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About Ornate NX

ORNATE-NX provides you a fully integrated system to manage your large retail showroom, almost without your own involvement (but with your full control), so that you can focus on more crucial aspects like growing your business further.



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About Dsoft

D’soft Infotech is a software product company with more than 500+ man-years of IT experience and 20+ years of rich insights into the jewellery industry. The age-old jewellery industry of India has been recently undergoing a revolutionary transformation. The industry stands on the foundation of trust and relationships, but now in the recent years, in the advent of globalisation and growing information technology, the jewellery industry too is adapting professionalism. With this paradigm shift, the industry was in dire need of technological solutions to handle the business management. Unlike other manufacturing or retail industries, jewellery industry is very complex in nature and as the highly priced materials is involved, prudent technologies solutions become imperative.
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This has been one of the most crucial parts of Jewellery Retail. On one hand, the stocks needs to be maintained to fulfill all the statutory requirements whereas on the other hand, the same stock has to be available in the form of individual SKUs which can provide detailed information about each and every precious article.
All orders can be tracked through a simple reference number. The system allows order in-charge to take orders with advance (cash/diamond) with order description and then track the same through the reference number. Even repairing items can be easily tracked and issued.
ORNATE-NX offers India’s first Jewellery POS in Touch-Screen format. This is the easiest POS which can be managed by even first time users! In a single screen, all functionalities like product selection, scrap purchase, sales return, customer loyalty details, multiple payment modes (e.g. cash, cheque and credit cards), discount, taxes, etc. are made available to generate bill in a moment.
All financial requirements like cash book, bank book, journal, registers as well as ledger accounts, accounts payable / receivable, bank reconciliation is available. All statutory reports like VAT/TDS reports can be generated through the system. At any given point in time, reports like Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss account (from date to to-date) can be made available easily.
The inbuilt Jewellery Business Management System in ORNATE-NX offers graphical reports with detailed analysis. Through Director’s reporting tool, it enables the key decision makers to know the gross earnings on daily basis, out-standing’s (in diamond and cash), item-wise earnings per supplier, aging analysis, dead-stock details, fast-and-slow moving items etc.
Apart from thank-you / birthday / anniversary greeting option, the system engages many options to keep a track with all customers on regular basis. Now, retail Jewellers will be able to easily issue Loyalty cards and/or Gift coupons. This enables Jewellers to reward regular clients and helps build long-term association with clients.
Loyalty programs will help Jewellers to retain existing clients as well as help them to redeem points against new Jewellery purchased. There is also a facility to introduce chit scheme and manage the entire chit scheme in such a way that the customer keeps visiting the showroom again and again.
ORNATE-NX helps the owners to have complete control on the work done by the staff through the unique Business Intelligence System (BIS). BIS is an expert system which extracts relevant data from the system and keeps informing the key decision makers by email/SMS. This enables the decision makers to be free and not to worry about verifying each and every report.
One of the most critical elements of success in retail Jewellery is managing Suppliers for their stock and their payments. The ORNATE-NX Jewellery Business Management System enables the key decision makers to analyze the stock available for each item (supplier-wise) and the margins earned vis-à-vis other suppliers. In nutshell, ORNATE-NX Jewellery Business Management System actually creates a virtual clone of owners who will take care of majority of the critical issues, so that owner’s time is saved.

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