Best AirPods Max Alternatives: Why Poly Voyager 8200 is best for Business Calls?

Best AirPods Max Alternatives: Why Poly Voyager 8200 is best for Business Calls?-feature image

AirPods Max has emerged as one of the most exuberant headphones to come out in recent times. Given how many powerful features it packs, it is anybody’s guess why everyone wants to get their hands on it.

Apple AirPods with wireless charging case

But the big questions remain- is it for everyone? And is it meant for everyday use? It might be possible that we have discovered the perfect answer to these doubts you might experiencing right now. Let’s look into the features of these two Bluetooth headsets in detail.

AirPods Max: An Overview

Poly Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth headset

AirPods Max have been designed in such a manner that these perfectly fit different heads and ear sizes, providing a high-quality acoustic experience. Not only this, it also has the following outstanding features-

  • Specially knitted mesh for reducing on head pressure of the headphones.
  • Stainless steel frame which is strong and comfortable both.
  • Made from aluminium, both the cups can rotate independently for pressure balancing.

AirPods Max Price in India

Apple AirPods with wireless charging case is available for ₹59,900.

Poly Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth Headset: Why It’s Great AirPods Max Alternative

AirPods vs Poly Voyager 8200 review

In our AirPods review, we found them to be class apart when it comes to sound quality and overall listening experience. However, there were some concerning issues that we encountered.

  • The performance of AirPods Max is impeccable with apple devices. But the same device does not offer all the features when coupled with an android or non-iOS device.
  • In terms of price, it’s a bit expensive deal in exchange for even top-class features. And for those who are always on the go and cannot dedicate time for proper maintenance, this might prove to a costly investment.

Poly Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth headset builds exactly on these two drawbacks while providing a holistic listening experience at the same time.

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AirPods Max Alternative: Poly Voyager 8200 UC Series Best Features

Poly Voyager 8200 UC headsets have revolutionised the calling experience of users across the world with the following features-

Category Features
Performance Active noise cancelling (ANC) feature for cancelling out all background noises.
Design They make use of a sleek and boomless design with soft ear cushions on each cup.
Connectivity Poly voyager 8200 UC can be connected to two devices at the same time.
Mute option Answer a call or play audio just by wearing these headsets on. Cut a call or pause audio by removing them. It also has a designated mute button which can be activated by just one tap.
High degree of compatibility Poly voyager 8200 UC is compatible with several third-party applications such as zoom, cisco, Microsoft Teams, Google cloud and much more.

Why Professionals Would Love Poly Voyager 8200 UC Headsets as AirPods Max Alternative?

Poly Voyager 8200 UC headsets

Poly voyager 8200 UC series has a series of benefits which makes them the perfect tool for managing work calls as well as enjoy music and videos in your personal time.

  • By using a Plantronics hub for a desktop, you can customize your entire headset. This even includes setting the language as per your preference.
  • Companies are provided with remote management of this device as well as inventory management control.
  • Poly Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth headset has omni-directional microphones which effectively cancel out background noise of all sorts.
  • The device makes use of intuitive controls for increasing and decreasing volume as well as forwarding or reversing music tracks.
  • Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphones have multi device compatibility. This means that they can be used with desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets, etc.

Poly Voyager 8200 UC Price

Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphones can be purchased for ₹19671.60. Check for more fabulous deals and offers on this device.

Poly Voyager 8200 UC Vs AirPods Max: Which Is a Smarter Option for Bluetooth Headsets

This section is meant for all the audiophiles as two of the best earphones go head to head against each other. Let’s see how different (or similar) both these products are.

Category AirPods Max Poly Voyager 8200 UC
Battery Life 20 hours of listening time and talk time on a single charge 24 hours of listening time and 20 hours of talk time on a single charge
Roaming Range 150 ft or around 45 metres 98 ft or around 30 metres
Hearing protection No separate protection for higher sound levels It makes use of SoundGuard DIGITAL which protects your ear against sound level more than 118dBA
Bluetooth connectivity It makes use of Bluetooth 5.0 It makes use of Bluetooth 5.0
Device compatibility (full set of features) iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple watch Desktop, laptops, mobile devices (android and iOS)


Headphones have become an indispensable part of our life. You should strive to purchase only the best quality headphones. But is spending $549 for a couple of extra features worth it?

Although AirPod Max is a no brainer, it ranks a bit low when it comes to value for money. And its limited compatibility with non-iOS devices reduces our enthusiasm. In such a scenario, we prefer going with Poly Voyager 8200 UC as AirPods Max alternative due to its all-round features and performance. If you are looking for fabulous deals and discounts on Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphone, get in touch with us.

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Published On: January 7, 2021

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