Shivrai Farm ERP

(12 reviews)


FarmERP is an easy-to-use, user-friendly GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) compliant computer software system, which helps manage and plan entire processes across agriculture/farm production, post production and sales, marketing and accounting. The software helps improve farm producer's operational efficiency and profits. The software also helps optimize resources, allowing users to maintain quality and improve staff performance levels. View More

Assyst PanAgro

(7 reviews)

Price: 2500000.00 INR

PanAgro is an end-to-end agriculture ERP solution for small to large scale agri businesses globally. The solution is designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of planters. It automates business processes and brings operational efficiencies by providing Stakeholders a complete insight into their daily field & factory operations. View More

Farmer Information System (FIMS) is a web based ERP for FPC/FPO which help farmers with managing various day to day activities in farming. The software takes into account the various activities pertaining to agriculture/farming like procurement of seed/fertilizers, tracking weather information, checking soil health information, pre and post-harvest management. View More

Agrivi Farm Management Software

(12 reviews)

Price: 990.00 INR /month

Farm Management is a complete and robust solution that cater to varied needs of managing agriculture farms like crop management, Weather Monitoring & Pest Detection, resources & inventory, growing analytics & reports. The software can be used as a self-service software-as-a-service platform for advanced growers and large food companies that require customized solutions that fit their company specific processes. View More

CropIN Mwarehouse

(12 reviews)

Price: 500000.00 INR /Packhouse

CropIn Mwarehouse provides SaaS based solution system to companies which can help them to manage farms, harvests, inventory, customer order, process and dispatch in order to provide traceability across supply chain. View More

CropIn SmartFarm

(9 reviews)

Price: 600.00 INR /acre

SmartFarm by CropIn Technology is a cloud based farm management solution which will help you to remotely manage your farms, farmers and field staff efficiently. It also helps to increase the overall productivity of your agribusiness. The software aims at optimizing the usage of resources ensuring the best quality agro products are produced. View More

CropIn SmartSales

(6 reviews)

Price: 6000.00 INR /licenses

CropIn SmartSales provides SaaS based services to agribusinesses in India and other developing nations, enabling customers to analyse, interpret and gain real time insight on ground level sales through last sales point connect and Marcomm activities quantification over large geographies enabling them to increase their sales and improve people efficiency. View More

Omtech Mandi Trading Soft

(9 reviews)

Price: 35000.00 INR Onwards

Omtech Production & Trading Software is an excellent software solution for medium and large scale organizations. Facilitating the tasks such as goods, categories, production, sales, purchases, returns and other inventory transactions (with financial A/c) on the fly. View More

Omtech Rice Production & Trading Soft

(10 reviews)

Price: 55000.00 INR Onwards

Omtech Production & Trading Software is an excellent software solution for medium and large scale organizations. Facilitating the tasks such as goods, categories, production, sale, purchases, returns and other inventory transactions (With Financial A/c) on the fly. View More

Marg Mandi Software

(9 reviews)


Marg Mandi Software offers a single solution for commission agents, looking to gain increased operational effectiveness in Mandi industry. View More

Agriculture or farm management software is a set of automated features to perform various functions simplifying business operations. Various agriculture software in India are now available to execute operation such as dispatch, delivery, distribution, and agriculture ERP. Best agriculture software allow users to perform essential functions from within a single platform.
Primary features of an agriculture software include:
  • Accounting & Finance: Various accounting and financial records including expenses, challans, debit, credit, profits and losses can be captured in the solutions exclusively designed to handle these functions. Users can also stay updated with current position of the venture in terms of finances through balance sheet and trial balance along with useful reports.
  • Inventory: Users can effectively manage purchases, store operations, inventory transactions and transfers as per schedule. All purchases can be recorded in the system with other details such as purchase orders, item details, rates, quantity and supplier details.
  • Field & Production: Agriculture software essentially include comprehensive features for automating field and production activities. Users can effortlessly capture details and streamline processes pertaining to nurseries, agronomy, and contract farming etc. The solutions also help optimizing the usage of resources, defining production schedules, inspecting and maximizing the productivity.
  • Marketing and sales: Agriculture software helps in boosting sales by streamlining sales processes by integrating sales information with other modules. Users can manage entire sales cycle including enquiries, quotations, products, prices, auction orders fulfilment and export management.
  • HRM: HRM or human resource management allows user to assign roles, track performance and decide for the wages and remuneration for each role. HR features in agriculture software help users to implement complex labour roles and wages management, keep track of their attendance and calculate payments to be made as wages with respect to all necessary considerations.
  • MIS & Reports: A range of MIS and reports are provided by the solutions that can help users in effective decision making.