K7 Enterprise Security

K7 Enterprise Security

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K7 Enterprise Security is best suited for large organizations with a scalable vision. The solution helps in protecting business and customer data by insulating it with a multi-tier protection. Easy end point manageability offers low downtime and increased productivity, making the business perform better. K7 Enterprise security insulates organizations from malware threats and improves business performance. Large enterprises have to accommodate hundreds of end-points and manage security issues that arise from it. Sophisticated end-point protection is needed for desktops and PC’s since a single infected system can crash an entire network. Also all kinds of gateways can be sealed from intrusion attacks to prevent the leakage of confidential data.

Product Features
Real Time Anti-Virus Protection- Protects business related data and confidential client information at all end-points from hostile attacks. Email Server Protection- Scans incoming and outgoing emails automatically, blocking out malicious attachments. Maintains clean mail storage with anti-spam feature. Periodic status reports and email alerts to indicate emergency events are sent to the IT team.
  • End-Point Support- Simple and quick deployment of multiple endpoints as needed. Monitor the status of each endpoint through a dashboard. Remote updates, scans or even uninstallation of any end-point is simpler.
  • Secure File Servers- Automatically scans every single file accessed, downloaded, created or modified across each end-point. Cost effective and easy to manage.
  • Internet Gateway Security- Locates the current location of end-points, both in-office and out-of office devices, and performs necessary security process to prevent malware intrusion from the network. Low bandwidth consumption with customized scanning method. USB Vaccination-Immunizes USB drives in devices across the enterprise to ensure no malware infection disrupts enterprise business.
  • External Device Control- Restrict the usage of eternal devices at end-points to prevent data theft and malware infections. Notifies and monitor all external devices that are plugged into the network.
  • Single Console- A single centralized web based console to control both serves and clients. Set policies easily to govern the gateways, server and end-points. Illegal applications are blocked from accessing the internet. Proactive Defence Method-Zero-Day protection: Protects client systems from zero day attacks from a PDF based exploits and browser based exploits.
  • Behavioural blocking: Blocks and removes any behaviour based malware.
  • Drive-by-download blocking: Detects and removes zero day browser exploits. Policy Override Feature-Administrator can easily override policies to implement security changes. Set automatic policies for devices such as laptops and mobiles. Quicker deployment of updates to stay secure from new malware attacks.
  • Rootkit Scanner- Advanced root kit detection technology detects and removes concealed rootkits in the client systems. Vulnerability detection- Vulnerable application modules are detected and controlled to prevent exploitation by attackers.
About The Company
K7 Computing is one of the earliest and most accomplished IT security companies protecting more than 15 million clients worldwide against the threats to their IT environment. K7 is recognized as a leader in providing safe and secure computing experience for home users and as well as enterprise users across various industries.K7 protects clients in over 100 countries yet continues to have the deep-rooted culture in helping each and every client to achieve maximum protection against cyber-crimes. K7 Threat Control Lab, comprising expert engineers and researchers, work around the clock to detect any new malware, spyware, viruses or any other cyber threats; this safeguard allows every K7 client constant protection against internet-based threats that could compromise the security of their systems or individual information. Their client base covers home users, local and central governments, the financial sector, manufacturing, telecommunications, utilities, retail, healthcare, education, technology, and a range of other sectors operating in Europe, the United States and Asia.

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