10 Best ITSM Tools from IT Service Management Software Providers

10 Best ITSM Tools from IT Service Management Software Providers-feature image

In the customer support service industry, the workflow is not always predictable. While some queries get resolved in minutes, others may take longer than usual. Here comes into play the ITSM tools for handling queries from employees and customers, tracking their progress and providing the best solution.

ITSM service management tools use ticketing systems for centralised messaging and knowledge bases to resolve customer issues as early as possible. Without such systems in place, even identifying a problem might take longer than the usual. Collision detection, integrated knowledge and ticket management are other core functions performed by available best ITSM tools.

What are ITSM Tools

ITSM tools are used to manage different IT services and delivering an outstanding customer service experience. With consolidated service management features, your IT team’s productivity is bound to increase. It further helps with incident management, problem management, request and change management.


ITIL helps businesses achieve their IT goals with an organized service value chain, practices and guiding principles. While ITSM is a professional discipline that follows the ITIL framework to deploy and manage IT services.

Businesses planning to adopt IT solutions for managing queries and requests from employees and customers need to familiarise themselves with various acronyms that exist in the dictionary of information technology services.

Let us understand the key difference between them to understand their functioning better.

ITSM Software ITIL
IITSM refers to Information Technology Service Management   ITIL refers to Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITSM is a procedure required for supporting IT services ITIL is a framework of ITSM practice  
ISTM is macro focussed towards a business ITIL is micro focussed to the IT
ITSM is important for managing services offered by a company ITIL techniques and tools are for effective delivery of services by ITSM
ITSM is important for satisfaction of the end user  ITIL is concerned with improving asset utilisation

What’s the Difference between Help Desk Software & ITSM Tools

Help desk software is used by companies to manage all their IT needs through a single point of contact. Some of its outstanding features are automated ticketing management, issue tracking and creating a knowledge base to help employees and customers find quick answers to common queries.

The software is majorly used for handling IT hiccups within an organization. It takes care of every step from assigning tickets to executing and resolving them.

On the flip side, ITSM tools are used for managing assets and licenses of different software and hardware used within an organization along with the ticket management. One of the major difference between ITSM tools and help desk software is that the former provides a proactive approach to problem handling.

What are the Key Features & Capabilities of ITSM Tools

Knowledge bases, user surveys and self service portals are key components of the best ITSM software solutions. These are important for streamlining IT support operations aside from assuring quick and efficient ticket resolution.

  • Knowledge management for automating workflows
  • Configuration, incident and problem management
  • Improving the quality of IT support services and service delivery
  • Input data for email captures and automated monitoring
  • Self service mechanisms for following customer’s lead
  • Standard procedures and processes for change management
  • Indicating capacity data through dashboard and reports
  • Modules for tracking issues
  • Inventory management systems for detailed device information

List of 10 Best ITSM Tools for Small Businesses in 2020 (An Overview)

IT service management tools can be used for both internal IT tasks as well as customer facing issues. These tools are best designed for promoting customer success with the help of incident reporting features. Enumerated here is a list of best ITSM systems:

  • ServiceNow ITSM Software

ITSM process

ServiceNow ITSM process offers tools for scaling both IT services and customer operations. Businesses use the ITSM platform for reducing service outages and centralising all workflows at one place. IT, customer and employees services are good examples of such workflows. Companies rely on ServiceNow for delivering next generation IT services.

Key features of ServiceNow ITSM Tool:

  1. Automated external script execution
  2. Vulnerability & security management
  3. Performance analytics for smart reporting
  4. Password reset along with service mapping
  5. Project and Agile development
  6. Transform maps

Platforms supported: Mac, Linux and Windows

Deployment: Cloud based

Free trial: Not free trial but ServiceNow demo is available on Techjockey

Pricing: Pricing details are available on request at Techjockey

  • Freshservice ITSM Software

Service management tools

Freshservice is a service desk software solution for handling IT needs of a business enterprise. You can customise the software for even non-IT requirements and start using the multichannel support feature to automate ticket generation. You can also use the software for maintaining records of license expiry and the last updates for your hardware, contracts and software.

Features of Freshservice ITSM software:

  1. Incident management
  2. SLA policies for task deadlines
  3. Canned responses for knowledge management
  4. Service catalogue for retrieving requests
  5. Team Huddle for better collaboration
  6. Self-service portal

Platforms supported: Linux, Windows and Mac

Deployment: Cloud-based

Free trial: 21-day free trial. Get free demo on Techjockey

Pricing: Three paid monthly plans and one yearly plan is available:

  1. Blossom- ₹ 999 per agent per month, billed annually
  2. Garden- ₹ 2499 per agent per month, billed annually
  3. Estate- ₹ 3499 per agent per month, billed annually
  4. Forest- ₹ 4499 per agent per month, billed annually

  • Zendesk ITSM Platform

IT service management tools

Automate all your organisations policies, structures, activities and processes using Zendesk ITSM platform. Combine into a single interface such operations as ticket tracking, prioritising and solving through this ITSM ticketing tool. Sharing macros too is easy for generating quick responses to service requests.

Features of Zendesk ITSM Platform:

  1. Internal notes for information sharing
  2. Measured SLAs and time tracking
  3. Dynamic request forms
  4. Customisable views

Platforms supported: Web-based, Mac and Windows

Deployment: Cloud based

Free trial: Available

Pricing: At just ₹ 369 per agent, you can get the basic version of Zendesk ITSM tool.

  • Wrike Service Management Tools

Wrike IT service management software is based on the ITIL framework to manage IT problems, service requests, incidents and changes. Wrike ITSM tools helps prioritize service requests and distribute them for timely execution. It also helps track the process of any ticket raised and generate reports based on different performance metrics.

Key features of Free Wrike ITSM Tool

  1. Spreadsheet views
  2. Task management with file sharing support
  3. Real-time activity stream

Key features of Wrike ITSM Software

  1. Shareable dashboards and collaborators
  2. Gantt charts
  3. Task management
  4. Task approval with time tracking support
  5. Report templates
  6. Graphical analytics
  7. Scheduled notifications and custom work fields
  8. User audit reports
  9. Compliance policies for network access
  10. Business intelligence integration

Platforms supported: Mac & Windows

Deployment: Provides different packages for jumpstart and full deployment by Wrike experts

Free trial: Free version available for up to 5 users

Pricing: You can select the plan that is best suited for your organisation:

  1. Professional- ₹ 724 per user per month
  2. Business- ₹ 1832 per user per month
  3. Enterprise- On request

  • SolarWinds Service Desk

ITSM platform

Businesses of all size can go for SolarWinds Service Desk ITSM system. They can use this ITSM tool for automating service management services and managing all the IT assets. Businesses can resolve all IT hurdles and connect with their employees better with Service Desk ITSM tool for change management, asset management, etc.

Features of SolarWinds Service Desk:

  1. Employee service portal
  2. Knowledge base for problem management
  3. Incident management
  4. 360-degree view of your IT service

Platforms supported: Windows

Deployment: Cloud deployment

Free trial: 30-days free trial

Pricing: There are four paid versions and each version is available for free trial.

  1. Team for ₹ 1401 per month per agent
  2. Business at ₹ 2881 per month per agent
  3. Professional costing ₹ 5098 per month per agent
  4. Enterprise at ₹ 6576 per month per agent

  • SysAid ITSM Platform

ITSM tools list

SysAid ITSM tool offers integrated capabilities for managing knowledge, incidents, chat processes and problems. Along with a self-service portal, the ITSM platform also offers automated services for desk operations such as looking after SLAs, employee domains, etc. You can further use this ITSM ticketing tool for routing rules, logging incidents and managing dynamic forums.

Key features of SysAid ITSM Tool:

  1. Request fulfilment through self-service portals
  2. Service level management
  3. Hotkeys to submit service records
  4. Multilanguage and multicompany support
  5. Asset services history
  6. Network discovery
  7. Hardware catalogue
  8. Patch management

Platforms supported: Web browser, Max, Unix, Linux and Windows

Deployment: Cloud hosted

Free trial: Free plan available for 30 days

Pricing: Available on request at the official website.

  • ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

Develop insightful reports for IT services desk data and take more informed decisions to improve your customer service. With quick resolutions of IT issues, you can say goodbye to downtime.

Analysing key services metrics aside from visualising data are the highlights of this ITSM tool. With the support from core IT and helpdesk management systems, you can use the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Software for automated ticket dispatches.

Features of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus:

  1. Account and incident management
  2. Automated billing
  3. Service catalogue
  4. Customised domains
  5. IT release management
  6. Tech auto-assign

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac & Linux

Deployment: Both cloud and on premise deployment are available

Free trial: Available


  1. Standard: ₹ 739 per technician per month
  2. Professional: ₹ 1552 per technician per month
  3. Enterprise: ₹ 3696 per technician per month

  • Spiceworks IT Service Management Tool

Manage all IT requirements of your organisation using Spiceworks IT service management tool. It professionals use account intelligence and command center features of the Spiceworks free ITSM software for improving the performance. This ITSM tool is your best support for tracking ongoing projects and fulfilling user requests.

Key features of Spiceworks IT Service Management Tool:

  1. Access bandwidth monitoring
  2. Manage and monitor emails
  3. Creating custom monitors
  4. Windows performance monitoring
  5. Tracking software installations and disk space
  6. Multisite support and ticket collaboration
  7. Knowledge base for IT asset management

Platforms supported: Windows, MacOs X and Unix/Linux

Deployment: Cloud management

Free trial: Available

Pricing: Spiceworks IT service management tool is a free ITSM tool.

  • HubSpot ITSM Ticketing Tool

ITSM system

Keeping track of customer’s requests for quick and easy solutions is the main function of HubSpot ITSM ticketing tool. The helpdesk software solution offers integrated tools for both managing customer’s demands as well as agent’s response timings. Routing and automation for customer marketing is the unique feature of this ticketing tool.

Features of HubSpot ITSM Ticketing Tool:

  1. Team emails for automatic routing
  2. Live chats for engaging with customers
  3. Conversational bots
  4. Reporting for assessing customer’s feedback & usage data
  5. Ticket response times for measuring SLAs

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac and web support

Deployment: Cloud-based ticketing system

Free trial: 14-days free trial

Pricing: HubSpot software for managing tickets and company insights offers the following monthly plans:

  1. Starter at ₹ 2925
  2. Professional for ₹ 23401
  3. Enterprise costs around ₹ 87754

  • BMC Helix IT Service Management Tools

ITSM ticketing tools

BMC Helix ITSM tool is primarily used for multiple help desk processes such as configuration, IT assets, requests and incidents. Organisations rely on the software for tracking status of customer requests and other reporting issues. BMC Helix relies on cognitive automation technology for creating seamless customer experience over multi-cloud environments. Additionally, the ITSM platform also helps with lifecycle management of software and hardware assets.

Features of BMC Helix ITSM:

  1. Visualisations and reports for data driven insights
  2. Proactive service resolutions
  3. Knowledge and change management
  4. Service level and service request support
  5. Intelligent omnichannel self service
  6. Automated remediation
  7. Knowledge centered service for accurate service support
  8. Audit service performance

Platforms supported: Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS

Deployment: Cloud based application

Free trial: Available

Pricing: Available on request at the official website


ITSM ticketing tools are used for distributing and managing incoming customer issues through automated ticket filters. You can further use the software’s review metrics to track your team’s performance. So buy any of the best such platform from the ITSM tools list described above.

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