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K7 Enterprise security is best suited for large organizations with a scalable vision. The solution helps in protecting business and customer data by insulating it with a multi-tier protection. Easy end point manageability offers low downtime and increased productivity, making the business perform better. K7 Enterprise security insulates organizations from malware threats and improves business performance. Large enterprises have to accommodate hundreds of end-points and manage security issues that arise from it. Sophisticated end-point protection is needed for desktops and PC’s since a single infected system can crash an entire network. Also all kinds of gateways can be sealed from intrusion attacks to prevent the leakage of confidential data.



  • Web


Operating system

  • W


Hardware Configuration :

512 MB RAM (minimum), 700 MB Hard Disk Space, High resolution Video Adapter and Monitor

Software Configuration :

Windows Server 2003 (SP2) – Any Edition, Windows Server 2008 – Any Edition, Windows Server 2008 R2 – Any Edition,

Best suitable for

Size :








Organization type :


Mid Market






Industries :

  • All Industries

About K7 Business Pvt. Ltd.

K7 Computing is one of the earliest and most accomplished IT security companies protecting more than 15 million clients worldwide against the threats to their IT environment. K7 is recognized as a leader in providing safe and secure computing experience for home users and as well as enterprise users across various industries.
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Award winning K7 engine works in the back ground constantly protecting your entire organization from attacks. The low footprint of the advance engine ensures that the performance of the system and routine activities are not interrupted
With technology changes being rampant, coupled with cyber criminals being more and more adept, it is critical that not only signature updates but version upgrades are needed to ensure Zero day protection.
A by-product of advancements in technology is sophisticated malware that is more targeted. Using concepts of behavioural blocking, artificial intelligence and machine learning, K7’s protects you from drive-by-downloads and rogue antivirus downloads.
Advanced machine learning technology with Artificial Intelligence ensures proactive prevent mechanism enabling us to consistently rank as the best zero-day protection security solution.
Managing ransomware requires a versatile solution as provided by K7. Our development team has pioneered ground breaking solutions in ransomware management.
Advanced rootkit detection technology detects and removes concealed rootkits in the client systems.
Features like remote installation, auto uninstall of old AV software, intelligent use of network resources make migrating to K7 security a simple and effortless task
A detailed report format with most required reports. Additionally customized complex reports to your specific requirements can be generated. All reports can be extracted in excel and pdf format.
An effective asset management tracks all endpoint hardware assets on the network. Generates and maintains up-to-date configuration reports, sending notifications on any changes.
Smart intrusion detection system coupled with a stealth mode making the system invisible when connected to the internet prevents any network based attacks.

Plans and Pricing


K7 Enterprise Security

Rs. 600.00 ( Per Year )

  • Real Time Protection
  • Free Upgrades
  • Proactive Defence Method
  • k7 Cerebro Engine
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Rootkit Scanner
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Single Console
  • Web Filtering
  • Email Protection
  • Internet Gateway Security
  • External Device Control


Overview video using K7 Enterprise Security web console, managing K7 Endpoint Security clients.


Below are some frequently asked questions for K7 Enterprise Security

Q. How to update your product without an Internet connection?

Step :1 If none of the PCs are connected to internet including the K7 Enterprise Console installed PC, you can download the offline updater from any other PC connected to internet and run the same on all the PCs to update the End Points. Step :2 The URL to download the offline updater file is given below. http://www.k7computing.com/en/tools/K7OfflineUpdater.exe

Q. I am trying to update K7 Enterprise and error message

Step :1 Check whether you are able to access the Downloads folder under “C:\Program Files\K7 Computing\K7TSecurity\Updates\Downloads” Step :2 If you are able to access the Downloads folder, start the PC in safe mode. Step :3 Delete all the files and folders inside the Downloads folder (Important: Please don’t delete the Downloads Folder). Step :4 Once you delete all the files and folders inside the Downloads folder, restart the PC in normal mode and try updating the product. Step :5 If you are not able to open the Downloads folder, Please try following the below Click Start->Run->Command Type cd\ and hit the Enter Type chkdsk /f and hit Enter

Q. How to run updates for K7 Endpoints?

Step :1 To update an End Point from the Management Console, click on Manage Clients then right click on particular PC and select Update Client. Step :2 Also you can run a task to update all the End Points in a particular group or all the groups. Step :3 Click on Manage Clients -> Click on Tasks -> Select Update from the list of Tasks -> Type a name for the Task -> Select the Group from the List -> Start the Task which will take updates for the selected Group(s)

Q. I am trying to update the K7 Enterprise product and got the message

Step 1: This will happen if the policy has been configured to block all the websites except given websites by the administrator. Step 2: Kindly add the below URLs into the allowed list under Policy Override. Step 3: Click on Manage Clients -> Click on Policy Override -> under Internet, Select Allowed websites and add the below Updates.k7computing.com/ S3.amazonaws.com/* Step 4: After allowing the URLs, try running the updates. Step 5: Check for any traces of third party AV, if found uninstall them using the removal tool restart the PC and try updating the Endpoints.

Q. I am trying to update your K7 Enterprise product and got the message,

Step 1: Check whether all the components of K7 Endpoint such as Antivirus Protection, Behavioral Protection and Firewall Protection are enabled. Step 2: If any of the component or all the components are disabled, then restart your PC once and try running the updates again. Step 3: If even after restart, all the components are disabled reinstall the K7 Endpoint using fresh client setup and try updating the Endpoint again. Step 4: If even after reinstall, all the components are disabled contact K7 Support for further assistance


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