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Syntel Syntbots

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About Syntel Syntbots

What is Syntel Syntbots? 

Syntel Syntbots is a top of the line robotic process automation solution for organizations. The software assists in increasing the agility and efficiency of business operations with cost optimization. The automation solution keeps organizations ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, workflow management, and much more. IT professionals can produce maximum value from their digital investments. Syntbots is an intelligent automation platform that enables clients to modernize their IT and operations for the digital age. 

Syntel Syntbots delivers digital transformations across the entire technology landscape. This robotic automation tool produces staffing and financial capacity to carry out future business models. Syntel Syntbots has an accredited integration with SAP NetWeaver which enables clients to automate implementation, rollout, and update SAP applications. 

What are the Major Modules of Syntel Syntbots?

Syntel Syntbots has three major modules available; they are: 

  1. Syntbots for IT Operations: Syntbots for IT Operations supplies a single, automated, and unified platform for supervising a company’s IT infrastructure. It includes application support, event handling, remediation, monitoring, and infrastructure support. Syntbots for IT Operations predicates its actions on pre-built outages and business rules. 
  2. Syntbots for Product Engineering: Syntbots for Product Engineering integrates environment automation, and a set of powerful reusable automation tools to ensure continual testing, delivery, automated quality assurance, and architectural compliance. This module implements a shift-left approach, tool-agnostic test, standardized processes, etc. to transform traditional quality assurance processes. 
  3. Syntbots for Processes: This module oversees robotic automation, intelligent self-service, digital roadmap. It incorporates workflows for applications, screens, and IVR automation. 

Features of Syntel Syntbots

Here is a list of features of Syntel Syntbots: 

  1. Technology agnostic RPA solution 
  2. Process recorder and designer
  3. Vision engine 
  4. Machine learning module
  5. Natural language processing
  6. Document processing capability
  7. Insights for business dashboards 
  8. Enterprise adapter library
  9.  Virtual workforce manager
  10. Reporting and governance 

What is the price of Syntel Syntbots? 

The price of Syntel Syntbots varies based on customer requirements. Please request a call for more inquiries. 

Sold By : SYNTEL

Get Syntel Syntbots  support 19 Chatting right now

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Syntel Syntbots Features

Syntel Syntbots enables IT organizations and professionals record their workflows and use them for redesigning of IT infrastructure.
The robotic automation processes enhance the value of machine learning comprehension from digital images. 
The software uses AI in all the features to enhance the productivity and output in real-time. 
IT Professionals can use this software for processing of natural human language for voice commands. 
 Users can input data through documents owing to machine learning algorithm’s advancement. 
The robotic process automation software generates detailed insights through business dashboard. 
You can keep a comprehensive list for all the virtual and real adapters and track the data flow. 
This software offers an AI-powered automated workflow assessment module. 
The software ensures all the data is kept safely under the organization’s guidelines.

Get Syntel Syntbots  support19 Chatting right now

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Syntel Syntbots Specifications


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Syntel Syntbots FAQs

A. No, Syntel Syntbots is only available for PC systems.
A. Techjockey provides demo for Syntel Syntbots. Please request a call to avail the demo.
A. Yes, Syntel Syntbots uses256-bit data encryption along with LDAP for user authentication.
A. Syntel Syntbots is compatible with web applications and mainframe applications.
A. Syntel Syntbots support both windows and Mac operating software.

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