How to Secure Yourself and Avoid Being Hacked

| March 23, 2017
antivirus software


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antivirus software

These days everyone is connected to the internet, from checking mails to browsing websites to doing online shopping. Internet’s phenomenal growth has resulted in various cyber threats. Regardless of whether you use your system for personal or professional purpose, it is crucial to protect it. The most important means of protecting your system from hackers is firewalls and antivirus software. You need to secure yourself from viruses, spyware and other malicious attacks, which make it imperative to use antivirus software. See how you can secure your system and avoid it from getting hacked.

Protection from Virus

Viruses are the most well-known computer attackers, damaging your system. You can easily get viruses in your system or accidently infect your PC with a virus by clicking email attachments and links that are infected, or visiting scamming websites or inserting removable media infected with a virus. Once viruses have infected your PC, they can drastically slow down your processing speed and delete important personal files, sometimes causing irreparable physical damage.

Antivirus software is an important tool to secure yourself from such viruses. An antivirus software can prevent an intrusion into your PC and ensure uninterrupted internet usage. You can save your information and personal details from getting hacked through an antivirus solution. The most important protection you can get is of your bank account details. While making online payment transactions, you would generally be saving your card details and other sensitive information into your computer or on the website. This increases the chances of thefts. Hackers can enter your system and access any details stored in your hard drive, including your bank account details. It is therefore important for all internet users to invest in antivirus solutions to protect their personal as well as corporate details from hackers.

Protection from Spyware and Identity Theft

Spyware is designed to infect your computer and spy on you. It can thus seek and steal all your personal information stored in your system, which can include everything from passwords, credit card numbers and bank account details. There are spywares which track your data in real time while you make your online purchases. It can save your payment information and transfer it into their remote location.

These hackers can then misuse your personal data and perform banking transactions. Identity theft can also make you lose your money. Antivirus software covers such spyware attacks too, keeping you secured from all online threats. An antivirus system installed in your PC will provide protection against all such spyware problems.

Protection from Rootkits, Trojans, Worms etc.

An antivirus software can secure you from rootkits which are embedded deep inside your PC in order to mask other malware from establishing in a computer. It can also save you from worms attacking your office networks, which can deposit in the PCs and damage them gradually.

When you download files online, you need to be careful in downloading malicious files, which might contain Trojans. They can then get remote control of your PC and do anything they wish to do including sending and fetching files or deleting them. An antivirus software secures you from such Trojan horses too.


An antivirus software is thus the primary defense against any online threats. It scans, locates and removes Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware and viruses from PCs, laptops and smartphones. These malicious programs can steal sensitive and personal information, delete or destroy valuable data or install unwanted software in your PC. An antivirus program prevents loss of personal, and critical data including improving system speed and preventing identity theft. Antivirus will scan your entire system, and downloaded files, detect malware and remove them. It is thus vital for your system to function effectively.


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