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FaceBuilder is a Foundry Nuke node developed by Keen Tools. It is used for building models for face from just a few neutral images. FaceBuilder is built on top of PinTool and includes all its strengths, such as simple and powerful model positioning tool, advanced model drawing, a lot of exporting options, focal length estimation, etc. It also boasts of an inbuilt set of checks to disable some parts of a model. It can be handy when the user is exporting parts of the model and not the complete thing.



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About Keen tools

Keen Tools is a software company from Russia which develops plugins for Foundry Nuke, a node-based digital compositing application.  Their goal is to create tools with great user experience using state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to provide the best results possible.
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FaceBuilder provides a set of checks to disable some parts of a model. It can be handy when you exporting a part of a head, not a full model

While tracking most of man-hours goes to setting up keyframes. And this is what PinTool does with ease. Fast and intuitive it lets you manipulate a 3D-model’s position by dragging control points on model’s surface (pins) to their positions in the frame

Sometimes camera focal length should be known. For example for tracking. But sometimes you have to deal with footage which is shot with unknown lens. Don’t worry – PinTool helps you to figure it out

There are a lot of render settings simplifying work with PinTool. There is a Motion Blur mode for fast moving objects, automatically adjusted wireframe opacity helping to stay focused on tracking on different zoom levels and lit wireframe to underline model details even in wireframe mode. Colour setup knobs are also available for almost everything from wireframe to surface mask colour

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Keen tools Face Builder


  • Configurable model
  • Fast model positioning
  • Camera Focal Length Estimation
  • Advanced model drawing


KeenTools FaceBuilder Demo


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Keen tools Face Builder

Q. What actually happens when I change a pin's position?

Using all the pins from all the key frames FaceBuilder recalculates the resulting model's shape and model's positions in each key frame.

Q. Can I use FaceBuilder with a video?

Yes, you can build a model using a video instead of a sequence of photos. Basically there is no difference between the two ways.

Q. Can I use FaceBuilder with a set of photos with different resolutions?

No. Currently all the photos should have the same resolution.


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Ayush Pandya

amazing idea

9th August, 2018

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  • They supplied me with keys for the software literally by return mail. After finding that my system was not compatible with the software after using their excellent communications (reply's to emails within the hour), they offered a full refund. that is what I call customer service and I highly recommend them. I will buy from them again should I need more software.
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