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Savvy Content Manager is a powerful web content management system, both affordable and easy to use.  This ColdFusion CMS is cross browser and cross platform compatible, making it perfect for municipalities, schools, universities, small and medium sized businesses,
Whether you call yourself a nonprofit,  non-profit, not for profit, Association, Civic Group or a Faith-based organization you have a message to get out.  Your web sites are often run by volunteers who donate their time and skills to helping you meet your mission.  Savvy helps you spread the efforts by allowing volunteers and staff without technical knowledge or skills to help maintain your web site.  We provide you with powerful web content management at prices you can afford.

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About Savvy Software

Savvy Software is a privately held corporation based in Portsmouth, NH.  The idea for Savvy Content Manager grew out of our work developing database driven websites for clients of Harbour Light Strategic Marketing. These clients wanted the ability to update their own websites without having to use HTML, FTP or any other technologies used in web development.

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Features of Savvy Content Manager

The most powerful CMS tool in the world will fail if the content owners charged with updating the web site are intimidated by the complexity of the tool's interface. Make sure non-technical people are included when reviewing CMS software to ensure that it will work for everyone in your organization. Put Savvy Content Manager up against any other WCM tool available, and you will see Savvy Content Manager is the easiest CMS tool for your day-to-day content contributors.
ROI is fast becoming an over-used business cliché, but understanding the costs associated with updating and maintaining a web site are important when evaluating CMS software.Hard costs include the expense of outside resources (web designers, etc.) making the physical changes and internal staff preparing and proofing changes that are made. Soft costs are a little more difficult to quantify, but just as important. Would the site be updated more frequently if it didn't require outside resources? Are the right people on your staff working on the updates (e.g. a software engineer is making or reviewing text updates is likely NOT the best use of his or her time) The hard and soft costs associated with keeping your site up to date will allow you to calculate the payback period on your investment.
Content manager software shouldn't prevent a designer from creating your desired image on the web. Nor should it restrict search engines from indexing your site. The CMS of your choice should increase rather than limit the utility and appearance of your web site.
As much as content manager software vendors will claim otherwise, no software package will do everything you need right out of the box. Even if the CMS software does have the feature you want, you might want to use a tool you already own. Look for a content management tool that will allow you to easily expand by adding third party (or your own) functionality to your site.
This seems obvious, but there is more to it than just the vendors software. Can you use the selected solution in a hosted environment or does it require a dedicated server? Are other applications running on the same server that may cause conflicts. Whenever possible, a test of the solution in its' intended production environment is extremely desirable.

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Content Manager


  • Includes open source software
  • Various design expansion
  • Content managing Flexibility
  • Stability

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Savvy Content Manager Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for Savvy Content Manager

Q. Can I keep my current web site design?

Yes. Almost any design can be converted for use with Savvy CM.

Q. Do I need to change my current web hosting provider?

Maybe. Savvy CM uses Adobe ColdFusion on the web server to operate. Many web host providers offer ColdFusion as part of their service. We would be happy to discuss the technical requirements directly with your current host provider. Should you decide to move, we have approved host providers available to serve you.

Q. Do I need special software on my PC or MAC to run Savvy CM?

No. The Savvy CM software resides on the web server. You access it through a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape or Firefox.

Q. Is Savvy CM a one time fee or is it charged per month/year?

Either. Savvy CM is designed as a one time purchase product. Savvy CM Hosted is a subscription-based product.

Q. I am a web site graphic designer and thinking of implementing Savvy CM. Will it be too hard for me to implement?

All you need to know to implement Savvy CM is standard HTML. Savvy CM is template driven and our templates run off of HTML. We supply you with a few extra lines of code to insert into the page. It's that easy.

Q. I would like to be able to modify the source code of Savvy CM for a custom installation, is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. We sell different versions of Savvy CM. Savvy CM Unlimited is unencrypted code that you may modify to suit your needs.

Q. What if Savvy CM does 95% of what we are looking for, but just not quite everything?

Savvy CM Professional and Unlimited allow for custom code to be integrated into the site quickly and easily. In addition we can always customize Savvy CM to exactly suit your needs. Give us a call and let us know your requirements. Using Savvy CM is a great way to start.

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Pranay Sanghavi

excellent service


16th September, 2017

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

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  • This is why anonymity is important. It's also why basically every piece of software on their site has stellar feedback. So not only will you get "advice" using bad reviews but also based on which company pays them the most to market on their behalf.
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