Outbound Calling solution

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Before Knowlarity life was tough. Fire wasn’t invented , the earth was flat and business of any kind have to spend a lot of their time and money in setting up in-efficient call-response system. Well that’s kinda what it felt like.  View More

Knowlarity Smart IVR

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Price: 48240.00 INR /year

Smart IVR software is a cloud based platform providing effective communication to some known brands in emerging markets. This solution targets large to small businesses. The Smart IVR software allows you to pre-record greetings and menu options that enable a caller to choose different menu options using his telephone keypad. View More

Knowlarity SuperReceptionist

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Price: 12960.00 INR /year

SuperReceptionist is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment. It’s a hassle free platform to interact with customers with no human error. The software provides you with 10 digit toll free mobile number with pre-recorded greetings and menus. The caller can choose desired options to speak to the concerned person or can leave a voice-mail for you. View More

Knowlarity Communication Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted brand with 15000+ businesses across 65+ countries. The company is one of the leading cloud communication provider to small, medium and large corporates and businesses. It delivers reliable and intelligent telephony solutions with its flagship product SmartIVR that smoothly process over a million calls an hour.