5 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Consider Using Office 365

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Office 365 for Small Business Organizations

Your employees might have dropped a hint about challenges they are facing while using personal email ids for professional conversations. Even when they are using G suite for business purposes, they are inadvertently reporting all their email conversations directly to Google. If G suite is used for link building and other content marketing opportunities, Google is most likely to penalize your site.

Fortunately, Office 365 for small business from Microsoft has emerged as a better option for professional email management. With the latest Office 365 secure score feature, you can easily figure out how much your employees are aligning with the best security practices. You can further improve the overall security score by reviewing your existing security practices and adopting the most desirable email conversation approach.

Along with ensuring a secure email conversation, Office 365 can also empower your employees and transform your business.

Here’re some of the major reasons why you should migrate to Microsoft Office 365 for Small business.

Cloud Connectivity

Thanks to Joseph Carl, any business can move its e-mail infrastructure to the cloud easily. Especially with the advent of Office 365, cloud-based email system has become a common trend. By utilizing Office 365, your employees can access the email system from anywhere and at any time. This way, timely project completion becomes easier. Also, you can improve your customer service quality by providing free consultation to customers through email conversations.

Improved Collaboration

If you are struggling to achieve better collaboration between employees, Office 365 can come in handy. It can help employees access different applications and collaborate with people across departments. It provides the flexibility to add e-mail accounts as per your business requirement. With advanced collaboration features of Office 365 like Lync instant message and video conferencing, employees can work together on a project and achieve higher efficiency. This way, Office 365 prevents the need of a separate video conferencing tool, and helps employees collaborate in a cost-effective manner.

Professional Digital Storytelling

With Sway, the new Office 365 app, you can easily create engaging presentations, newsletters, web-based reports and more. You can create engaging content right from your phone, tablet or browser using Office 365.

Data Security & Control

The Office 365 platform conforms to ISO/IEC 27001 security standards, and is widely trusted by corporate leaders for enhanced cloud security. This email management tool can help you have better control over your data security with built-in features for privacy and refined user controls. It helps in keeping data secure both in transit and at rest with advanced security management capabilities. Thus, your employees can get rid of the worries of frequent cyberthreats and data loss, and focus more on improving productivity.

No More Licensing Confusion

You can get rid of the tiresome task of sorting out software licenses with Office 365. For the benefit of small business and big enterprises, Office 365 includes all software licensing.
This team collaboration tool can further help in preventing discrepancies. When all your employees are using Office 365, you can keep them fully apprised about the latest information related to work. Also, when using this tool, all your employees can get software upgrade at the same time. So, it helps in preventing software upgrade discrepancy effectively.
There are a lot to admire in Office 365. This exciting product from Microsoft is quite business-friendly with its upgraded and innovative features. So, it’s an ideal choice to invest in Office 365 and enjoy its wonderful benefits. You can even opt for monthly subscription charges. and enjoy exclusive features and upgrades at affordable prices.


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