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About KeenTools Face Tracker


What is KeenTools FaceTracker?

Keen Tools FaceTracker software is used for tracking facial gestures and works in an integrated manner with KeenTools FaceBuilder. FaceTracker is instrumental for doing such changes in facial features that may include characteristic changes as relighting, the addition of scars, aging/de-aging and face replacement.

The entire face tracking process uses a 2D viewer and provides the results in 3D view mode. Interestingly, KeenTools FaceTracker has been customized thoroughly and is apt for people belonging to different ages and races. It uses reference models of the elderly and children as well as people from different races.

This facial tracking tool works without markers and mocap rings, and provides valuable information for aging, de-aging or relighting. With full manual control, it ensures precision in face tracking.

Why Prefer KeenTools FaceTracker Software?

KeenTools FaceTracker provides complete precision and accurate control in tracking facial gestures. Some of its unique functionalities are:

  1. Native-like user experience through plugins that have been written in C++
  2. Digital Makeup, which is crucial for tracking facial expressions
  3. Automatic in nature thereby providing the greater possibility for adjusting keyframes and results
  4. Stable algorithms for tracking processes.

What are the core features of KeenTools FaceTracker?

Here, we have enlisted some of the core features comprising FaceTracker:

  1. Option for pinning any part of the face
  2. Free from rigs, sliders, knobs, and markers
  3. In-built tracker node for calculating algorithms related to tracking
  4. Roto masks for an improved tracking experience
  5. Integrated workflow
  6. Surface masks
  7. Complete control over manual processes
  8. No requirement for on-stage based preparation

KeenTools FaceTracker Price

KeenTools FaceTracker price is available on request. Please request a callback, and our product expert will get back to you with customized price quotes.

Sold By : KeenTools

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KeenTools Face Tracker Features

The software offers a GeoTracker to fill in the gap in Nuke’s functionality and offer a quick & reliable object tracker.
This face tracking solution consists of scene-oriented camera tracking ability. It enables detailed and focused scene capturing. 
This feature ensures more stable and robust object tracking processes. It enables users to import regular 2D track from Nuke to GeoTracker. 
One of the most efficient ways to track a moving face/area is with a surface mask. It creates a 2D mask to remove occlusion and 3D surface masks to eliminate transparent and reflective parts of a tracked object. 
The software automatically adjusts focal length for the focal length tracking when the camera is zooming. 
Magic Keyframe enables users to set automated key frames. It increases the pace of tracking processes and offers consistent and precise key framing. 
KeenTools FaceTracker offers object tracking features with the skeleton. It does this by calculating bone transformations. Users can also fixate degrees of freedom to match real object behaviour. 
Designers can set up keyframes to position the surface mask on the face in quite a short time. 
This face tracking software offers focal length estimation for different shots for seamless workflows. 
KeenTools FaceTracker is primarily used for generation of 3D model of moving objects. 

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KeenTools Face Tracker Specifications

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KeenTools Face Tracker FAQs

On your purchase of KeenTools FaceTracker, you will receive video tutorials that provide you all the necessary details to get started.
You are allowed to export the default of FaceBuilder and then modify it accordingly.
No, the customized blendshapes cannot be added to the FaceTracker.
KeenTools FaceTracker uses a complete on-premise based storage system, i.e., it saves all the data on the PC.
Not necessarily, but it is highly recommended for best output.

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