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Poly Calisto 7200

Sold by : Poly


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About Poly Calisto 7200

What is Poly Calisto 7200 Bluetooth Speakerphone

Poly Calisto 7200 Bluetooth speakerphone ensures hassle-free meeting setups with four directional microphones. It ensures a smooth USB or Bluetooth connectivity so that you can quickly start with your meetings. It’s four directional microphones further help put unwanted sound aside, so that you can collaborate with your teams uninterruptedly. Poly Calisto 7200 Bluetooth speakerphone is compatible with all major voice platforms like Cisco, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Cloud, and ensures excellent audio quality.

Poly Calisto 7200 Specifications

  1. Compatible OS: Windows & Mac OS
  2. Talk Time: Its battery talk time is of 6.5 hours
  3. Wireless Frequency: The range is Bluetooth v4.1
  4. Microphone Noise Reduction: Full duplex audio and echo cancellation with four directional microphone arrays
  5. Connection: You can connect it to a PC through USB and to your phone through Bluetooth

Poly Calisto 7200 Features

  1. Its four directional microphones get activated in the direction where the speaker is
  2. The locking mechanism helps keep the device secure in meeting rooms when the caller is not around
  3. The plug-and-play USB ensures easy conference call setup

Poly Calisto 7200 Benefits

  1. Ideal for conference rooms with 4-6 people
  2. Ensures 360-degree room coverage and echo cancellation
  3. Answer or end a call, mute and change the volume seamlessly with touch sensitive call controls for your mobile and PC.
  4. USB locking mechanism to ensure device security when you are not on the call.

Poly Calisto 7200 Bluetooth Speakerphone Pricing

To know more about its pricing details, please request a call back. Our experts will help in getting the best deal.

Poly Calisto 7200 Bluetooth Speakerphone Delivery Time

6-7 Weeks

Warranty of Poly Calisto 7200 Bluetooth Speakerphone

Return & replace with new unit within 2 years. (Techjockey warrants your Poly devices against material or workmanship defects upon the original manufacturer’s approval.)

Sold By : Poly

Get Poly Calisto 7200 support 22 Chatting right now

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Poly Calisto 7200 Features

This feature ensures crystal-clear audio and voice quality.
This security feature helps in keeping the device stationary and safe in your meeting room.
The setting of conference calls become a matter of few minutes with the plug and play USB.
The touch-sensitive controls make it quite easy to answer and edit calls, mute them or manage the volume on any device.
Whether you are using a PC or a smartphone, Poly Calisto 7200 Bluetooth speakerphone will connect to your device quickly and easily.
It’s ideal for setting up a small conference room for 4 to 6 people.
It supports Mac and Windows operating systems.
Its audio performance varies for the USB transmit, USB Receive, Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile and Bluetooth Handset Profile.
It cancels the echo with its four directional microphone array technology.

Get Poly Calisto 7200 support22 Chatting right now

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Poly Calisto 7200 Specifications


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Poly Calisto 7200 FAQs

A. It ensures optimal audio performance with: • USB transmit: Audio bandwidth up to 11 KHz • USB receive: Audio bandwidth up to 14 KHz • Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile: Audio bandwidth up to 7 KHz • Bluetooth Headset Profile: Audio bandwidth up to 3.5 KHz • 360-degree microphone horizontal pickup at a distance of 10 ft/3.05 m.
A. This Bluetooth speakerphone is 11 x 11 x 2.5 cm in size and weighs 0.84 lbs (that is, 380g).
A. Any PC and Bluetooth mobile user can opt for Poly Calisto 7200 Bluetooth speakerphone to create a small group conference room for 6 people and ensure hassle-free collaboration.
A. As soon as you take it out of the box, you can connect it with your laptop or smartphone through USM and Bluetooth respectively.
A. Touch-sensitive call controls make it easy to manage calls intuitively.

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