Coda vs. Notion 2023: Detailed Comparison

Coda vs. Notion 2023: Detailed Comparison-feature image
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Summary: With Coda software, you can add unlimited viewers in documents than Notion. Notion lets you add higher size media in documents as compared to Coda. Keep on reading to learn more about their differences and find out which one is better.

Coda and Notion are leading productivity tools that help in managing tasks and collaboration among team members. While both offer document creation and database capabilities, they differ in several ways. This head-to-head comparison between Coda vs Notion will highlight their strengths and differences to help you choose the best fit for your needs.

Comparison of Coda vs Notion: A Quick Glance

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Coda and Notion based on their supported operated systems, ratings, customer services provided, permissions groups, etc.

Permission GroupsNoYes
Supported OSSolaris and LinuxMacOS, Linux and Windows
User provisioning & deprovisioningYesNo
Customer ServiceKnowledge base, chat and emailEmail, chat and Twitter

What is Coda?

What is Coda

Coda is an all-in-one productivity tool that helps to store and manage documents, spreadsheets, and projects. It lets you create interactive and customizable documents and collaborate with others in real time. Moreover, you can also build personalized tools and automate processes without any need for coding.

What is Notion?

What is Notion

Notion is an all-in-one workspace software that comes with several productivity tools like notetaking, document creation, database management, task and project management, and a lot more.

It provides blocks that enable you to create customized pages and databases as per your requirement. Notion comes with multiple collaborative features that help teams organize, plan, collaborate, and manage the work from a single platform.

Indepth Comparison of Notion vs Coda in Terms of Features

Both Coda and Notion come with their own set of unique features but do differ in terms of several features. For example, database synching is only supported in Notion. Similarly, Coda software offers more integration options than Notion.

Let’s find out more differences between Notion and Coda workspace software based on the following features.

difference between coda and notion
  • Guest Invites: It includes all the people with whom you need to collaborate on a particular project who are not a part of your workspace. Both Coda and Notion let you add guests to your projects. The difference is that in Notion, you can add 250 guests whereas in Coda there is no such limitation.
  • File Upload: The file upload size is different in Coda and Notion. In Coda, the maximum limit to upload a file is 250 MB under its free plan. On the other hand, there is no size limit in Notion to upload the files or media.
  • Unlimited Folder Creation: With Coda software, you can create unlimited folders to store and manage workspace data. As compared to this, Notion currently does not let you create unlimited folders for data management.
  • Single Page Sharing: If you want a collaboration tool that lets you share a single page of your file then Notion is the right option for you. With Notion, you can easily share every page of your file individually. Whereas this single page-sharing feature is currently not supported in Coda software.
  • Graphs and Charts Support: Coda software offers multiple types of graphs and charts for visualizing and analyzing data. It offers them as a built-in feature whereas Notion lets you use them only via integrations.

Comparison of Coda vs Notion (Other Metrics)

In addition to features, Coda and Norton also share some differences in terms of pricing, knowledge base, and community support as enumerated below.

  • Coda vs Notion Pricing

If we talk about Coda software, it offers one free plan and three paid plans. With its free plan, you can upload file of 1 GB, perform 100 event-based automation, create forms, store 7 days file history, etc. For advanced features like hiding pages, customizing domain, creating private folders, etc., you can buy its pro plan starting at INR 832.68 / month.

Similarly, Notion offers one free plan and three paid plans. You can use its free plan for performing page analysis, store 7 days file history, add 10 collaborators on one file, etc.

However, you can upgrade to its paid plan starting at INR 666.10 / user/ month for features like uploading file with unlimited size, exporting workspace data, and keeping the page history up to 30 days. If we compare their pricing, then Notion is a better option because its paid plan is cheaper than Coda.

  • Knowledge Base

Both Coda and Notion provide ample materials under its knowledge base to help you fully understand the features and technicalities of the software. If we talk about Coda, then it provides guides, courses, help center, videos, and webinars. With them, you can learn about the products features, how to create productive apps, manage permissions, and so on.

Compared to Coda, Notion provides blogs, guides, tutorials, webinars, help center, and API docs to make you familiar with the software features and specifications. As Notion offers more training materials to use its features efficiently, it is better than Coda.

  • Community Support

Coda has a Coda community where you can connect with other users to learn about the software features and get answered about all your queries. Similarly, Notion also has a community where dedicated users can address your queries and share advice.

The members have also created courses to help you learn the most about Notion. However, the Coda community is not as active as Notion community.

Why Would You Choose Coda Over Notion?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Coda over Notion, such as:

  • Code software provides more integrations and addons than Notion
  • It lets you publish forms on your websites
  • Advanced file locking is supported by Coda software
  • The tool adds new features almost every week
  • You can add unlimited viewers and editors in Coda software

Why Would You Choose Notion Over Coda?

You can choose Notion Over Coda because it supports the following features:

  • Notion lets you export the entire workspace data
  • Domain management is supported in Notion
  • Notion also let’s perform workspace analytics
  • Notion is faster than Coda and has fewer performance issues
  • You get better mobile experience with Notion

Top Coda and Notion Alternatives

If you are not sure about whether Coda or Notion is right for you, then you can also consider their alternatives that suit your requirements.

MetricsFree TrialBudgetingPricing
ClickUpAvailableYesStarting from INR 582.82 / user / month
Asana30 daysNoStarting from INR 915.03 / user / month
Trello14 daysNoStarting from INR 416.2 / user / month

Notion vs Coda Conclusion: Which One Should You Choose?

Your workspace features requirements will decide whether you should choose Coda or Notion. If you need advanced databases, automation, or want to create your own productivity apps, then Coda is best for you.

However, if you are looking for simple document-oriented software with features like workspace analysis and the entire workspace data export, then consider Notion. Moreover, you can try both for free before deciding which one is better for you.


  1. What is a better deal: Coda or Notion?

    Notion lets you export the entire workspace data, manage domain, and perform workspace analytics. You will not get these features in Coda.  

  2. Can I use Coda and Notion for free?

    Yes, you can use Coda and Notion for free as both of them offer a free version. However, for using advanced features, you can upgrade to their paid plan.

  3. Is Coda or Notion better for databases?

    You can consider Notion for managing and synching databases as Coda currently does not support this feature.

  4. Should I choose Coda or Notion?

    Go for Coda if you want more integrations, advanced file locking, and unlimited editors for your documents. Whereas Notion is a better choice if you want better mobile experience, faster performance, and a single page sharing feature.

Published On: November 20, 2023

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