Sanela Hospital Management System

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About Sanela Hospital Management System

What is Sanela Hospital Management Software?

Sanela Hospital Management Software is an advanced and reliable hospital management system. It helps in meeting all the financial, technical, and organizational requirements of a medical facility. The software is designed to help the functioning of clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare setups. 

It helps maintain and record daily activities of a medical facility. The doctors are enabled to deliver high-quality medical care to their patients by properly scheduling their visits and record the observations. This allows doctors to reflect on patient’s health history accurately to make better diagnosis. 

This hospital management software creates an individualized patient record of all the information regarding a patient’s visitation. Patients can be easily transferred from one department to another through the navigation feature. It also allows doctors to make follow up routines for the patients. 

What benefits does hospitals get for using Sanela Technologies?

Here are some of the key advantages of using Sanela Hospital Management System:

  1. Operational Ease: The software has an easy to use interface, which allows doctors and other staff members to learn about its features quickly. It also facilitates inter and intra-department communication. 
  2. Instant Patient registration: This hospital management system facilitates quick patient registration. 
  3. EHR Access: Patients are provided a self-service portal to access and edit their personal details as per their requirements. Only doctors and patients can access the patient’s health record and reports online. 
  4. Appointments: Sanela Hospital Management Software creates a timesheet for the doctors to manage their appointments seamlessly. It eliminates the scope for all the human errors by efficiently placing the patients in different time slots. 

What are the Hospital Management Information System Module of Sanela? 

Here are some key modules offered by Sanela Hospital Management Software: 

  1. Accounts management
  2. Appointment management 
  3. Care management 
  4. Claims management 
  5. Equipment management 
  6. Patient management 
  7. Laboratory, radiology, and ward management 
  8. Staff records and HR management 

What is the Sanela Hospital Management Software Price in India?

The price of Sanela Hospital Management Software price is available on request. Please request a call back from our salesperson, they will help you with all the price-related information and arrange the hospital management software demo.

Sold By : Sanela

Get Sanela Hospital Management System support 29 Chatting right now

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Sanela Hospital Management System Features

This hospital management information system facilitates supervision of all the financial accounts used in the hospital for various purposes, such as accounts payable and receivable. 
This software allows the reception staff to schedule appointments for the doctors instantly.
It has an inventory function which allows different departments to manage their medical records properly.
Staff members can update and monitor the status of medical wards and their occupancy in real-time.
This hospital management solution enables the staff to manage the insurance claims by patients.
The software provides detailed information regarding equipment usage, such as, time of usage, person handling the equipment, purpose, etc.
Sanela hospital management software allows authorities to setup appropriate working policies to maintain healthy medical practices.
Patients are provided with a personal self-service portal to access their EHR files at any time.
Staff members can directly report to their higher-ups from the software.
Hospitals with in-house pharmacy can manage it with “Pharmacy management” module of Sanela Hospital Management Software.
The hospital management information system helps labs calibrate their lab equipment, conduct tests, and store report accurately.

Get Sanela Hospital Management System support29 Chatting right now

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Sanela Hospital Management System Specifications


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Sanela Hospital Management System FAQs

Sanela hospital management software saves all the data on cloud.
Sanela hospital management software’s modules can be customized as per your personal requirements.
Yes, Sanela hospital management software has an offline version as well.
This hospital management software is accessible on mobile phones.
All the medical bills generated by Sanela Hospital Management Software ae in strict compliance with GST guidelines.

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