TrigentERP for Process/Jointing Material Manufacturing
TrigentERP for Process/Jointing Material Manufacturing
TrigentERP for Process/Jointing Material Manufacturing
TrigentERP for Process/Jointing Material Manufacturing
TrigentERP for Process/Jointing Material Manufacturing
TrigentERP for Process/Jointing Material Manufacturing
TrigentERP for Process/Jointing Material Manufacturing
TrigentERP for Process/Jointing Material Manufacturing

TrigentERP for Process Manufacturing

Sold by : Trigent Infotech

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About TrigentERP for Process Manufacturing

TrigentERP is manufacturing process software units. It is based on ISO guidelines therefore it automates business process in a more systematic way and help enterprise to achieve various levels of standards in quality. It’s a complete business solution that is easy to customize, operate and maintain. Our ERP software is a comprehensive solution for discrete manufacturing industry that helps manage whole business process, plant, machinery, and people. The system will generate various kinds of reports, which will help the management to analyze the situation and take necessary decisions. At the same time our ERP system will minimize the manual works and reduce the paper work as much as possible.

Sold By : Trigent Infotech

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TrigentERP for Process Manufacturing Features

Production Planning & Control (PPC) Module helps an organization plan production with the optimum utilization of all available resources. Material Requirement Planning is done based on the production advice generated by the sales department. Feasibility of production is evaluated using details like raw material availability and procurement time, machine availability and capacity. A production schedule is generated for all machines/terminal/process/stage where the scheduling is done in an optimized fashion based on the priorities of production. Recipe Management Sheet Thickness Management Calendar Machine Management Sheet Weight Management Wire Mesh Management Product Main/Cover/Paste Management Sheet Color Management Batch Processing Formulation of Production Plans Material Planning Machine Loading Planning Production Planning Day Wise Production Management Shift Wise Production Management Issue of Raw/Packing Materials Material Demand Slip Daily Production Chart/Sheet Mixing Material Requirement Packing MIS Reports
Inventory management systems track goods through the entire supply chain or the portion of it a business operates in. Its covers everything from material requisitions, goods receive, job work, stock transfer,  WIP, warehousing to shipping, stock valuation, stock management, and all the movements of raw material, general material, mix and products. Item Group Management Item Location Management Item Master Ingredient Master Item Specification Master Product Specification Master FIFO Stock Management Material Receipt Note (MRN| GRN) Material Receipt| Rejection after QC Chemical/Material Issue Slip (For Mixing) Gate Pass Job Work Job Work Delivery Status Report In House Order Processing Inward Register Outward Register Material Issue to Production Material Receive from Production Material Return Note Tool Issue Register Item Account Statement Stock Ledger Stock Opening Closing Stock Valuation WIP Report Pending PO| MRN| Transferred Stock Current and In process Stock Stock Location Wise Max. and Min. level Stock Management Dead Stock Report Material Issue Receive Register Current Stock Report Gate Entry Register| Inward Register Material Issue Register Gate Pass Register Shortage Items List Pending Job Card Items Item Wise Shortage MIS Reports
The sales and marketing modules of TrigentERP systems are designed to manage the sales order processing systems, control daily activities like customer enquiry, manage quotations, revision, orders, manage contacts and helps to maintain competitive pricing scales, and lots of more. Overall our Sales & Marketing module it increases the business accountability and profitability by efficiently driving the sales function and get complete visibility of order-to-payment receive process.  Export & Domestic Customer Database Management Product Management Sales Terms & Condition Management Packing Terms & Condition Management Sale/Work Order Management Sale Order Acknowledgement Product Delivery Planning Work Order for Production  Multi-Currency Price Management MIS Reports
TrigentERP offers the best in its class environment for you to manage all your purchase processes, such as vendor/supplier development, manage rates, creating indent, purchase orders, receiving goods, making payments, and allowing you to return defective goods with financial instruments. You can create, monitor, and maintain all key order information of your purchases, ensuring that each purchase order is legitimate and authorized. By linking your purchase order to inventory control, you can access exact stock quantities, movement history, seasonal trends, and supplier lead times. Vendor/Supplier Management Rate/Price Management PO Terms and Condition Management Multi User Supported Entry Department Wise Indent Management Purchase Order Purchase Order Reports Purchase Order vs Receive Purchase Order Approval Material Indent Search Purchase Return Work Order for Outside All the steps of the purchase cycle are covered MIS Reports
TrigentERP solution helps quality control department with its sophisticated quality control module. Our QC module not only monitors quality by control plans in purchasing and manufacturing but also provides real-time process capability index for quick review. In TrigentERP, quality control facilities are versatile and offer support for every phase of your operations, from receipt and acceptance of raw materials, through production of intermediates, to inspections of finished goods before shipment to customers. In Ward Material QC In-Process (Production) QC Finished Goods (Production) QC Job Work items QC QC of Replaced Item on same MRN/GRN Material Rejection Note Tools Calibration Management Inspection Report Summary Rejected Material Report MRN/GRN Print Pending Inspection MIS Reports
Trigent HR & Payroll management solution stores complete details and records of the employees related to their appointment, salary, generates pay-slips, computes all allowances and deductions, manages salary adjustments, bonus and arrears, calculates and records overtime, manages ESI, provident funds, gratuity and generates MIS reports. Application for Employment Employee Management Apprentice Person Management Holiday Calendar Multiple Shift Management Employee Leave Management Employee Leave Opening Employee Leave Carry Forward Salary Grade Management Salary Increment Employee Attendance Register Spot Employee Attendance Attendance Voucher Entry Out Station Duty/Service Employee Management Employee Loan/Advance Management Canteen and Other Deductions Employee TDS Employee Overtime Employee Salary Register EL Encashment Detail Full and Final Settlement ESI Register PF Register Gratuity Management Attendance Report Salary Report Employee Pay Register Reporting Sanction for the analysis of Attendance. MIS Reports 
The TrigentERP accounting module system is easy to use and helps the finance department to monitor and control the overall business activities essential to drive profitability, liquidity and stability.  The accounting module is designed to automate general accounting operations, providing flexibility and utility to both SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) and to large enterprises with more complex activities. Our accounting system help users achieve end-to-end view of the business finances enabling them to have a sound financial planning and management to ensure sustained growth. It is integrated with sales, distribution, procurement, inventory and payroll.  Accounts Group Management Financial Budgeting Customer/Supplier/Employee Opening Item Finance Account Mapping Ledger Master Account Book Record Profit Loss Account Cost Center Master Bank/Cash Voucher Cheque Printing GST Billing Employee Loan and Advances Management Simple and easy to use TDS module Journal Voucher/Credit Note/Debit Note Outstanding Clearance Day Book Receipt/Payment Report Trial Balance Report Amount Due Payable/Receivable Balance Sheet P/L Account Stock Valuation Sales Summary Report Material Consumption Costing WIP Costing Exporting data from external sources like excel sheets etc. Bill Settlement for Payment and Receipt against bills Bank and Ledger reconciliation MIS Reports 
This is an administrative tool for ERP Administrator which help to manage whole erp function by the administrator. All the functions of the ERP system can be operated from the admin panel and access can be provided to different users. The authorized users can manage a wide range of activities by logging in their accounts. The privileges for each user can be assigned through this admin panel. Create Company Create Branches Create User Group Create Group wise Role like Add, Edit, View, Print etc. for each Form Create User wise Form access permission like Add, Edit, View, Print etc. for each Form Assign Form Approval Permission to Authorized Signatory Exclusive Permission to show Rate and Amount part Show Current Login Uses Set Serial No. for each Form Data Base Backup
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