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5 Ways to Enhance Students’ Learning Experiences with A School ERP Software

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School ERP SoftwareDo you remember those days of school, when a classroom used to consist of a blackboard, chalk, and duster? And few PowerPoint Presentations, lab experiments, educational tours and one-day factory trips were all we had in the name of practical learning. Well, those days are gone. Classroom learning is a lot more fun now, perhaps, because it is no more confined to four walls and books. Technology has transformed that phase. Modern gadgets, learning mobile applications, brain-teaser games form an important part of the learning landscape now. And so, does a School ERP software.

A School ERP software helps in managing different tasks in school by serving multiple operations such as fee management, bus tracking, library management, attendance, timetable, reports, notifications, alerts, hostel, campus, canteen, admission, etc. However, managing school premises is not the only thing it does. It plays an imperative role by helping students improve their learning experience in the following ways:

Access to Information, Anytime & Anywhere

It’s high time that educational institutions start performing their activities in the cloud. Using a cloud-based school ERP software is synonym with saving that time and money which would have otherwise be incurred on maintaining the IT infrastructure within the institute’s premise.

Cloud-based technology allows teachers to update everything online- notes, lectures, assignment. This helps students access the information from anywhere and anytime. They no more have to call their classmate at wee hours or look for the subject teacher hastily

before the exam date to get quick notes. In fact, if a student misses out on a lecture due to unforeseen circumstances or doesn’t understand any point during the lecture, he/ she can easily access it online.

Student Behaviour Tracking & Analytics

A School ERP software not only help in archiving students’ data but also provides insight and analytical reports about their performance, attendance and other metrics. Data entry of everyday activity at an educational institute can be done via school ERP software. Starting from a student’s entry into the school, tasks taken up by them, until the final bell rings, everything finds a place in the software.

So, if a student is absent, it will be recorded. Marks scored in a test or exam will be updated. Behaviour in the class with other students and teachers will also form part of it. And on the basis of all the data recorded, an analysis can be done regarding each student’s growth.

Collaborate Beyond Classrooms

school erp softwareA cloud-based school ERP software facilitates web-based interactive communication. This can help students stay connected with their classmates and enjoy learning together. For instance, there are institutions where student exchange programs take place, helping them overcome their financial and academic barriers to achieve a better education. But, not every student gets to be a part of it. However, school ERP software takes learning beyond the classroom and allows students to interact with others sitting on the other side of the world and exchange ideas.

A school management software promotes collaborative learning as well. Interactive sessions including debates, problem-solving, project discussion, can be carried on outside the classroom via web-based learning technologies.

Learn From Your Favourite Subject Teacher

A School ERP software helps hold and manage data related to everyone who is a part of the school, i.e., teachers, students, and the administrative staff.

Just like a teacher needs to monitor the learning of his or her students, similarly, students need to stay in touch with their teachers. A good school management software ensures better teacher-student communication even after the classroom hours. Students can connect with their teacher directly at an online discussion forum to ask any query or learn new concepts.

Know All About It

Learning doesn’t mean knowing only about what is there in the text book. Students need to stay updated on circulars, tests, homework, exams schedule, etc. Any extracurricular event coming up or cultural activity taking place should be on their radar too. If students don’t know about any of the upcoming events at the educational institute, they might lose the opportunity to be part of it. Fortunately, a school ERP software promotes better student engagement by storing an institute’s related information at a single platform.

The world is becoming smart and with the help of a school ERP software, it is creating ripples in the field of education as well. A school management software enhances students’ learning experience by promoting smart learning.


5 Ways to Enhance Students’ Learning Experiences with A School ERP Software

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