Quillbot vs Spinbot: Which Is a Better Paraphrasing Tool

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Rephrasing existing content is a major part of any business’ content marketing strategy. It helps you to keep your content relevant, new, and plagiarism free which helps you to rank better on Google.

But how many resources and time can you invest in paraphrasing or rewriting content?

Why not leave the job on an AI-based paraphrasing software and sit back? It will rewrite your existing content and make it plagiarism free!

Well, we have tried, tested, and compared the two most popular paraphrasing tools QuillBot and Spinbot. The QuillBot vs Spinbot comparison will help you to select the right paraphrasing tool according to your business requirements.

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What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is one of the best paraphrasing tools that enables you to write with confidence while saving your time. The paraphrasing software offers multiple modes or styles, such as standard, expand, fluency, formal, creative, and simple that helps you in achieving your writing objective.

Users can draw a comparison on all mode outputs while simultaneously scanning their content for plagiarism. In addition to this, the QuillBot paraphrasing tool also offers a grammar checker, citation generator, and paraphrasing extensions for chrome and MS Word.

What is Spinbot?

Spinbot is another popular text rewriting tool where users can paraphrase their existing content while adhering to their writing goals. While rephrasing manually, writers might end up making their content short or long with unnecessary information. This is where Spinbot paraphrasing software comes to your rescue.

Using Spinbot paraphrasing tool, you can choose to rephrase your content in three different settings – short, default, and long. Also, the text rewriting tool helps users to logically paraphrase their text without losing its context.

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10 Major Differences Between QuillBot Vs Spinbot

After Quillbot vs Spinbot comparison, you can find that Quillbot will be a better option in terms of value for money and the features it offers. Although, Spinbot can be a good option, if you want to use a completely paraprharaser tool for rewriting content.

Let’s check out in detail which is a better paraphrase tool, Quillbot vs Spinbot on the basis of product availability, pricing, functionality, plagiarism results, readability, user interface, and more.

PricingAnnual Plan: ₹333.12 per month
Semi – Annual Plan: ₹532.03 per month
Monthly Plan: ₹794.85 per month
Annual Plan: ₹798.90
Semi – Annual Plan: ₹3994.51
Monthly Plan: ₹5991.77
ProsNo sign up required
Affordable Multiple features like grammar checker, citation generator, plagiarism checker, etc.
Free paraphrasing tool
Simple UI
ConsCharacter restriction
Low readability
Low readability
Limited features
CAPTCHA required
Free TrialNo free trial, only free version is availableIt is completely free 
IntegrationExtensions available for Google Chrome, Word, and Google DocsAPI available
  • QuillBot vs Spinbot: Products Availability

QuillBot Product Availability

Quillbot paraphrasing tool is a web-based platform that can be accessed through any browser on your Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. You can also add QuillBot extension to your Google Chrome browser and MS Word. However, QuillBot app is only available on Google Play Store for Android devices.

Spinbot Product Availability

Spinbot free paraphrasing tool is a completely free web-based tool that can be used through any web browser on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Spinbot does not offer any apps, but you can purchase spin credits to get its API integration for your website or application.

Final Verdict

Both QuillBot and Spinbot paraphrasing tools are available online. QuillBot offers an app for Android users, on the other hand Spinbot offers API integration that can be added to a website or application.

  • QuillBot vs Spinbot: Functionality

QuillBot Functionality

Quillbot vs Spinbot Which Is Better Paraphrasing Tool

Quillbot is one of the best paraphrasing tools that offer you multiple functionalities other than paraphraser. These include a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, summarizer, co-writer addition tool, and a citation generator. Using QuillBot AI-powered Thesaurus, you can also find the perfect synonym for any word. These functions help you write better, clearer, and faster.

Spinbot Functionality

Quillbot vs Spinbot Functionality

Spinbot is a free paraphrasing software that offers its users a text spinner and a paraphraser tool. Text spinner is a free text rewriting tool that makes your content grammatically accurate and gives it a fresh look in just one click. Another function of Spinbot is paraphrasing, using this you can summarize, rephrase, or make your text shorter or longer, as required.

Final Verdict

After conducting a QuillBot and Spinbot comparison, we would say QuillBot is a better paraphraser as it offers multiple functionalities. However, if you are a beginner or a freelance content writer who is looking for a free paraphrasing tool, you should go for Spinbot.

  • QuillBot vs Spinbot: Plagiarism Results

Quillbot Plagiarism Results

Quillbot Plagiarism Results

Quillbot paraphrases your content with 100% uniqueness. After paraphrasing, you run a plagiarism check using Quillbot or any external plagiarism checker. Additionally, users can also use Quillbot Plagiarism Checker to scan their documents or text to find any plagiarism.

It will give you actional feedback with a plagiarism score to show identical content and content with minor changes. Also, you can scan up to 20 pages of content in 100+ languages, where one-page counts for 250 words.

Spinbot Plagiarism Results

Spinbot rewriting software also ensures that your paraphrased content is 100 percent unique while retaining the context. You can run a plagiarism test on your rephrased content using its free version. As you are writing for people and not robots, it ensures that your rephrased text sounds intelligent.

Final Verdict

After comparing QuillBot vs Spinbot paraphrasing tool, we can say that the rephrased software is unique, even if your initial content is not 100% original. The only difference between both the rephrasing tools is that QuillBot offers an in-built Plagiarism Checker, but Spinbot does not.

  • QuillBot vs Spinbot: Readability

QuillBot & Spinbot Readability

After rephrasing your content on the QuillBot or Spinbot paraphraser tool, you can check its readability on any free platform like the Hemingway app. It will score your content’s readability and will give you suggestions for how many sentences are easy to read, are in passive voice, or should be changed with simpler alternatives.

One common QuillBot and Spinbot similarity is that they use AI to paraphrase and rewrite the text which at times is not readable or easy to understand for the general audience. So, you might need to read your content before publishing it.

Final Verdict

After comparing Quillot vs Spinbot paraphraser tool, we would say that there’s a lot of scope for improvement in both tools. In fact, writers can make a little effort from their end to check the paraphrased content and tweak it to ensure higher readability.

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  • QuillBot vs Spinbot: Text Accuracy

QuillBot Text Accuracy

To test the accuracy of your rephrased content, you can use a free online grammar checker tool by QuillBot. It will help you to simplify your writing workflow by highlighting grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation, etc. You can follow the suggestions by QuillBot grammar checker tool to make corrections and create amazing content.

Spinbot Text Accuracy

To know your text accuracy for the paraphrased content done on Spinbot, you can use an external grammar checker tool like Grammarly. It will give you suggestions related to sentence correctness, clarity, engagement, delivery, and more.

Final Verdict

As far as accuracy is concerned, Quillbot outperforms Spinbot. QuillBot has better text accuracy than Spinbot while paraphrasing. In addition to this, QuillBot also offers an in-built grammar checker tool that helps you write like a pro.

  • QuillBot vs Spinbot: User Interface

QuillBot User Interface

QuillBot offers a simple and intuitive user interface to make paraphrasing content easy for you. There are two boxes, in the first you can paste your content and QuillBot will show the rephrased content in the adjacent box after clicking on ‘Rephrase’ button. On the homepage itself, you can set different modes, access hotkey shortcuts, export, and copy the complete content in a click.

Spinbot User Interface

Spinbot’s user interface is quite similar to that of Quillbot’s paraphraser tool. You have two boxes on the homepage, where on the left side you can paste your text, and on the right side, Spinbot will show the paraphrased content. You need to click on the arrow button and complete a CAPTCHA puzzle to initiate the paraphrasing process.

Final Verdict

After QuillBot and Spinbot comparison, we can say that the user interface of both the paraphrasing software is almost the same. But still, QuillBot is better than Spinbot, as users don’t need to fill in a CAPTCHA every time they want to paraphrase some content.

  • QuillBot vs Spinbot: Customization

QuillBot Customization

quillbot paraphrasing

QuillBot paraphrasing tool offers multiple customization options to paraphrase your content. You set different modes to rewrite content in different tones like formal, simple, and creative. QuillBot allows you to take complete control over the extent you want the content to be changed. Additionally, writers can even choose to expand or shorten their text.

Spinbot Customization

Spinbot Customization

Spinbot is a free paraphrasing tool that allows you to customize the length of rewritten content in three categories – short, default, and long with an interactive bar. Writers can even choose to retain a few words during paraphrasing with an ‘Ignore’ button and enable or disable the capitalization of words.

Final Verdict

After comparing the QuillBot and Spinbot app for customization, we can say that QuillBot offers extensive customization options as compared to Spinbot. QuillBot allows you to paraphrase text according to different modes and take control over the extent you wish to paraphrase. Whereas Spinbot allows you to exempt some words during the paraphrasing process.

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  • QuillBot vs Spinbot: Analytics and Reporting

Quillbot Analytics & Reporting

Quillbot paraphrasing software offers a Statistics tab that helps users to track the changes made in their content related to readability, fluency, and differences. This feature helps you to manage word count and track changed words.

Spinbot Analytics & Reporting

Spinbot paraphrasing tool does not offer any analytics and reporting tool.

Final Verdict

QuillBot and Spinbot difference is that it QuillBot Statistics tab allows its users to track changes, whereas Spinbot does not offer any such feature.

  • QuillBot vs Spinbot: Pricing

Quillbot Pricing

Quillbot Pricing

QuillBot offers a free plan and a Premium plan to its users. The QuillBot Premium plan starts at ₹333 per month when billed annually. With the Premium plan, you can avail yourself of some additional features such as unlimited words, access to all premium modes, unlimited freeze words, plagiarism checker, and more. Users can also choose to pause their subscription when they want a break.

Spinbot Pricing

Spinbot paraphrasing tool is completely free to use. However, to save your time from ads and entering CAPTCHA every time, you can get the paid plan. The Spinbot paid plans start from ₹798.90 per month.

Final Verdict

In the QuillBot vs Spinbot comparison, Spinbot is a better option to start with, especially for beginners as all its features are completely free to use. However, QuillBot offers more features in the premium plan.

  • QuillBot vs Spinbot: Customer Support

QuillBot Customer Support

QuillBot provides its users with multiple customer support channels which include a FAQ page and a blog to answer their queries. You can also fill out a message ticket or contact them on their official email ids to get assistance from QuillBot’s support team.

Spinbot Customer Support

Spinbot offers customer service through their official support id. You can also check out their blog and FAQs section to find relevant information related to paraphrasing.

Final Verdict

Between QuillBot vs Spinbot paraphrasing tool, QuillBot offers better customer support. It offers multiple channels like email, tickets, blogs, and FAQs to resolve customer queries as compared to Spinbot.

QuillBot vs Spinbot: Which is Better

When we compare QuillBot vs Spinbot, QuillBot is better than Spinbot in terms of features, customer support, customization, etc. However, if you are looking for a free tool to start with, then Spinbot should be your first choice. Without spending a penny, you can use all the features of the Spinbot paraphrasing tool, you just have to bear ads and CAPTCHA.

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  1. Is there anything better than QuillBot?

    Yes, Spinbot and Jasper AI can be considered better paraphraser tools than QuillBot. As Spinbot offers a completely free version, and Jasper AI offers additional features such as SEO mode, revision history, access to the Jasper community, and more.

  2. Is QuillBot paraphrasing accurate?

    Yes, Quillbot paraphrasing is accurate, in fact, it offers 90% more accuracy as compared to other paraphrasing platforms. The Quillbot Grammar Checker feature highlights grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation, etc., enabling you to create flawless content.

  3. Which one is better, QuillBot or Spinbot?

    After QuillBot vs Spinbot comparison, it can be said that QuillBot is a better paraphrasing tool than Spinbot. It offers more features, better customer service, value for money, and more.

  4. Is QuillBot cheaper than Spinbot?

    Yes, QuillBot is cheaper than Spinbot, as it offers more value for money, in terms of additional features. The Quillbot paraphrase tool’s pricing starts at ₹333 per month which offers premium features like access to all premium modes, unlimited freeze words, plagiarism checker, etc. However, in the paid version of Spinbot, you only get access to a ads-free and CAPTCHA-free platform.

  5. Do Quillbot and Spinbot have free plans?

    Yes, both Quillbot and Spinbot have free plans. Spinbot offers all its features in the free plan whereas Quillbot offers limited features in the free plan.

  6. Is Quillbot effective?

    Yes, Quillbot is effective with its features like plagiarism checker, citation generator, grammar checker, and more.

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