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About K7 Mobile Security - Android

What is K7 Mobile Security – Android?

K7 Mobile Security is an antivirus mobile application for Android smartphones. The mobile app runs security scans to evaluate the threat in the system. K7 Mobile Security helps users covers all the bases to ensure their android device is always secure. It automatically runs scans for every file downloaded be it from browser or messenger applications, like, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. It also checks whether a file can be a potential threat or not. The application is suitable for both office and domestic use. It has a simple “tap to install” feature, which allows users to get started instantly. 

K7 Mobile Security is one of the highest rated android based antivirus applications in the market. This mobile application has a certified Microsoft Gold Partnership and has been rated as the “Top Product” by AV Tests, along with several other internet security certifying bodies. 

What are the features offered by K7 Mobile Security?

Here is a list of features offered by K7 Mobile Security: 

  1. Anti-malware 
  2. Real-time automated system scan
  3. Checking recently downloaded file for threats 
  4. Simple installation 
  5. Anti-theft technology 
  6. Anti-hacking 
  7. Anti-phishing 
  8. Data backup and restoration 
  9. Retrieval assistance of lost smartphone with features such as burglar alarm

What are the benefits of using K7 Mobile Security app? 

Android operating system is prone to virus and malware attacks just like any other operating system. Here are a few benefits of using K7 Mobile Security to protect the Android device: 

  1. The antivirus mobile application blocks spams, pop-ups, and every other unnecessary web page which causes nuisance to the user. 
  2. K7 Mobile Security runs intelligent system scans to check the file attachments in emails, downloaded files from browsers, and much more. 
  3. This android antivirus app facilitates safer banking transactions and communication through messengers. 
  4. In the long run, android devices tend to get slow and the response time increases, K7 Mobile Security helps prevent these glitches. 
  5. It allows users to filter web content and place restrictions on access to different websites. 

What is the price of K7 Mobile Security product key? 

The price of K7 Mobile Security is ₹ 530 per user per annum.

Sold By : K7 Computing

Get K7 Mobile Security - Android support 18 Chatting right now

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K7 Mobile Security - Android Features

The mobile antivirus app for android constantly runs scans to protect the device from any type of online or offline threats.
The app has an in-built call blocking option to stop all the spam calls from service providers and telecom companies.
Users can create a backup of important small sized data like messages, contact details, etc. in the app for future usage or device transferring.
K7 Mobile Security provides a 360-degree security provision for internet browsers to block spams and phishing attempts.
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Get K7 Mobile Security - Android support18 Chatting right now

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K7 Mobile Security - Android Specifications


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K7 Mobile Security - Android FAQs

K7 Mobile Security uses the cloud storage support for data backup.
Yes, there is a separate variant for iPhone devices as well. Please request a call for further inquiries.
Here are the minimum system requirements to operate K7 Mobile Security: 1. OS: Android 4.1 or higher 2. Screen Resolution: 320 x 480 pixels (minimum) 3. Mobile internet: 2G and higher or Wi-Fi
Yes, please request a call to get a demo for K7 Mobile Security. Our sales team will get in touch with you with the demo.
No, if you are subscribed, you are entitled for all the updates for free.

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