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Virtual Splat Online Web based Inventory Control Software

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Online Web based Inventory Control Software has been specially designed for the business of any size and type to manage all imperative operations for enhanced productivity at reduced costs and effort. The flawless administration allows the businesses to focus on services offered. Already being used by various Olive Oil Importer and Distributors, this holistic software is a leading edge solution for any business offering any kind of products.

Product Features
Online Web based Inventory Control Software is a state-of-the-art software solution that facilitate the enterprises with efficient management of overall operations and processes. Businesses can readily manage their stocks, suppliers, customers, sales, purchases, workforce etc. with this intuitive solution. Available as web based as well as mobile supported solution, the software is a highly integrated solution. Certain salient features of software include:
  • Inventory Management: This module exclusively deals with the opening and closing stock, stock transfers and transactions, purchases and purchase returns et al for effective administration of inventory.
  • Accounts till Balance Sheet: Various accounting operations including journal, debit and credit notes, P&L, cash book, trial balance and balance sheet can be well managed with this interactive and easy to use module.
  • Sales and Marketing Management: The overall sales and marketing activities can be monitored and managed with the Sales and Marketing module. All the sales and marketing activities can be defined here and their status can be tracked on the fly.
  • Sales Order Management: Sales orders, their complete details, handovers, status, processes involved till final delivery- all can be maintained in the Sales Order Management module.
  • Salesman Tracking: Salesman tracking is simple and hassle-free with this intuitive module. The tasks assigned to each salesman and the status of the assigned task salesman wise can be tracked within this module.
  • Mobile App for Capturing Sales Order: To facilitate the ordering from anywhere anytime, this impeccable software provides mobile support thereby allowing the sales order capturing through the mobile apps as well.
  • Auto Price List Calculation: With per unit rate with the vendor and any changes in the per unit rate, the software has in-built capabilities for auto-calculation of the items price list.
  • Auto VAT & Tax Calculation: This module frees the enterprises from all worries of tedious calculation of VAT and tax for each order. The module auto calculates VAT and tax for each and every order instantly and accurately.
  • Pre-Defined Price Structure: Enterprises can define the price structures in the software at the time of the setup. The price structure can also be modified later as and when required.
  • Auto C-Form Reminder: The software integrates the C-form reminder so as to keep the businesses updated with the sales tax filing information and eliminating any sales tax return filing issues.
  • Interactive Dashboard Configuration: An interactive dashboard has been configured within the software where enterprise can view the fair picture of the business and make appropriate decisions accordingly.
  • MIS Reports: The software has been integrated with powerful MIS reports that help enterprise to look out for the clear view of each operation and analyze the available data for useful business insights.
About The Company
Virtual Splat is an innovative Web and Mobile app development company catering to the automation needs of almost every vertical including ERP, retail, inventor, stores, CRM, accounting, college management among many others. The solutions provided by Virtual Splat incorporate leading edge technology to equip the businesses with perfect blend of high end features. Virtual Splat was established in 2002. The company was registered under service tax and was transformed as Private Limited under Indian Government companies act in 2007.

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