5 Best AI Tools for Developers to Increase Productivity

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The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in software development procedures cannot be understated. It not only streamlines mundane tasks like code completion or code debugging but also empowers developers to create more robust and innovative software.

From code generation to bug detection, AI tools are revolutionizing the way developers work, ultimately enhancing productivity and software quality. In this article, we’ll explore the diverse array of AI tools that can help developers to speed up their software development procedure.

How Developers are Using AI Tools?

Developers are using AI tools to streamline their workflows, save time, and speed up the development procedure. Here are some of the benefits of using AI tools for developing software:

  1. Boosts Productivity: AI tools for software development helps developers to accelerate the coding process via automated code completion. This reduces coding errors and provides developers with more time to do knowledge-intensive work.
  2. Increases Software Reliability: AI tools can easily detect bugs during the development procedure and provide suggestions to fix them. This helps in improving software reliability and streamlines testing procedures.
  3. Performs Predictive Analysis: AI development platforms can perform predictive analytics to provide insights into the software’s performance and identify bugs that might impact its quality. AI tools help in code optimization to improve the software’s quality.
  4. Provides Proactive Maintenance: Developers utilize AI-powered tools to ensure system’s reliability. Since these tools monitor the software performance in real time, it can specify any potential problems at the earliest stage before it escalates into a bigger problem.

Top 5 AI Tools for Software Developers in 2024

  • Scribe: Best for managing development procedures
  • GitHub Copilot: Best for providing code and function suggestions
  • aiXcoder: Best for completing multi-line code
  • Mintlify: Best for documenting code related processes
  • Cody: Best for analyzing your codebase

Let’s look at the top AI tools for software developers to streamline their product development process. This list enumerates the features, pricing, and benefits of every software to help you choose the right one out of multiple AI development platforms.

1. Scribe

Scribe is most popular ai tool for developers

Scribe is an AI based screen capturing software that helps developers in developing and managing procedures documents. With Scribe, you can create guides, tutorials, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), etc.

It converts your development workflows into a visually appealing step by step guide. With its AI content creation tool, you can also reshape your documents by inserting subtitles, adding more context, redating sensitive data, and so on.

Scribe Features

  • Automatically captures procedure and converts it into guide
  • Utilizes Chrome or edge extension to capture procedures on websites
  • Customizes procedures ‘guides in seconds
  • Generates guides titles with AI
  • Automatically removes sensitive data from guides to maintain compliance
  • Shares guides with others via email, link, text, etc.

Pros and Cons of Scribe

  • You can also attach screenshots of the procedure within the guides.
  • Scribe offers real-time analytics to view who is working on the guides.
  • Errors occur occasionally when you create reports.

Pricing of Scribe: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 2,408.56/user/month

2. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is one of the popular AI coding assistants that assists developers in generating high-quality codes with accuracy. It uses OpenAI Codex language model to provide code and function suggestions in real-time directly from the editor.

Furthermore, it can also create entire code lines, generate comments, and debug codes easily. To enhance the coding experience, it lets you create codes in multiple languages.

GitHub Copilot Features

  • Detects codes vulnerabilities automatically
  • Provides several auto-code completion suggestions
  • Supports multiple reviewers in pull requests
  • Offers 50 GB package storage
  • Compatible with several popular IDEs

Pros and Cons of GitHub Copilot

  • GitHub Copilot supports integration with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, Neovim, etc.
  • You can create unlimited public and private repositories even in its free plan.
  • Sometimes code needs to be corrected after it is created by AI for accuracy.

GitHub Copilot Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 332.09/month

3. Code by Sourcegraph

Code by Sourcegraph ai development tools

Sourcegraph code searching software is used to automate the code creation, navigation, and debugging procedure. With its AI Chatbot, it analyzes your codebase and offers answers to your queries.

It accurately comprehends natural language commands to generate new codes or identify intricacies of the existing code. Code software also provides a codebase assistant to identify code locations across various branches, repositories, platforms, etc.

Features of Code by Sourcegraph

  • Supports various programming languages like Python, Go, JavaScript, TypeScript, etc.
  • Generates code snippets based on commands
  • Develops code functions via commands
  • Detects and assists in bug fixing
  • Simplifies complicated code structures

Pros and Cons of Sourcegraph

  • This AI tool identifies the code location via function, file, and plain description.
  • Code provides context-aware responses to assist you in generating code snippets via large language model (LLM).
  • Its user interface is quite complicated to use.

Code Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 747.39/month

4. aiXcoder


aiXcoder is used to translate natural language into method-level code. It also provides code completion for groups of lines and entire lines to boost coding efficiency.

This AI programming tool supports GitHub open-source code search that integrates with your integrated development environment to quickly search code snippets. aiXcoder also lets you enter keywords in its Enter Window to identify various use cases.

Key Features of aiXcoder

  • Generates the entire code program for related functions
  • Supports multi-line and full code completion
  • Supports GitHub open-source code search
  • Supports languages like Java, C#, C/C++, TypeScript, etc.
  • Compatible with various mainstream IDEs

Pros and Cons of aiXcoder

  • It provides enterprise-level customization for complicated development challenges.
  • You also get coding efficiency statistics with this AI based app development tool.
  • It suggests codes that are vulnerable to security attacks.

aiXcoder Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan details are available on request on its official website

5. Mintlify

Mintlify ai tool for software development

Mintlify is an AI-powered documentation software that helps developers to easily generate code documentation. This tool is capable of analyzing code, understanding the code, and developing descriptions in the form of doc strings.

Furthermore, Mintlify also automates development workflows and job management by integrating it with popular tools like GitHub, Slack, Dropbox, etc.

Features of Mintlify

  • Previews code deployment before sharing
  • Generates coding documentation automatically
  • Provides a lead generator to identify sales prospects from documentation
  • Indexes documents with relevant keywords for easy search
  • Supports unlimited editors to edit documents

Pros and Cons of Mintlify

  • It supports multiple programming languages to generate code.
  • This AI tool comprehends the code context accurately.
  • Mintlify cannot generate documents for the entire file in one go.

Mintlify Pricing: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 9,962.12/project/month

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing AI Developer Tools

While choosing an AI developer tool, consider the type of project you will be working on and your budget. Next, you should check whether it provides integration options and how well it performs. Let’s look at all the factors in detail below:

  • Consider Project Needs: While choosing any of the AI developer tools, you need to consider your project requirements. For example, whether you use it for code automation, completion, debugging, etc.
  • Check on Your Budget: Before investing in any software, make sure you consider your budget and ensure that the developer tool falls within your budget.
  • Consider Integration Capabilities: Go for an AI based software development platform that can integrate with other tools like testing tools and task management software. This streamlines the flow of data across different platforms.
  • Consider its Performance: Select an AI programming tool that performs well and does not lag while working on large scale code development projects.
  • Look for Community Support: Select the tool that has an active community to help you with coding problems and better understanding of its features.

Use Cases of AI Tools for Development

AI tools for development can be used for multiple purposes such as completing code, reviewing and debugging it. These tools can also understand the code snippet’s context to generate documents. Here are a few use cases of AI tools for software development.

  • Code Completion: These tools support automatic code completion and provide code suggestions to speed up the process.
  • Code Review: AI based software development tools review and analyze code to check its reliability and quality.
  • Code Testing: Many developers use these tools to test their software codes to ensure that the software quality is up to the mark.
  • Functions Suggestion: AI dev tools can suggest functions and methods to improve the code quality and reliability.
  • Documentation: These tools can help you to generate coding procedure documents by contextually understanding code snippets, modules, functions, etc.

Conclusion: Which is the Best AI Tools for Developers?

AI tools have emerged as valuable assets for developers, offering efficiency, accuracy, and creativity in various aspects of the development lifecycle. By leveraging the power of AI tools, developers can unlock new levels of innovation and efficiency, shaping the future of software development.

We have covered some of the most reliable AI tools that can help you create reliable and bug-free software. However, take into consideration all your requirements before selecting any of them.

Best AI Tools for Developers: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to use AI for productivity?

    AI can be used for multiple purposes to boost productivity such as automatically completing code, debugging code, identifying bugs issues, and so on.

  2. Which AI is best for software development?

    Tabnine, Amazon CodeWhisperer, Replit Ghostwriter, aiXcoder, etc., are some of the best AI development tools that you can consider for accelerating software development procedures.

  3. What are AI tools for programming?

    There are several AI tools available for programming to help you develop and test codes quickly. Some of the popular ones include GitHub Copilot, Tabnine, OpenAI Codex, Sourcegraph, Replit, Codiga, etc.

  4. How do you measure developer productivity?

    To measure developer productivity, it is essential to set relevant software developer productivity. Some of the popular metrics for measurement include spent time on tasks, blog fixed number, feature implementation speed, etc. You can use AI tools to measure developer’s productivity.

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