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Poly Sync 60

by : Poly

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Poly Sync 60

by : Poly

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Brand: Poly

Type: Hardware

Free Trial Available: No

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Poly Sync 60 Overview

What is Poly Sync 60? 

Poly Sync 60 is a smart speakerphone that ensures rich audio capabilities for conference and meeting spaces. The Bluetooth speakerphone supports twin-speakers for an incredible sound and call quality. Establishing connection with this device is easy, as the speakerphone offers dual support for both PC and mobile via USB-A & USB-C cables and Bluetooth. You just have to plug in Plantronics Sync 60 speakerphone with your device and get started! It is a must-have device for a conference room setup to organize business calls uninterruptedly.  

Poly Sync 60 with an exceptional voice pickup and audio quality ensures that your voice is heard clearly by everyone during conference calls and online meetings. This Poly headphone is compact and portable and can be comfortably used on the go. Poly Sync 60 also provides features like intuitive volume and call controls, which make it a worthy pick over Jabra Speak Series, Sennheiser SP 20, Bose Soundlink Micro
and Pioneer Rayz. 

How Does the Six-Microphone Array of Poly Sync 60 Work? 

The six-microphone array with twin speakers support are ideal for connecting people during conference meets. Because of Poly Sync 60 remarkable capabilities to reduce background noise and echo, conference calls can be organized efficiently and conveniently. 

Benefits of Using Poly Sync 60 Speakerphone 

  1. . Visual location indicator for tracking the talker 
  2. · Connect with USB video camera to enjoy both audio & video through a single cable 
  3. · Voice level meter for visual indications 
  4. · Adaptive gain controls for managing the volume 
  5. Technical Specifications of Poly Sync 60 
  6. Compatibility- Windows/Mac OS 
  7. Push Buttons- Wireless Daisy Control 
  8. Lock Slot- Kensington Lock Slot 
  9. Wireless- NFC touch to pair 
  10. Weight- 1000 grams 
  11. Cable Length- 1500 mm 
  12. Dimensions- 37/122/394 
  13. Loudspeaker Frequency Response- 75 Hz to 20kHz 
  14. Microphone Frequency Response- 100 Hz to 6.7 kHz 
  15. Pick up Range- Up till 3 m 
  16. Bluetooth Adapter- BT600 

Price of Poly Sync 60 

Plantronics Sync 60 speakerphone pricing and discount code are available on request. Please connect with our product expert.  

Poly Sync 60 Features

  • Twin High Performance Speakers Twin speakers give Poly Sync 60 the capability to establish clear and loud meeting and conference spaces. 
  • Six Microphone Steerable Array This feature helps reducing the background noise and echo during calls or meetings. 
  • Dedicated Teams Button A dedicated MS Teams button makes it easy for you to attend calls directly
  • USB and Bluetooth Connectivity PC and mobile can be connected using Bluetooth or USB-A/USB-C cable.
  • Programmable Button Programmable buttons offer user controls for easily starting and switching off the device. 
  • Status Light Status light helps with talker tracking and providing the indication for call status.
  • Smartphone Charger Comes with a charger with 1500 mm cable length. It also offers global pin adaptors for easy usage. 
  • USB Camera Input The USB camera input helps convert audio calls into video chat in seconds. 
  • User Interface The user interface of this smart speakerphone is simple. It is easy to set up and requires no special training. 

Poly Sync 60 Plans & Pricing

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Twin High Performance Speakers
Six Microphone Steerable Array

Poly Sync 60 Specifications

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Poly Sync 60 FAQ

Q. How do I connect my mobile and PC with Poly Sync 60? arrow

A. Poly Sync 60 can be connected to mobile and PC using Bluetooth and USB-A and USB-C cable.

Q. How effective is the noise reduction technology of Poly Sync 60? arrow

A. Poly Sync 60 speakerphone offers twin speakers for noise and echo reduction.

Q. Is Poly Sync 60 convenient enough for arranging conference meets? arrow

A. Poly Sync 60 helps establish clear and loud sound quality for meeting rooms.

Q. Can Poly Sync 60 be used on a mac operating system? arrow

A. Yes, Poly Sync 60 can be used both on a Mac and Windows device.

Q. What touch sensitive user controls are available with Poly Sync 60 speakerphone? arrow

A. Poly Sync 60 supports touch sensitive controls for call volume, mute, answer/end, Bluetooth pairing and Microsoft Teams.

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