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by : Techior

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School Magica

School Magica

by : Techior

Starting Price ₹24 Inclusive of all taxes
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Brand: Techior

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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School Magica Software Overview

What is School Magica?

School Magica is one of the best school management software specially designed for Indian educational institutes. The software enables teachers to track student’s learning growth and plan their classroom activities accordingly. This includes a recording of every academic and non-academic pursuit such as sports, arts, music, etc. Educational institutes can nurture the students for better performance with the help of School Magica.

School Magica also provides the necessary support for managing administrative tasks like student pre-admission management, student ID card generation, staff management, utility management, etc. The management staff’s dependence on third-party solutions is greatly reduced; as School Magica incorporates the activities of every single department. Plus, the software supports Tally Integration, which results in accurate expense management, income management, bounced cheque tracking, etc.

What are some key benefits of using Techior School Management System?

Here are some noted benefits of using School Magica by Techior:

  1. Complete Functionality: School Magica covers all the bases for school operations. It includes management of all academic and non-academic tasks for seamless working.
  2. Budget-Friendly: This school management software requires no upfront investment. It follows a simple plug and play model which allows instant deployment.
  3. Remote Support: The software comes with TeamViewer integration, which helps educational institutes to provide support to their staff and students remotely.
  4. Customizable Pricing: The price is flexible as per the institute’s selection of modules. The price will change based on the number of features/modules required by the school, college, or coaching institute.
  5. Automated Reminder: The school management software provides completely automated reminders for birthdays, events, etc.

What are the features offered by Techior School Management Software?

Here is a list of features offered by School Magica school management software by Techior:

  1. Student payment reports
  2. Identity cards
  3. Certificate management
  4. Follow-up reports
  5. Test reports
  6. Student attendance reports
  7. Exam scheduling
  8. Timetable creation
  9. Library management
  10. Cheque payment facilitation

What is the price for School Magica download?

The price for School Magica varies based on the modules required by your educational institute. Please request a call back from our product experts for further inquiries.

School Magica Features

  • Students Payment Reports The software allows educational institutes to generate reports regarding the payment status of every student.
  • I Cards Educational institutes can generate identity cards for both students and staff members alike. The cards can be built with RFID
  • Certificates This school management software helps institutes generate certificates with customizable templates. It includes certificates for
  • Staff Payment Report Finance staff of your educational institute can manage the workforce salary and get reports for timely analysis.
  • Test Reports The software allows users to create test reports for the entire class. It helps teachers view the results of all the students in
  • Student Attendance Report School Magica generates a compiled report of student’s monthly attendance both individually and on the class to class basis.
  • Staff Attendance Reports This software helps business owners maintain the staff attendance details and use it for the salary calculation.
  • Expense Reporting Financial teams can keep track of bills and annotations for better expense recording and reporting.
  • Event Management Institute staff can create a comprehensive list of all the events for the academic events in advance and plan it with appropriate
  • Club Management Institutes can enlist all the interest clubs such as gardening, music, etc. and manage their activities from the software.
  • Hostel Management The school management software helps institutes manage their hostel facility.
  • Visitor Management School Magica also has a separate module to record the details of people visiting your educational institute.
  • Transportation Management The solution enables institutes to manage their transport service and track the movement of their buses.
  • Time table Management staff can create a timetable for the students and staff and avoid any sort of discrepancy.
  • Announcements School authorities can use the in-built bulk SMS system to make announcements for closures, holidays, exams, etc.
  • Utilities Management Institutes can maintain a list of utilities as per different departments for effective tracking of its user and usage.
  • User Management This school management solution provides a self-service portal for staff members to perform their daily office work such as mark
  • Library Management Educational Institutes equipped with the library can use this software for managing their subscriptions, dailies, books, etc.
  • Bulk SMS Services The software has a bulk message sending feature for conversation.
  • Appointment and Class Management Both academic and non-academic staff can use this software for scheduling appointments.
  • On Cloud
  • Admission Management Institutes can handle the admission process digitally with the help of School Magica.
  • Assessment Management The software assists teachers to correct answer sheets and create report cards instantly.
  • Attendance Management School Magica can conduct and manage the attendance of both students and the staff at the same time.
  • Book Store Management Institutes with their in-house bookstores can use this software for POS, billing, and various other bookstore related
  • Classroom Management Teachers can manage the classroom and record the student’s activities in the classroom.
  • Course Management The software also helps academic staff with planning and managing the course work as well.
  • Exam Management All the procedures to conduct an examination such as scheduling, announcement, question paper management, etc. can be performed
  • Faculty & Staff Management This school management system helps institutes to manage their faculty and non-academic staff and help them with their HR and
  • Finance & Accounting Financial teams can accurately track every revenue and expense for proper management of the financial books.
  • Fee Management administrative staff can setup fee collection points and dates every month and record every student’s fee status accordingly.
  • Homework Management Teachers can keep track of all the homework being shared with students and track their progress.
  • Integration The software offers a Tally integration module for users to handle their finances efficiently.
  • Learning Management School Magica offers to learn management features which allow school authorities to plan different learning programs for
  • Parent Portal Parents are provided access to a separate login-based communication portal for real-time interaction with teachers.
  • Store Management Educational institutes with in-house stores such as canteen, stationery, etc. can manage their functions with School Magica.
  • Student Management The software helps with complete profiling of students and managing their contact details, performance, attendance, etc.
  • Mobile App The software offers a mobile application for users to access its features from anywhere and anytime.
  • Email and SMS Notifications School Magica uses email and text messages for the purpose of curricular dissemination.
  • Barcode/RFID This school software system is both barcode and RFID enabled for identification purposes.
  • GPS Tracking The transportation module comes with GPS tracking feature too. School authorities can track the movement of their buses.
  • Biometric School Magica can integrate with any biometric devices to conduct online attendance.

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School Magica Specifications

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  • Windows Android
  • DesktopMobile
  • Web-Based
  • Education
  • School/Colleges
  • English

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Posted - Mar 15, 2018

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School Magica FAQ

Q. Q.1.Which mobile devices does School Magica support? arrow

A. School Magica is only available for Android smartphones as of now.

Q. Q.2.Will I have to purchase cloud subscription for School Magica? arrow

A. No, School Magica provides in-house cloud servers for data storage purposes.

Q. Q.3.How to setup school information in School Magica? arrow

A. Open the software and place the login details. Then go to the “Configure” tab to setup your school information in the “school info” section.

Q. Q.4.How to import class details from an excel sheet in School Magica? arrow

A. Open the software and go over to the “Utilities” tab. You will see “Import” option, once you click on it another option “Import class” will appear. Click on it and upload the excel sheet.

Q. Q.5.Can I get a demo for School Magica? arrow

A. Yes, School Magica is available for a demo at Techjockey. Interested buyers can send demo request as per their preferred time.

Q. Q.5.How to create I-card for students in School Magica? arrow

A. I-cards can be only created for registered students. Go to the “admission” tab and “I-card” as the sub menu. Select color, layout etc. and finalize the design.

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