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About Wondershare MobileGo

What is Wondershare MobileGo Android/iOS Manager

Wondershare MobileGo is an advanced phone manager software, that can be used for managing Android and iOS operated devices in an efficient manner. Users get to install apps, transfer files, contacts, music, videos and other relevant documents in a hassle-free manner.

Further, they also get access to an intuitive Android/iOS toolkit, using which they can take backups of all relevant data, restore them in new devices, root their android devices, recover lost files and erase the irrelevant ones as per their individual needs.

The Android mirror feature of Wondershare MobileGo iPhone manager allows its users to play their favourite Android mobile game on their computer in a hassle-free manner.

How can I transfer content from one phone to another using Wondershare MobileGO phone manager?

You can transfer messages, contacts, video, music, photos and other relevant content using the phone to phone transfer mode of Wondershare MobileGo phone manager. You just have to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Step 1: Open Wondershare MobileGO on your PC, click on the super toolkit tab, click on the phone transfer option displayed within the advanced section. This will open the primary window, where you need to choose the phone to phone transfer mode.
  2. Step 2: Connect both your phones with your PC via USB. Once they get detected, you will be able to see them on your screen.
  3. Step 3: By default, all stored data will be ticked in advance. You can also make changes as per your requirements. Once you are sure about the data you want to transfer, click on the start copy option. Do not disconnect any device until the whole process gets completed. At last, click on OK.

Pricing of Wondershare MobileGo Android/iOS Toolkit

Pricing details of Wondershare MobileGo are available on request. You can send in a callback request, and our in-house product experts will get back to you in real-time.

Compatible Platforms for Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 versions. It also has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS operated mobile devices.

Benefits of Wondershare MobileGo Phone Manager

  1. Send SMS from your PC: By connecting their phones with the PC, users can receive and send SMS, Facebook messages and Whatsapp their contacts easily.
  2. Monitor Notifications: While playing a game or attending an important meeting, users can connect their phones with their PC and view messages and other app notifications directly on the computer screen.
  3. Data Recovery: Wondershare MobileGo iPhone manager helps recover lost data from your mobile device, which were lost due to a malicious attack, during software updates or simply got deleted by accident. It is possible only if the data was not overwritten by continued use after the particular incident.
  4. In-built App Manager: By using Wondershare MobileGo, users get access to a built-in app manager, using which they can download, remove and manage multiple apps stored in their phones.

Sold By : Wondershare

Get Wondershare MobileGo  support 27 Chatting right now

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Wondershare MobileGo Features

Users can transfer their favourite music tracks and videos from the hard drive or web to their individual mobile devices in seconds using Wondershare MobileGo phone manager.  
By using Wondershare MobileGo, users can manage multiple images stored inside separate folders. They can add, delete or export multiple images with just a click.
Wondershare MobileGo is an intuitive phone manager, using which its users can detect, merge or erase duplicate contacts with ease. They can save phone numbers and emails within a separate folder.
By using Wondershare MobileGo Android/iOS manager, users can organize the content within their devices in a familiar file structure. They can move, create or erase files as per their convenience.
The phone manager software ensures proper safety for your data by allowing you to create a backup of important data.
The iOS space saver feature of Wondershare MobileGo optimizes the files and contents stored within its user’s iPhone and frees up space within it. They get to run important software updates.
Users can connect their phone with their PC in a wireless manner and transfer contacts, media and other relevant documents with a simple drag and drop feature.

Get Wondershare MobileGo  support27 Chatting right now

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Wondershare MobileGo Specifications


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Wondershare MobileGo FAQs

You can bypass the user rights of your android devices in just a single click. This gives freedom with your android device while you install certain applications and programs.
You can capture live screen images on your Android operated phone or tablet and email them or send via chat.
Yes, Techjockey provides an online demo of Wondershare MobileGo based on your demo request.
Your system needs to have: ? RAM: 256MB of RAM or more. ? Processor: 750MHz AMD CPU or Intel processor. ? Hard Disk: 200MB or more hard disk space.
Yes, Wondershare MobileGo has a dedicated mobile app, which is compatible with Android and iOS operated mobile devices.

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