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Plantronics Calisto 5200

Sold by : Poly

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About Plantronics Calisto 5200

What is Poly Calisto 5200?

Poly Calisto 5200 portable personal speakerphone with its plug and play interface provides 360-degree audio experience to its users. You can easily connect Poly Calisto 5200 USB speakerphones with any mobile device, PC, or tablet, and create a high-quality calling or virtual conference experience. 
Touch-sensitive controls, clear voice quality and audio clarity within Poly Calisto 5200 help enhance the status and quality of calls. It is compatible with cloud solution Plantronics Manager Suites and desktop application of Plantronics Hub.
Specifications of Poly Calisto 5200 Speakerphone

  1. Call Controls: Mute on/off, volume up/down, and call answer/reject
  2. Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh battery, up to thirty hours charge.
  3. Speaker Sensitivity: 81.5dB SPL @1m @1W
  4. Microphone Frequency: PC wideband around 6.8 kHz and full audio duplex
  5. Voice Alerts: Battery status, volume maximum/minimum, mute yes/no and power on/off
  6. Battery Type: Rechargeable and Lithium Polymer
  7. Mic Technology: DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for reducing echo and natural audio sound
  8. Voice Pickup Distance:  1-3 metres in group speakers
  9. Dynamic Mute: Available
  10. Support: Plantronics Pro Desktop and Plantronics Manager Pro Suites

Features offered by Poly Calisto 5200 Speakerphone

Mentioned here are the core features of Poly Calisto 5200:

  1. For improved connection and networking, Calisto 5200 lets users connect calls between devices quickly and efficiently.
  2. Superior voice quality through 360 mic support. You can arrange for calls and audio conferences from even the remotest of locations.
  3. One-touch control button for language preferences and customizing headphones settings.
  4. Helps arrange group conferences, as Poly Calisto 5200 has collaborated with Microsoft Skype for better multimedia support. 
  5. Crucial add-ons that include headset inventory, remote managerial capability and usage monitor. These are Colisto's plus points too. 

Benefits of using Poly Calisto 5200 Speakerphone

  1. Auto power-down feature to save battery every time the speakers get disconnected from the device.
  2. One single charge and you can use these speakers for over twenty-five hours in a row. It is highly useful for arranging official audio calls/conferences.
  3. Manageable USB cable with its easy to wrap quality and dual variants. End users have the benefit of choosing either of the variants, USB-A or USB-C.
  4. Administer the calling process from a single centralized location. The mechanism is useful for implementing business insights, streamlined communication, and superior networking experience.

What is the price of Poly Calisto 5200?

You can avail Poly Calisto 5200 pricing details through ‘Request a callback’. Our sales team will get in touch with you and provide all the necessary details.

Poly Calisto 5200 Speakerphone Delivery Time

5-6 Weeks

Warranty of Poly Calisto 5200 Speakerphone

Return & replace with new unit within 2 years. (Techjockey warrants your Poly devices against material or workmanship defects upon the original manufacturer’s approval.)

Sold By : Poly

Get Plantronics Calisto 5200 support 19 Chatting right now

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Plantronics Calisto 5200 Features

Calisto 5200 supports USB-A and USB-C for multiple devices such as PC, tablet, and mobile.
The 1000 mAh battery support leads to twenty-five hours of non-stop functioning.
Superior mic technology coupled with full audio duplex and greater speaker sensitivity ensures high definition audio calls.
Easy to carry with a carry case provided along with the speakers for absorbing shocks to Calisto 5200 while traveling.
Enhanced audio sound with natural effects and echo reduction capability.
It provides support for around sixteen languages that can be configured through Plantronics Hub.
Voice alerts are sent for critical functions of the speakerphone, such as battery low/over, call received/ended and volume low/high.
It supports applications like Plantronics Hub, Plantronics Manager Pro, Call Analytics and Asset Management.
Manage volume through one-click buttons and reduce/increase the sound as per your convenience.
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Get Plantronics Calisto 5200 support19 Chatting right now

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Plantronics Calisto 5200 Specifications


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Plantronics Calisto 5200 FAQs

A. Calisto 5200 provides visual indicators and simple voice control buttons so that the user gets complete control over the calls.
A. Within Poly Calisto 5200, you will find an option called intelligent mute alert that immediately sends notification in case a call gets muted while the speaker is on the phone still.
A. No, Bluetooth support isn't available currently for Pro Calisto 5200. However you can pair these speakers with Microsoft Skype and Teams.
A. Yes, you can arrange both audio and video calls through Poly Calisto 5200. This speakerphone is widely used for organizing virtual professional conference meets aside from regular business and personal calls.
A. The installation process is quite simple as all you got to do is use the USB cable for connecting the speaker to the device available and you are done. You can use Calisto 5200 speakerphone on PC, mobile, or tablet.

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