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About Sangfor Hci

What is Sangfor HCI?

Sangfor HCI is a hyper-converged infrastructure solution, which ensures simplified operations backed up by high-quality infrastructure. The software requires very little time and minimalistic manual operation to get deployed in the software-defined IT infrastructure. Further, users get access to a single server featuring high performance, 10Gbps virtual network throughput and steady fast stability with intense NFV functions.

It helps reduce the on-premise IT complexity by creating unification of the complex IT infrastructure.

Sangfor HCI combines traditional hardware appliance-based security, server, storage network and IP network within a single line of commodity hardware, creating a standardized HCI unit. The software offers complete 3D protection, distributed firewall for protecting east and west traffic, Kernel with built-in WAF to protect aSV against web threats and vNGAF for safeguarding south and north traffic.

What are the scenario-based solutions offered by Sangfor HCI?

  1. Enterprise Applications - Users can take advantage of superb reliability and performance offered by Sangfor HCI to run their enterprise in an accurate manner. The solution has been optimized for enterprise applications depending on the underlying architecture to the management interface.
  2. Data Protection and DR -The software offers a variety of data protection features to ensure the integrity of user-related data. Users can effortlessly protect snapshots, take backups and protect their data in a continuous process, at different levels as per their requirements.
  3. Data Center Consolidation - The innovative software-defined technology offered by Sangfor HCI helps users get rid of silos and complexities within their legacy data centers. The software also simplifies the O&M along with the architecture of its user’s data center.
  4. Cloud Transformation - Users can add a cloud management platform that will transform HCI into a complete cloud computing solution, allowing users to run their workloads with agility and cloud automation. Users can also enhance the value of their investment by leveraging private cloud control and public cloud economics within a single platform.

Pricing of Sangfor HCI

The pricing of Sangfor HCI is available on request. You can always request a callback to connect with the product experts.

Compatible Platforms for Sangfor HCI

Sangfor HCI is compatible with 32-bit, 64-bit Windows versions like XP, 2003, 2008, 2012 and 7. It also supports Linux systems, featuring 2.6.18 Kernel Versions or later.

Benefits of Sangfor HCI Infrastructure Solution

  1. Optimized infrastructure costs - Users can merge, compute and store all relevant information in one location to reduce the initial footprint and investment on their new public or private cloud. Further, Sangfor HCI reduces the need for specialized staff, as it is easier to run as compared to managing many different IT components.
  2. Simple Management - Sangfor HCI provides its users with a simple interface to run workloads on VM or application-level. The software can be managed easily with a small team of administrators and infrastructure engineers.
  3. Easy hardware selection and upgrades - Sangfor HCI software is easy to scale as it uses identical building blocks. Also, with single hardware, you can consolidate all your legacy appliances.
  4. Standardized HCI Unit - The software consolidates traditional hardware appliance, storage network, IP network and server into a single tier of hardware commodity, forming a standardized HCI unit. Users can build in an IT infrastructure with a standardized HCI vendor, realize centralized operations and enjoy an on-demand IT framework.


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Sangfor Hci Features

Users can use a single server to achieve 10Gbps virtual network throughput, write over seventeen thousand IOPS, read over sixty thousand IOPS, with a storage capacity of twenty TB.
Sangfor HCI offers relevant solutions to a variety of scenarios like cloud transformation, data center consolidation, integrity, data protection and more.  
By using Sangfor HCI, users can move their virtualized network functions to various locations in the network without installing any new equipment.
Sangfor HCI reduces the overall Opex and CapEx by a minimum of seventy percent. Users can start up with one commodity server and scale up linearly as per their needs.
Sangfor HCI offers the deep integration of NFV Components so that users can purchase and deploy complex SDN networks and dedicated hardware. It also offers dynamic and on-demand resource expansion without impacting your business process.
Users can keep up with the technical development, invest on-demand and facilitate a smooth transition towards cloud without changing the original architecture.

Get Sangfor Hci  support37 Chatting right now

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Sangfor Hci Specifications


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Sangfor Hci FAQs

Yes, Sangfor HCI does offer CDP (Continuous Data Protection). It records VM IO logs for every five seconds and stores complete record points for the past three days.
Yes, the software allows users to customize the logo and contact information on their customized user interface.
Yes, Techjockey does offer online demos for Sangfor HCI. You just have to send us a demo request mentioning your preferred time and date.
The storage capacity of a single server within Sangfor HCI is 20TB.
No, Sangfor HCI does not have a mobile application as of now.

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