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Poly Voyager 6200 UC

Sold by : Poly


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About Poly Voyager 6200 UC

What is Poly Voyager 6200 UC? 

Poly Voyager 6200 UC is a Bluetooth neckband headset that tunes out the background noise for an enhanced calling experience. It is designed such that users can wear it all day and carry it with themselves. The Bluetooth neckband headset offers direct connectivity with all types of devices. Poly Voyager 6200 UC is designed for both professional and personal use.  
The neckband headset offers a high performance professional-level audio with a versatile design and comfort. Poly Voyager 6200 UC has an earbud design that is equipped with passive and active noise cancelling (ANC), which allows users to focus on the call. This premium wireless hi-fi stereo headset works across multiple applications on desktop, Mac, and mobile phones.

Product Specifications for Poly Voyager 6200 UC

  1. Listening Time: Up to 16 hours listening time 
  2. Talk Time: Talk time of up to 9 hours 
  3. Standby Time: Standby time of up to 14 days
  4. Roaming Range: It ranges up to 30 meters (98 feet) 
  5. Battery Capacity: 340 mAh minimum 
  6. Charge Time: require 1.5 hours for complete charge
  7. Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth 5.0 with A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP BLE Bluetooth Profiles 
  8. Audio Profiles: AVRCP 1.5, A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) 1.2
  9. Hearing Protection: Poly Voyager 6200 UC uses SoundGuard DIGITAL to protect users against sound level above 118 dBA; G616 offers anti-startle detection during calls to eliminate sudden increase in signal level

Features offered by Poly Voyager 6200 UC

  1. Professional-grade audio with enhanced digital signal processing
  2. Active noise cancelling 
  3. Neckband with earbuds design for versatility 
  4. 30 meters wireless range
  5. Wideband audio and stereo telephony support
  6. Dedicated mute button 
  7. Customizable call and media options
  8. Ready for unified communications
  9. Incoming call alert
  10. The headset is compatible with wide range of voice platforms, such as Cisco, Google Cloud, Teams, Zoom, etc.

Benefits of using Poly Voyager 6200 UC

  1. Enhanced call experience
  2. Improved roaming range for easy working
  3. It can connect to PCs, mobile phones, or tablet.
  4. The headset can connect to up to two devices simultaneously while pair up with eight. 
  5. Class 1 Bluetooth range for users.

What is the price of Poly Voyager 6200 UC? 

Please request a call to for price-related information of Poly Voyager 6200 UC. Our sales professional will connect with you shortly.

Poly Voyager 6200 UC Delivery Time

5-6 Weeks

Warranty of Poly Voyager 6200 UC

Return & replace with new unit within 2 years. (Techjockey warrants your Poly devices against material or workmanship defects upon the original manufacturer’s approval.)

Sold By : Poly

Get Poly Voyager 6200 UC support 14 Chatting right now

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Poly Voyager 6200 UC Features

The Bluetooth is equipped with four omnidirectional microphones with digital signal processing to detect the sudden signal level increase during calls.   
Poly Voyager 6200 UC has the provisions for background noise cancelling to ensure an enhanced call experience.
The earphones have a versatile neckband with earbuds design that allows users to interact while simultaneously using the earphones. 
The Bluetooth headset generates a voice alert to notify the user regarding incoming call.
It automatically senses when the user starts to talk while the headset is on mute and sends a voice prompt.
The headset offers an exceptional range of 30 meters.
This Bluetooth neckband headset allows users to change volume, connect and disconnect calls, play, pause, rewind, and fast forward any media.
The earphones offer a stereo sound experience and the earbuds infused design facilitates passive noise cancelling.
Poly Voyager 6200 UC offers integration with all major communication platforms.
The earphones have a dedicated mute button for users to mute the sound whenever they need.
These earphones offer seamless stereo sound experience.
Poly Voyager 6200 UC offers a whopping 9-hour talk time.

Get Poly Voyager 6200 UC support14 Chatting right now

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Poly Voyager 6200 UC Specifications


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Poly Voyager 6200 UC FAQs

A. There are four Boomless microphones in Poly Voyager 6200 UC.
A. Poly Voyager 6200 UC weighs about 56 grams.
A. Poly Voyager 6200 UC supports classic, low latency, and APTx codecs.
A. Poly Voyager 6200 UC has a receive frequency response that ranges from 20Hz to 20 KHz.
A. Poly Voyager 6200 UC offers “Plantronics Manager Pro Suites” that assist users in making changes such as user language.

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