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Poly SoundStation2 Expandable

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About Poly SoundStation2 Expandable

What is Poly SoundStation2 Expandable?

Poly SoundStation2 Expandable is a premium quality speakerphone designed specifically for offices. It helps business leaders and entrepreneurs conduct teleconferences with up to 16 members in real-time. With a long spanning range of 10 feet, Poly SoundStation2 Expandable ensures that every participant in the conference room can converse comfortably. The device comes with three cardioid extension microphones to increase the reception for participants and conduct teleconferences more efficiently. 

Poly SoundStation2 Expandable conference phone uses a dynamic noise reduction technology which helps users to control their background for an effortless calling experience. The speaker phone consists a 12-key telephone keypad with an LCD backlit screen. It also offers a range of selectable ringtones and configurable soft keys for quick dialing of voice conferencing services. 

Specifications of Poly SoundStation2 Expandable Conference Phone 

Here are the product specifications for Poly SoundStation2 Expandable: 

  1. Design: Tabletop console design with audio processing functions.
  2. Microphones: Three cardioid microphones with extension capabilities 
  3. Keypad utilities: Regular telephonic keypad, flash key for conference, on/off key, mute button, keys for volume adjustment
  4. Display: 132 x 65-pixel backlit LCD graphical screen
  5. Soft Keys: Three soft keys for redial, hold, and conference key
  6. Console Frequency: 300 to 3000 Hz 
  7. Range: Microphone pickup range is up to 10 ft. 

Features of Poly SoundStation2 Expandable Speakerphone

Here are some notable features offered by Poly SoundStation2 Expandable: 

  1. This speakerphone offers expandability with the help of three cardioid microphones.
  2. The unique hardware design of Poly SoundStation2 Expandable offers the patented acoustic clearance technology. 
  3. It has an easy-to-use interface which allows users to change ringtones, manage contact details, etc.
  4. Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) feature helps in suppressing the background noise to ensure that calls are conducted with clarity.
  5. This speakerphone console comes in two different setups – tabletop and wall module. 

Benefits of using Poly SoundStation2 Ex

Some key benefits of using Poly SoundStation2 Expandable speakerphone are: 

  1. Enhanced voice quality during calls on both the sides. 
  2. Increased number of participants with the help of expandable microphones.
  3. Poly SoundStation2 Expandable provides a self-patented acoustic clarity system for free-flowing and natural conversation. 
  4. The backlit LCD display screen provides important information such as number called, progress or duration of the call, worldwide caller ID. 

What is the price of Poly SoundStation2 Expandable conference phones? 

The price of Poly SoundStation2 Expandable microphone is ₹ 28582/-.

Sold By : Poly

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Poly SoundStation2 Expandable Features

The speakerphone offers 3 expandable cardioid microphones for easy pickup of sound across the conference room.
Poly SoundStation2 Expandable is available in two different architecture setups, i.e., wall mountable and tabletop setup.
The loudspeaker has the capacity to generate sound ranging from 300 to 3000 Hz.
The speakerphone allows users to conduct smooth and seamless two-way conversation.
Poly SoundStation2 Expandable uses full duplex IEEE 1329 Type 1 audio system for acoustic clarity. The hardware also includes a microphone pickup range of up to 10 ft.
It has a 2.5 mm headset jack to establish connectivity with other communication devices and an RCA auxiliary audio jack.
The speakerphone offers 2 cardioid extension microphones as accessories.
The optimum room condition for using Poly SoundStation2 Expandable is reverberation time lower than 0.5 seconds and noise level lower than 48 decibels.
It has a regular 12-keypad design with bunch of extra keys for special functions such as redialing, call hold, volume change, etc.
The optimum operating temperature range is 5 – 40 degree Celsius and the RH level of 20% to 85% (non-condensing).
The loudspeaker has a backlit LCD display to show call status, contact information, etc.

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Poly SoundStation2 Expandable Specifications


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Poly SoundStation2 Expandable FAQs

A. Poly SoundStation2 Expandable can store up to 25 phone numbers.
A. This speakerphone supports the following types of caller IDs: 1. Bell core Type 1 2. ETSI 3. DTMF
A. Poly SoundStation2 Expandable weighs around 0.8 kgs.
A. The volume on Poly SoundStation2 Expandable can reach up to 98 decibels SPL at its peak.
A. Poly SoundStation2 Expandable requires a stable power source of 110V, 60 Hz, AC current or 220V 50Hz AC.

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