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20 /employee/month

  • The above is starting price with basic modules and goes upto INR 35/employee/month

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Payroll Management Software from Sagar Informatics is a perfect automation solution for overall payroll accounting and administration. This software solution allows the calculation of the earnings of employees and the related withholdings for taxes and other deductions, recording the results of payroll activities and preparing required tax returns. Various administration tasks such as managing employee personnel and payroll information and compliance with federal, state and local employment laws can be effortlessly undertaken with this user friendly software. The software targets to reduce the technical support, manual administration and end-user operating costs thereby enhancing the performance and effective management.

Product Features
Payroll Management Software is an exquisite software solution allowing the businesses to manage overall payroll operations including payroll accounting and administration effectively. This easy to deploy and simple to use software solution addresses all payroll automation needs including payroll employee self-service, payroll structuring, calculation, recruitment, employee training, performance tracking and appraisal, loan and claim management, attendance and leave management. Empowered with wide range of customized reports, the software provides useful insights and helps in effective decision making. Easy Implementation: Rapid, but safe and effective implementation process. The frontend key features include:
  • Recruitment: This module allows the HR to track each and every activity pertaining to the recruitment such as collecting resumes, scheduling interviews, generating offer letters and appointing the appropriate candidates.
  • Employee Training: The employee training needs are recorded here. This module helps to schedule the required trainings for the employees and helps skill enhancement thereby.
  • Employee Self-Service: Employees can record and access their vital details in this module. This is an intuitive module capturing the information from the employees and allowing them to access their details such as attendance and leaves status etc.
  • Employee In/out Summary: Time in and out for each employee can be recorded in this module. This module can be integrated with the biometric machines to capture the employee attendance.
  • Appraisals and Transfers: Employee performance can be tracked with this module effortlessly that ultimately is used to determine the the appraisals. Transfer related criteria and details can be defined here and all transfers can be scheduled and recorded.
  • Leave Management: Leave management can be expertly carried out with this module. The module is integrated with the Time In/Out module to track the attendance and helps administering the absenteeism in the company.
  • Loan Management: Load management including calculation, deductions and settlement for each employee can be executed within this module. Integrated with salary details module, it is simple and error-free to manage loans in this module.
  • Claim Management: Any kind of reimbursement for any claims such as conveyance, telephone bills etc. can be well managed using this module.
  • Salary Details: The salary details of every employee are stored here. The total pay structuring and calculation based on the attendance, leaves, loans, department, designation etc. can be flawlessly managed here.
  • Reports: Availability of various customised reports in this module provides crucial yet important information for effective data analysis and efficient decision making.
About The Company
Sagar Informatics Private Limited (SIPL) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified software development company that endeavors to deliver high quality, reliable and cost-effective IT services to customers globally. The company offers best technology services by constantly exploring and implementing innovative solutions to provide the cutting-edge technology to its customers. As a reputed software development service provider, SIPL has gained immense experience in undertaking and implementing a wide range of projects for reputed organizations and firms across the country with great success. The state-of-the-art infrastructure accentuated with the latest technological tools at SIPL helps in working out intelligently, swiftly, speeds up the business processes. The solution also enhances the productivity of a company with cost cutting software solutions for various business enterprises. SIPL draws its strength from 15 years of experience in handling the ever changing IT scenario, with strong customer relationships and ability to provide the cutting edge technology at best-value-for-money.

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