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Nutanix Acropolis
Nutanix Acropolis
Nutanix Acropolis
Nutanix Acropolis
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Nutanix Acropolis

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About Nutanix Acropolis

What is Nutanix Acropolis?

Nutanix Acropolis is a popular HCI (hyper converged infrastructure) solution. You can effortlessly leverage its cloud-like ability. The software provides on-premises security and control and one can keep the cost of legacy solutions and complexities at bay. The software is cloud-enabled, thereby providing enhanced data security. The application is capable of performing intelligent operations and is equipped with an invisible infrastructure. It delivers all the power and flexibility to build one’s IT infrastructure for the future.

How can users leverage an integrated infrastructure using Nutanix Acropolis?

With Nutanix Acropolis, one-click simplicity, enterprise-grade performance and effortless scaling are available at a lower TCO. This next-generation software lets users focus on their business. The enterprise cloud permits businesses to combine the benefits of productivity and cloud-like agility together with the control of an on-premise and software-defined environment. 

The integrated infrastructure feature of the software helps reduce data center footprint, expand their existing resources and avoid costs of provisioning storage. The software provides faster deployment with a one-click simplicity that reduces IT tasks. Nutanix Acropolis minimizes infrastructure operating costs with a smart solution that requires relatively lower power consumption and gives back the floor space. It reduces power and space costs by up to 10%.

How can users enjoy the inbuilt virtualization of Nutanix Acropolis?

Nutanix AOS offers inbuilt enterprise-grade virtualization solutions via Nutanix AHV. You can also use your own virtual solutions from VMware, Citrix or Microsoft. Users can get rid of specialized management tools and centrally administer their virtual machines alongside infrastructure. Nutanix AHV is an enterprise-grade and native virtualization solution that is included within the Enterprise Cloud OS. 

You can deliver enterprise-level virtualization for all your workloads at low cost, less complexity and integrated management with this software. Its virtualization feature offers high performance, security hardening, automated data protection, disaster recovery and rich analytics. With integrated and robust management features, AHV offers a virtualization solution with no space wastage, shelfware or additional costs. 

The software lets you use just one console to manage virtualization, cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure. The software-defined virtual networking systems allow users to protect their applications and automate practically everything across both public and private clouds.

Nutanix Aos Pricing

The pricing of Nutanix Acropolis is available on request of the clients and it is completely customizable. To learn more about personalized pricing plans, you can request for a callback.

How can users get complete visibility across any IT environment with Nutanix Acropolis?

Users can manage almost everything from a single interface of the software. You can monitor infrastructure, optimize virtual environments and automate everyday operations with Nutanix Prism. Users can leverage advanced machine learning to automate their common datacenter workflows as well as deliver insights. Nutanix Acropolis gives developers the freedom to provision their own resources with effortless control. 

Users can get a VM-centric operational view of the network that simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting with customized views of their environment. The software empowers users with role-based access control for role assignment. One can also tag group entities for VM management and storage. You can also carry out various operations such as end-to-end VM management like Resource Scheduling, Live Migrations and Disaster Recovery.

Sold By : Nutanix

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Nutanix Acropolis Features

Users can leverage enterprise-grade performance and one-click simplicity at a lower TCO.
The software provides native scale-out block storage for virtualized instances.
Nutanix Acropolis software provides a simple, intelligent and flexible cloud-like file storage.  
 You can get deeply integrated and adaptive security protections by using this software.
The software offers robust and native backup and recovery solutions with partner integrations.
This feature provides business continuity for applications running on-premises or in the cloud. You can recover applications quickly even if there is a site disaster. 
You can maximize the power of Nutanix Prism in your datacenter with the deep analytics and reporting feature. This allows you to view your environment in granular details.  
Due to the availability of domains, Nutanix is able to survive multiple server failures. Also, there is no data or service loss.

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Nutanix Acropolis Specifications


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Nutanix Acropolis FAQs

A. The multi-layered deduplication feature of Nutanix Acropolis increases the storage capacity of a cluster.
A. The software provides robust and native backup along with recovery to ensure comprehensive data protection.
A. Hyperconverged infrastructure offers intelligent data reduction, advanced DR and public cloud backup.
A. ROBO file share enables one to utilize files for remote office and branch office repositories that require local file storage.
A. You can kick-off your next-generation analytics and AI projects with fast scalable object storage in Nutanix Acropolis.

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