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About KeenTools Face Builder


What is KeenTools FaceBuilder?

KeenTools FaceBuilder creates photorealistic models of heads and human faces, which are 3D in nature. FaceBuilder has the inbuilt ability to transfer images, videos or footage into the requisite format and the purpose node is used to import documents into KeenTools Nuke format.

This is also the reason why FaceBuilder is defined as Nuke node in form and content. The primary requirement for creating a 3D model is capturing images with neutral expressions from different angles and then placing a model on the head or face to create a photorealistic 3D model.

You can build images even with single footage if you don’t get access to a person’s natural face. It supports the workflow of people across all races and of all age groups.

What Makes Keentools FaceBuilder Unique

FaceBuilder software can be used creatively by amateurs and professionals. The crucial factors that make the Software FaceBuilder unique are:

  1. Transforming 3D model from Nuke into more advanced software formats
  2. Rigid tracking through GeoTracker
  3. Tracking facial features through FaceTracker
  4. Quick and simple selection of the preferred parts of the face
  5. Single framed in nature thus providing quick and efficient results
  6. Allows modelling of images and videos that lack neutral expression

Core Features of KeenTools FaceBuilder

It is also a powerful tool for developing an accurate positioning of the model. KeenTools FaceBuilder software is built on PinTool, thus providing advanced drawing models and estimation for focal length. The other features offered by KeenTools FaceBuilder are:

  1. Robust tool for model positioning
  2. Advanced drawing model
  3. Accurate estimation for focal length
  4. Myriad exporting options
  5. Configurable model
  6. PinTools under the hood
  7. Ideal for people of all age groups and race
  8. Single frame model

KeenTools FaceBuilder Price

You can opt for different versions of the Software, depending upon the nature of your business. Please request a callback, and our product expert will get back to you shortly.

Sold By : KeenTools

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KeenTools Face Builder Features

 FaceBuilder offers several parameters for designers to check and disable certain parts of the model accordingly. It comes helpful during exporting a section of head but not the complete model.
The software saves exorbitant amount of time that goes into proper positioning of the model and setting keyframes. This software fastens the process by offering positioning PinTool. 
The software is able to set focal length automatically accordingly to the zooming of the camera. 
The software enables users to create 3D models scanned from the videos. 

Get KeenTools Face Builder support31 Chatting right now

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KeenTools Face Builder Specifications

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Shabee haider

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Great module



Nov 7 2018

Ayush Pandya

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amazing idea



Aug 9 2018

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KeenTools Face Builder FAQs

No, the photos are required to be of the same resolution.
Yes, you can build a model using a video instead of a sequence of photos. Basically there is no difference between the two ways.
KeenTools FaceBuilder is not available for mobile phones at this moment.
Yes, the face building software offer allows users to create save file through Nuke’s built-in WriteGeo node
Techjockey offers demo for KeenTools Face Building software. To avail the demo, please request a call.
Yes, you will find KeenTools FaceBuilder tutorial videos online to get started easily with the software.

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