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Brand : Mouseflow

Starting at $ 31

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Mouseflow's User Activity Monitoring Software offers comprehensive tracking and analysis for enhanced user insights and website optimization. ...Read more

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Mouseflow Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is Mouseflow Software?

Mouseflow User Activity Monitoring software is the ultimate toolkit for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital landscape. Mouseflow provides unparalleled insights into user behavior, helping you optimize your marketing campaigns and advertising spending. Know where your users engage and disengage, enabling you to fine-tune your strategies and maximize your ROI. The software essentially accelerates your decision-making.

Get more done in less time by identifying issues quickly, thanks to auto-tagged friction events that reveal where users struggle or abandon their journeys. Mouseflow offers robust segments and visualizations that breathe life into your data. Easily dissect user interactions, track trends, and unveil hidden opportunities that can transform your online experience.

Collaborate effectively by sharing user sessions, making data-backed decisions, and aligning your entire organization toward common goals. Mouseflow's commitment to impartiality ensures you get unbiased insights into user behavior. Identify grumpy users and turn their experiences around, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Gain a deeper understanding of user preferences and performance metrics to refine your tests and drive more impactful results. Mouseflow gives you the freedom to create unlimited custom dashboards, allowing you to focus on the metrics that matter most to your business. Tailor your analytics experience to your unique needs. This software empowers businesses to thrive by delivering deep insights, facilitating informed decision-making, and fostering a user-centric approach.

Why Choose Mouseflow Software?

For digital marketers and advertisers, Mouseflow is a game-changer, enabling them to optimize campaigns and ad spending by providing deep insights into user behavior. This data-driven approach helps maximize ROI and streamline marketing efforts. Web developers and UX/UI designers also benefit significantly from Mouseflow. By identifying friction events and gaining a holistic understanding of user behavior, they can enhance website and app experiences, resulting in higher user satisfaction and engagement.

That’s not all, as business executives and decision-makers will also find Mouseflow invaluable for informed, data-driven decision-making. It empowers them to confirm and collaborate effectively, ensuring that the entire organization aligns toward common goals. Mouseflow is truly a versatile tool that enhances your digital experience.

Benefits of Mouseflow User Activity Monitoring Software

  • Improve campaigns and allocate resources more effectively.
  • Save time and increase productivity with quick issue identification.
  • Gain deeper understanding through powerful segments and visualizations.
  • Identify and address user pain points automatically.
  • Foster teamwork and data-driven decisions within your team.
  • Access impartial insights to enhance user satisfaction and retention.

Mouseflow Pricing

Mouseflow pricing starts from $31 at

The pricing model is based on different parameters, including extra features, deployment type, and total users. For further queries related to the product, you can contact our product team and learn more about the pricing and offers.

Mouseflow Pricing & Plans

  • 5,000 recordings per month
  • 1 website
  • 3 months of storage
  • Unlimited page views
    • Licenses
    • Monthly
Starting at $ 39
  • 5,000 recordings per month
  • 1 website
  • 3 months of storage
  • Funnel reports-3
  • Form analytics-3
  • Feedback surveys-3
  • Live chat support
    • Licenses
    • Yearly
Starting at $ 31

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Mouseflow Features


Optimize campaigns & spend

Maximize ROI by fine-tuning marketing campaigns and ad spending.


Get more done, faster

Accelerate decision-making with quick issue identification.


Segments & visualizations

Uncover trends and opportunities with robust data visualization tools.


Auto-tagged friction events

Instantly identify user pain points and areas of improvement.


Deliver indisputable context

Share user sessions for collaborative, data-backed decision-making.


Confirm & collaborate

Foster effective teamwork and alignment within your organization.


Unbiased insights

Ensure impartial analysis of user behavior for actionable intelligence.


Grumpy users identified

Spot user dissatisfaction and take proactive steps to enhance satisfaction.


Added value for A/B tests

Enhance A/B testing outcomes with deeper user insights.


Unlimited custom dashboards

Customize analytics to focus on your most important metrics and KPIs.

Mouseflow Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Business Size:
  • Customer Support:
  • Integration:
  • Training:
  • Language:
  • Ubuntu Windows MacOS Linux
  • DesktopMobileTabletiPad
  • Web-Based
  • ITES
  • All Businesses
  • Small Business, Startups, Medium Business, Enterprises
  • Phone, Email, Live Chat, Communities
  • API Integration
  • In Person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation, Videos
  • English, Deutsche, Español

Mouseflow Reviews and Ratings


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Mouseflow Company Details

Brand Name Mouseflow
Information From when website analytics was in its infancy to today – we begin each day on a mission to help businesses uncover user behavior insights that otherwise would go unseen. We are not just one tool with separate features. We are an ecosystem that works together to empower teams.
Founded Year 2010
Director/Founders Lasse Schou
Company Size 1-100 Employees

Mouseflow FAQ

A Mouseflow software is compatible with Windows and macOS device systems.
A The Mouseflow app is not available on Android and iOS devices.
A The Mouseflow system supports web-based deployment.
A Mouseflow User Activity Monitoring Software pricing starts from $31 at
A Potential users of Mouseflow include website owners, UX designers, digital marketers, and e-commerce businesses seeking to enhance their online user experience, understand customer behavior, and optimize their websites for better conversions and engagement.
A The Mouseflow User Activity Monitoring platform demo is available for free with
A The Mouseflow User Activity Monitoring system does not offer a free trial.
A Mouseflow User Activity Monitoring software installation is not required, as it is web-based. Just open the Setup Wizard to get started.
A Mouseflow is a behavior analytics tool that enables website owners to gain valuable insights into user interactions. It records and visualizes real user sessions, helping identify areas of improvement and opportunities for enhancing the website's user experience (UX). This allows businesses to optimize their websites for better user engagement and satisfaction.
A Mouseflow is used to track the number of clicks, mouse movement, scrolls, tabs switch, forms and the pages that you visit while browsing.
A Mouseflow is ranked as number 1 in the field of marketing and analytics with the highest score of 9.35 among all the marketing analytics tools.
A In Mouseflow click error is a friction event that happens when a user tries to interact with buttons or links on a website and gets a JavaScript error.
A Mouseflow is able to track number of clips, mouse movements, tag and monitor specific website elements.

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