles. It gives a detailed analysis of attributes such as character, marriage prospects, economic prosperity, and many others. 
Jaimini Light 2.0 offers all the results in an easy to read and printable PDF format. 
Jaimini Light 2.0 builds the astrological chart in more than 24 formats with adherence to Jaimini principles. It develops charts to provide deep insights into personal life. 
Jaimini Light 2.0 offers daily horoscope reading by following Jaimini guidelines. This kundli software also provides weekly and monthly horoscopes insights.
Read into your clients’ doshas and get mantras to rectify them. 
With Jaimini Light 2.0 at your side, create a detailed analytical report of every client and check their horoscope data carefully.
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Jaimini Light 2.0 Specifications


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Jaimini Light 2.0 FAQs

Jaimini Light 2.0 offers an efficient data backup system. You can go to the installation directory of program and copy the “Data” folder from there. You can easily restore it as well.
Jaimini Light 2.0 offers language support in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Oriya. You can also add the fonts of supported languages in the software.
Yes, you can add your logo and images to the software to give it a more sophisticated and professional look.
No, Jaimini Light 2.0 is a completely on-premise software that stores all your data in your personal computer.
Jaimini system of astrology is prominently considered as a scion of the traditional Vedic Parasari system. What makes it special is fine subtleties in reading techniques.

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