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Plantronics Calisto 3200

by : Poly



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Plantronics Calisto 3200 logo

Plantronics Calisto 3200


by : Poly

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Brand: Poly

Type: Hardware

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Plantronics Calisto 3200 Overview

What is Poly Calisto 3200?

Poly Calisto 3200 is a portable corded speakerphone providing plug and play connectivity through USB support. The speakerphone works best for individuals or small groups who can get into a conference call from home or from a remote office setup. This speakerphone is portable and handy in nature, and you also get the advantage of a convenient connectivity through two different variants of USB:

  1. USB A
  2. USB C

Poly Calisto 3200 speakerphone is preferred by professionals for quality USB connectivity and intuitive controls that help with taking calls and managing conversations. You can use this speakerphone at home, on the go and in office to create a professional sounding space. It helps create a set up for the virtual office anywhere and anytime and ensures hassle-free conference calls with the 360-degree microphone speaker.

Specifications of Poly Calisto 3200 Speakerphone

  1. Compatibility: Poly Calisto 3200 provides PC connectivity in two different variants through USB A and USB C output.
  2. Microphone Pickup: 360 degrees, 10 ft (3m)
  3. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  4. Connectivity Interface:  USB-A
  5. Controls: Mute, Answer/Disconnect, Volume
  6. Microphone: PC wideband up till 6.8 KHz
  7. Frequency: kHz/full-duplex
  8. Alerts: Mute- on/off; Voice volume- up/down
  9. Supported Applications: Desktop/PC version; common action report; call analytics

Features offered by Poly Calisto 3200 Speakerphone

Enlisted here are the core features offered by Poly Calisto 3200:

  1. Omnidirectional microphone supports audio coverage at 360 degrees, thus making it suitable for small work setups and professional businesses.
  2. High caliber calls with voice alerts and visual indicators along with the updated calling status. 
  3. There are variants with dedicated Microsoft Teams button in both USB=A and USB-C formats available. This helps in faster calling experience, quick notifications, team collaboration, and conferencing.
  4. Wideband speakerphone for rich surround sound and plug/play experience. 
  5. Dynamic alerts for muting audios and multiple language support for voice alerts.

Benefits of using Poly Calisto 3200 Speakerphone

  1. High-quality audio calls with a clearer voice and quick voice notifications.
  2. Portable in nature, thereby also providing superior calling experience from any part of the globe.
  3. Intuitive button controls such as volume set up and a mute section for managing as well as customizing calls.
  4. Professional conference calling support through high definition audio support from even remote locations.

What is the price of Poly Calisto 3200 Speakerphone?

You can request a callback to know more about its pricing details. Our product experts will immediately get in touch with you.

Delivery Time: 5-6 Weeks
Warranty: Techjockey warrants your Poly devices against material or workmanship defects upon the original manufacturer’s approval. Return & replace with new unit within 2 years

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Poly Brand Details

Brand Name Poly
Information Poly was born from Plantronics and Polycom. Poly create beautifully designed and engineered audio and video products that let you be seen and heard with incredible clarity, wherever you work.
Founded Year 1968
Director/Founders Courtney Graham, Keith Larkin
Company Size 1000+ Employees
Other Products Plantronics Calisto 5200, Plantronics Calisto 7200, Plantronics Blackwire C3220, Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC, Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC

Plantronics Calisto 3200 Features

  • checkbox Intuitive Volume & Call Control Intuitive buttons for volume up/down, mute yes/no, and answer/end incoming calls for controlling the audio communication
  • checkbox USB Connectivity USB wire support for establishing a connection with desktop/PC. You can communicate easily with the wired USB connectivity
  • checkbox Omnidirectional Microphones Omnidirectional microphones that offer full audio coverage at a 360-degree level to the individual, professional businesses, and
  • checkbox High Quality Audio Enjoy high-quality audio support through voice alerts and visual indicators. You can instantly receive updated notifications.
  • checkbox Compact & Portable Carry the speaker Poly Calisto 3200 wherever you go and take advantage of some really fast and high-quality audio calls. You can
  • checkbox Dedicated Microsoft Teams Button Use the button feature attached specifically for one-touch launching of Microsoft Teams application.
  • checkbox Microphone & Technology Available at a microphone frequency of 6.8 kHz for an immediate plug and play response.
  • checkbox Languages The voice alerts that provide updates regarding call status have multilanguage support to make the entire calling process user
  • checkbox Applications Supported Poly Calisto 3200 is compatible with most popular voice platforms like Zoom, Cisco, Skype, etc.

Plantronics Calisto 3200 Plans & Pricing

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Plantronics Calisto 3200 Specifications

  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

Plantronics Calisto 3200 Reviews

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We love to hear from our buyers! If you have used the solution already, why not share your thoughts and help others make the right purchase.
Megha Phulara
20, Mar 2021
star star star star star
Poly is a trustworthy brand. Headsets or speakers, I have used them both and none have ever disappointed me.
Likely to recommend : 9/10
Akanksha Singh
16, Mar 2021
star star star star star
The speakerphones helped me manage my calling job from home quite well. Sound quality is amazing and its build is good too.
Likely to recommend : 9/10
Yogesh Verma
15, Mar 2021
star star star star star
The build of the product is too good, sturdy and so is its sound quality. Control buttons are nice too.
Likely to recommend : 8/10
Mohit Jain
15, Mar 2021
star star star star star
I love Poly Calisto and its intuitive interface.
Likely to recommend : 9/10
Nidhi Pandey
05, Mar 2021
star star star star star
I don’t think anyone appreciates a product whose interface isn’t very friendly. Poly Calisto’s is quite easy to use as its plug and play support is awesome.
Likely to recommend : 9/10

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Plantronics Calisto 3200

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Plantronics Calisto 3200 FAQ

Q. Does Poly Calisto 3200 work on mobile devices? arrow

A. Currently, Calisto 3200 can be plugged in to PC and Mac computers. Mobile support isn't available at the moment.

Q. Is it only plug and play enabled or do we need to make other installations? arrow

A. Plug and support mean that you can directly connect your Calisto 3200 speakerphones into PC and Mac. That's all you got to do. No further installations required.

Q. Poly Calisto 3200 speakerphone’s audio call quality is suitable for organizing virtual conferences or not? arrow

A. Yes, you can organize your own conference setup through Poly Calisto 3200. Superior audio quality and control buttons will help enrich your audio experience.

Q. What is one unique feature of Poly Calisto 3200 speakerphone? arrow

A. It provides dynamic mute alert. This feature immediately alerts you in case you mute a caller mistakenly while talking to her/him.

Q. How many languages does Poly Calisto 3200 speakerphone support? arrow

A. It supports up to 16 languages and is configured by Plantronics Hub software.

Q. Does the product come with an inbuilt mic? arrow

A. Yes. Poly Calisto 3200 comes with an inbuilt mic and speaker.

Q. Is any special software required to use the product? arrow

A. No. Poly Calisto 3200 is a plug and play device and can be used like a headset.

Q. Can it be charged using a 5V charger? arrow

A. Poly Calisto does not require charging as it is a plug and play device. It turns on when connected to your system and shuts down on removal.

Q. Does the device work with different communication apps? arrow

A. Yes. The device shows great compatibility with apps such as Google meet, Microsoft teams and much more.

Q. Will the device notify you about incoming calls? arrow

A. Yes of course. The device will ring to let you know about an incoming call.

Q. Does Poly Calisto 3200 offer noise cancellation? arrow

A. Yes, the product offers omnidirectional noise cancellation. This makes it suitable to be used even in large meeting rooms.

Q. Does the device require installation from the company? arrow

A. No. The device only needs to be paired with your device and it will start working.

Q. If the cable of the Poly Calisto 3200 breaks, can it be detached and replaced with another? arrow

A. Yes. The damaged cable can be detached.

Q. Is it suitable for Linux devices? arrow

A. Yes.

Q. How sensitive the mic is to voice coming from a distance? arrow

A. Poly calisto 3200 has a highly sensitive mic which can pick your voice from as far as 5 ft.

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