Why is Poly Calisto 5200 the Best Choice for Conference Calls/ Meetings?

Why is Poly Calisto 5200 the Best Choice for Conference Calls/ Meetings?-feature image
February 2, 2023 4 Min read

Thus far, the year 2020 has been extra hard on working professionals as they had to be constantly on calls to discuss a variety of things with their teams or clients. A lot of these calls happened remotely without the promise of a high-quality sound experience. But this will change soon with the introduction of Poly Calisto 5200 speaker phone.

How is Poly Calisto 5200 revolutionizing the electronic gadget market?

poly calisto 5200

Poly headsets in India are fast emerging as the most sought after equipment due to the sheer comfort and sleek design they offer. They are flagship gadgets that aim to improve your personal as well as professional life.

Poly Calisto 5200 speakerphone is a light weight equipment that weigh less than 215 grams.

The speakerphone is counted amongst the best video conferencing equipment in its league and has a massive 1000mAh battery which lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge.

Best-In-Class Features of Poly Calisto 5200 Best Video Conferencing Hardware 2020

Poly Calisto ranks among the top 10 video conferencing equipment blogs that one must have while working from home. Below we mention the most prominent features that gave Poly Calisto 5200 those rave reviews as the best video conferencing equipment.

  • Enhanced Compatibility

Poly Calisto 5200 can be easily connected to different devices such as mobiles, desktop, tablets and more through cable or USB.

  • 360 Degree Coverage

Poly headphones in India offer a 360-degree coverage, which makes it the best video conference system to be used for large conference rooms.

  • Effective Noise Reduction

Poly Calisto 5200 functions on digital signal processing technology (DSP), which effectively reduces background noise as well as neutralizes echo.

  • Easy to Use Controls

This device has intuitive controls which enable you to take calls, mute audio, and increase or decrease volume in just one click.

  • Lock-down Functionality

What makes Poly Calisto the best video conferencing hardware for small business is the lock down feature which makes it appropriate to be used in small meeting rooms.

  • Safe and Easy to Store

Poly offers a protective carrying case along with Calisto 5200 equipment for secure storage and quick transportability.

  • Connectivity with Peripheral Devices

Poly Calisto 5200 can be used with different softphones from Microsoft, IBM, Avaya, Cisco and more.

Specifications that Make Poly Calisto 5200 the Top Video Conferencing Hardware for Small Businesses

best video conferencing hardware 2020

The dynamic workplaces of today’s day and time demand a cutting-edge technology with comfort and ease. And this is where Poly outshines all its competitors. While conducting a video conferencing hardware comparison, we found some specifications that make Poly a must have gadget across enterprises as far as business calls and video conferencing is concerned.

SpecificationsPoly Calisto 5200
Auto power down feature to save battery whenever device is disconnected
Customizing language preferences, features and more
Dynamic mute
Built-in voice control
Multiple options of using the USB cable- USB-A and USB-C
Device control possible through mobile app

Calisto 5200 Poly Headphone Pricing Details

Get 22% discount on your purchase of Poly Calisto 5200 conference speakerphone. You can buy this wonderful quality video conferencing experience for ₹10,468.75. As a software and technology aggregator, we are also an exclusive partner for Poly in India. Connect with us for more such amazing deals and offers on their exclusive line of products.

The Main Reasons You Should Buy Poly Calisto 5200

Poly Calisto 5200 has been designed keeping in mind the needs of employees who have been working from home or office lately. For such cases, the device quickly adapts to your respective surroundings and provides you with high quality sound.

The best video conferencing hardware 2020 can be worn for long durations without messing with your vibes or ears. Moreover, Poly Calisto 5200 best video conferencing hardware for small business sends out voice alerts in cases of low battery, maximum volume level is reached and so on. It is one of the most sought after poly headsets due to the fact that it provides a sufficient voice pickup distance, ranging between 1-3 meters. Poly Calisto 5200 is one of best video conferencing equipment and also being increasingly preferred for personal use such as listening to music, podcasts and more.

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