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LeadzGen gives you real-time visibility on who is visiting your website, the duration of their visit, which pages they are visiting, what products or services they were looking for, and their complete contact details (Name, Company, Email, Phone, Geography, etc.) Imagine the sales opportunities if you could identify the anonymous prospects visiting your website every day.



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About LeadzGen

LeadzGen is an online lead generation software with over 20K users globally. Increase B2B lead generation. LeadzGen gives you real-time visibility on who is visiting your website. Over 20,000 registered users since January. They created the product that will help your startup get better marketing results.
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LeadzGen reveals the companies visiting your website by using proprietary identification technology. Increase the amount of highly qualified leads in your sales pipeline without additional headcount. Receive in-depth company and contact information. Find the warmest leads based on visitor engagement. Connect with prospects early in their buying cycle.
LeadzGen utilizes an award-winning proprietary technology that enables you to track visitors by their specific email address, username or any other unique identifier. Track what your known and anonymous leads are doing on your website. Drill down to the details and see page by page what they were looking for and how they came to your website. Use this intelligence to prioritize your website visitors and plan your conversations before contacting them.
When a whopping 98% of your B2B web visitors don't make an enquiry, you could be missing out on leads that are in the market to buy. Turn website visitors into sales leads by uncovering exactly what they looked at on your website and for how long, and increase your conversion to sale. Designed by sales professionals for sales professionals, LeadzGen is easy to use and has the in depth information your sales team needs to turn your website into the money making machine.
Measure your online marketing performance including pay-per-click, email campaigns, retargeting, mobile ads and more with LeadzGen’s built-in conversion tracking system. Gain visibility into campaign effectiveness. Unique tracking for all inbound marketing. Detailed conversion and ROI reporting.
Build stronger relationships with contacts and leads. With LeadzGen, you can nurture your contacts more proactively and qualify leads faster. You’ll become more effective right away and improve as you go.

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Rs. 3285.00 ( Per Month )

  • Lead Identification
  • Lead Tracking
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Lead management


Sign-up http://www.leadzgen.com - LeadzGen is one of the most powerful and user-friendly lead generation tools ever built in the history of marketing. Sign-up today for your 90 days Free Trial.


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Ramesh Kumar

I am highly highly satisfied with the service

18th September, 2017

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  • They were very helpful and professional. They responded right away after I contacted them via their website. Had access to many software packages I had never heard of! Already had a demo with one of their recommendations and that was also handled very well. Would use them again.
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