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About Pagaar

What is Pagaar?

Pagaar Payroll Software is a web-based platform, providing payroll outsourcing solutions to small scale enterprises, hotels, restaurants, agencies, hospitals, and startups. The payroll management software uses analytical reporting to help admins uncover practical insights into their resource sentiments and behavior. Further, it enables enterprises to monitor as well as regulate their talent pool by standardizing leave and attendance protocols, in an automated manner. Paagar Payroll Software also helps organizations to be in compliance with statutory provisions like TDS, ESI, PF and more. The software is capable of detecting unauthorized leaves and blocks the staff as an absentee for that particular day. 

How does Pagaar Payroll Software enhance your enterprise?

  1. The solution helps enterprises with their employee monitoring tasks and track alarming tendencies like late coming, early departure, unauthorized leaves and more.
  2. With the help of its analytical reporting module, management gets a detailed insight into their high performing employees and accordingly map upcoming appraisals.
  3. The human resource team can compute salary structures and accurately process compensation, every pay period.
  4. The software auto-calculates all statutory deductions like PF, ESI, TDS and helps organizations stay compliant with the rules set by the regulatory authorities.
  5. HRs can update all increments, allowances, and incentives, including bonuses, overtime, etc., on the payroll portal in real-time.

Pricing of Pagaar Payroll Software 

The pricing of Pagaar Payroll Software is available on request. If you want to know more about the solution, please feel free to raise a callback request with us. Our software experts will get back to you as per your convenience.

Benefits of Pagaar Payroll Software

  1. Control: The system automates and regulates discipline and punctuality within an organizational structure. It extensively helps management to monitor and control their employees as per their company policies.
  2. Optimization: Pagaar Payroll Software helps organizations by reducing pen and paper dependency, removing any room for human error, and generating compensation with a single click.
  3. Comprehensive: The software integrates attendance, holiday tracking, clock-ins/outs, payroll all on one platform, enabling efficient management of the entire system.
  4. Integrity: Enterprises can ensure integrity within their approval workflow by reflecting all information regarding regulations, permissions, incentives, and penalties in a transparent manner on Pagaar Payroll.
  5. Access: Employees get access to a self-service portal of their own, using which they can generate requests for leave, track their status, update reimbursements, important documents and other vital tasks all by themselves.

Sold By : Mahi Techosoft

Get Pagaar  support 14 Chatting right now

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Pagaar Features

With the software, organizations can accurately process salary components, overtime incentives, late arrival, and unauthorized leave deductions.
The system blocks all late arrivals, early departures, and mark employees, who are on unauthorized leaves, as absentees.
The portal automates the leave accrual processes. With its integrated attendance module, management can track all punch in/out timings to ensure work output as per scheduled hours.
With Pagaar Payroll Software, HR can compute complex salary variables. They can keep track of exact overtime, unauthorized leaves and more.   
Enterprises can track all overtime allowances and timely update the revised salary amount, so that it reflects in the next pay cycle.  
The software automatically calculates all statutory deductions, including Provident Fund and ESI contributions, besides updating the payroll system in real-time.
Human Resources can optimize their operational hours with the help of this solution, which calculates all tax-related computations automatically, including, tax deducted at source or TDS.
Organisations can monitor their staff based on the extensive reports offered by the software and their internal policies. 

Get Pagaar  support14 Chatting right now

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Pagaar Specifications


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Pagaar FAQs

A. Yes, Pagaar Payroll Software sends an automated email to the admin on a day-to-day basis within one single email.
A. Yes, Pagaar Payroll Software is inclusive of a compliance module that calculates all the statutory provisions like ESI, TDS, and PF in an automated manner.
A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Pagaar Payroll Software. Our product experts will get in touch with you as per the date and time mentioned in your demo request.
A. Yes, Paagar Payroll Software has a dedicated Employee Self Service portal of its own, helping out employees with their daily tasks like leave request generation, encashment, updating documents and more
A. No, Pagaar Payroll Software does not offer a mobile app service as of now.

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