Plantronics Calisto 7200 vs Jabra Speak 710: Which is a Better Bluetooth Speakerphone

Plantronics Calisto 7200 vs Jabra Speak 710: Which is a Better Bluetooth Speakerphone-feature image

Bluetooth speakerphones have proven to be quite a helpful gadget while working from home. They allow you to attend meetings from different corners of your room and can be used for both personal and professional commitments.

With the number of options currently available, buying the perfect Bluetooth speakerphone can be a mind-numbing experience. But we have got your back. Today we compare Plantronics Calisto 7200 Vs Jabra Speak 710 and tell which is worth investing in.

Calisto 7200: Why This Should Be on Your Buying List?

plantronics calisto 7200 speakerphone

If we were asked to describe Plantronics Calisto 7200 in a single word, we would prefer the word ‘The Beast’. Poly Calisto 7200 has four directional microphones which ensures that the sound reaches each corner of the room. It also helps cut out any unwanted noise that might disrupt your meeting.

Features of Plantronics 7200 Bluetooth Speakerphone

  • Plantronics Calisto p7200 provides 360-degree coverage of the room with an effective echo cancellation.
  • Plantronics p7200 can be used with both your desktop/laptop and with mobile devices.
  • In case your Bluetooth module is not working, you can use a USB cable to immediately connect Plantronics Calisto 7200 speakerphone to your device.
  • The touch controls of Calisto 7200 are extremely intuitive. This means you can easily mute/unmute calls and change volume with ease.
  • If you need to leave the meeting room for a while, you can use a USB locking mechanism to keep it safe and secure.
  • Plantronics Calisto 7200 is compatible with most of the voice and video calling platforms such as Skype, Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and more.

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You can avail exclusive deals and discounts on Poly Calisto 7200 from You can now get it for ₹17606.4 only. For more amazing deals and discounts, do visit our official website.

Jabra Speak 710: Bluetooth Speakerphones Don’t Get Better Than This

jabra speak 710

One question that we have- why would you name this Jabra speak and not Jabra All-rounder? The speakerphone blew us away with the sheer number of functionalities it offers. Jabra 710 can pick up sounds from different corners of the meeting room. Want to listen to something cool? You even have the option of pairing two Jabra speak 710 MS devices in case more people are joining in the meeting.

Features of Speak 710 from Jabra

  • Jabra Speak 710 UC can connect to different devices- laptop, desktop, mobile device
  • You have the option of connecting Jabra speak 710 with an USB in case your device’s Bluetooth module is not working.
  • It is equally functional across different operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS.
  • The body of Jabra 710 body has a battery indicator button which blinks when the battery starts going below a certain level.

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Jabra speak 710 can be bought for ₹37258 from the official website.

Plantronics Calisto 7200 Vs Jabra Speak 710: The Ultimate Comparison

Now that you know about Calisto 7200 and Jabra speak 710 in detail, let’s see how they rank up against one another.

Features Plantronics Calisto 7200 Speakerphone Jabra Speak 710 Speakerphone
Weight 380 grams 298 grams
Noise reduction 4 multidirectional microphones for echo cancellation.

NoiseBlock cancels out any background noise.
Omnidirectional microphones but no such feature as NoiseBlock
USB Cables Provides two USB cables, 3.05m and 1.22m in length respectively. Does not offer two USB cables
Touch sensitive controls Intuitive controls for managing volume, turning mute on/off etc. Intuitive control for managing volume, turning mute on/off etc.
Battery life       Can last upto 7 hours on a single charge Can last anywhere between 10-13 hours on a single charge.
Price ₹17606.4 only ₹37258
Max participants that speakerphone can accommodate in a room 6-8 people in a single room Up to 6 people in a single room

Plantronics Calisto 7200 Vs Jabra Speak 710: What Sets Them Apart

  • Noise Cancellation

Poly Calisto 7200 uses four directional microphones which ensure that no matter where the sound is coming from, it will be picked up by the speakerphone. Jabra 710 does promise 360 degree coverage but we aren’t convinced it can do much without four directional microphones.

  • Battery life

Jabra speak 710 MS clearly takes the cake here. You get a mammoth talk time of 10-13 hours on a single charge. But considering the price range, Calisto 7200 isn’t that bad a deal as it gives up to 7 hours of use on a single charge.

  • Protection from environmental damage

Plantronics Calisto 7200 speakerphone is IP64 water and dust resistant which keeps it damage proof for a long period of time. However we couldn’t find the same feature in Jabra speak 710.

Plantronics Calisto 7200 Vs Jabra Speak 710: Our Take

Both Calisto and speak are bright prospects to take on some of the other well known brands. On a stricter inspection, we found ourselves gravitating towards Plantronics Calisto 7200 due to its effective noise cancellation and USB locking mechanism. No doubt that Jabra speaks 710 scores higher when it comes to battery life, but its high cost and the lack of some specific features made us turn cold towards it. Listen to us and invest in Poly Calisto 7200 for a better listening experience in professional and personal life.

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